April event pre-registration CLOSED

Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
1. Joseph Siegel + year membership + $1000 food donation
2. John Robertson + $30 food donation
3. William Gibbs
4. Samara Martin + year membership
5. Todd Navas (Dorgun)
6. Illana Navas (Kiba)
7. Craig Fiske (Qiu Jun-Wu) + year membership + $25 food donation
8. Ashley Thomas
9. Henry Hart (Qualin)
10. Danielle Wilson (Anna)
11. Melissa Guertin + year membership
12. Erika Noach (Kailani)
13. Kyle Spriggle
14. Tracey Smith (Thurisaz)
15. Tom Haswell (Ulthoc)
16. Dominic Alioto
17. Eric Gibson
18. John Perkins (Altohtaro Armand) + year membership + $5 food donation
19. Meghan Kinkaid (Aisling) + event membership
20. Brian Davis + year membership
21. Brian Whitham (Garathon)
22. Mike Guarino (Ketemycos Sunwald)
23. Eric Bowsfield
24. Lauren Webb + year membership
25. Sarah Heimbach
26. Chad Winters + year membership
27. Frank Coyne + year membership
28. Sean Metzler (Prolon L'ar)
29. Dan Mckiernan (Murphy)
30. Gabriel Obermayer
31. Rachel A Durfee + event membership
32. Michelle Stagnitta + year membership
33. Robert Stoel
34. Todd Silber
35. Dominic Alioto
36. Kristen Leonard + year membership
37. Kevin Bertrand + year membership
38. Frank Willig
39. Stephen Duetzmann
+ event membership
40. William Duffy + year membership
41. Lauren Keener (Faelwen Miriel) + year membership + $5 food donation
42. Nicole Angelo
43. Scott Babcock (Castlebur)
44. James Pocklington
+ event membership + $10 food donation
45. Amy Resele (Larien)
46. Gregory de los Santos
+ year membership
47. Michael Duetz + event membership
48. Noelle Lequatre (Violet)
49. Joseph Richie
+ event membership
50. Rachel Ramlow
51. Alex Tauber
+ event membership (owes $10 for late registration)
52. Jeremy Rogers + year membership
53. Jordan Krebs
54. Maryellen Schoedel
55. Joseph Richie
(owes $10 for late registration)


1. Dave DeMartino
2. Kris Kitts + year membership
3. Donna Hellmuth
4. Collin Babcock
5. Alex Koziak
6. Tif Chase
7. Sean Chase
8. Dave Ehrhart + year membership
9. Noelle Lequatre + year membership
10. Emily O'Neil + year membership
11. Benjamin Schoedel + year membership
12. Britney Sirois
13. Drew Resele
14. Akiva Blickstein
15. Dan Gelerman
16. Todd Russell
17. John Waller

Phoenix: Brittington
Gryphon: Henry Hart and the gang
Dragon: Meghan Kinkaid and the gang
Pegasus: Blythedale
Gargoyle: Corrheim

Fire: Joe Siegel
Water: Craig Fiske
Earth: John Robertson
Air: William Gibbs

Note on housing: Cabins are free as long as you have at least four people pre-registered to reserve one. Private rooms are $40. There is also a common room with six beds (not listed here) which is first-come, first-served and you don't have to pay extra for.
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I'll be PC ING and will take my usual room.

HQ Head of Food Committee


Gettysburg Staff
Kris Kitts to NPC.


Toddo and Lana to PC, Todd as Dorgun and me as Kiba! :-D


HQ Staff
Kyle to PC grim


John Robertson to play Ian.


HQ Staff
Heya guys. Just reaffirming that my payment was for HQ not 9 towers. My next one will be to register frank Coyne for hq


Charlottesville Staff
John Perkins to PC. Just paid for Altohtaro Armand. Its for the HQ/Ashbury Opener, not Nine Towers. (I did forget to say it was HQ/Ashbury in the Notes on PayPal) Yearly membership paid. $5 food donation paid!
Sean Metzler playing Prolon L'ar


Registered to play Cedric. Staying in the Earth room.

Is there still a "pre-logist" program on the site or is that no longer relevant now that it's a mostly tagless system? If I can make the life of the Logistic's staff easier by telling them my billions of spells I'd like to



Update: The mighty Hoyce has stated that he has pre-registered (though I don't see him up there yet). Please reserve a cabin for myself, Danielle, JP, Hoyce, and Eric Gibson.

Please move my tavern room reservation to a credit or something.

That is all.

Nemesis in the Hizzy


Is there still a "pre-logist" program on the site or is that no longer relevant now that it's a mostly tagless system? If I can make the life of the Logistic's staff easier by telling them my billions of spells I'd like to
Sadly we have no pre-logist page on the site, but if you would kindly submit your spells/production/magic items and what-have-you to ashburylog@gmail.com, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


HQ Staff
Please reserve a cabin for Brittington. Myself, Sean , Illana, Samara. No preference besides bunks.