April - Favorite Moments

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  1. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    "Instead of the hat, are you willing to take 2 and a half carrots?"
    "Yeah, but, that's like, 2 and 3 quarters. "
    *bite* "Good?"

    Kel and Polare in the case of the Shun.

    Having a new best enemy.

    Everything with the Ashen Collective. Seriously, you made it so Kel is still playable at exactly the right time to re-invigorate things.

    "So, bad news. I only have a 70% chance of success. Good news is we have two scrolls!"

    Getting my first ever magic item from auction. After Tal-Hargoth showed up, I wanted that Awaken item baaaaad.

    Too many good PC interactions to list.

    Seriously, thank you to everyone for getting my heart back into the game. I haven't had a PC game that good in far too long a time.
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  2. Samyania

    Samyania Artisan

    • Undeath 101 in general
    • Related, out of the mouths of babes: "Why don't we just Gift of Life Tiffany?" and the resulting vein bursting in VV's forehead.
    • Taliya's destruction of public property from hearing that story.
    • Solo LARPing dirges
    • The Elemental Plane of Chaos was delightful
    • The Elemental Lords were also delightful
    • Wandering all over Barstowe with Cashia looking for Bjorn or his spirit
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  3. Polare

    Polare Count Alliance Rules Moderator Seattle Staff

    While the weather for this event was probably in my bottom 5 of all time, the event itself was a lot of fun. In no particular order:

    - The ambiance for the Plane of Chaos, with lights scattered all over the field, was -excellent-. I'm sure it took a lot of setup but you guys did a great job with it!

    - Speaking of the Plane of Chaos, the back and forth with Elementals, Tiskarious, his Paragaunt and the Hargrothian undead was a good "forward-backwards-forwards-backwards" fight. Frustrating in-game, but fun out-of-game. It was exhilarating to stay back in the shadows while everyone else left so I could sneak around and look for Bjorn's body in case he had been left behind, then force my way through enemy lines from the back to rejoin the group.

    - Starting at the previous event, but especially this event, Polare has been getting involved with teaching some newer Celestial casters the tricks of the trade. It's been a while since he's looked seriously at taking on new apprentices (as opposed to 'itinerant students'). A special shoutout to the interactions with Audrey (she's looking at taking on a major commitment, and approaching it in a way that definitely gets Polare's attention) and Kez (asking to accompany Polare and the Silver Wolves in a big fight takes some significant bravery - just wait till we have you join us for a real threatening battle :) ). Side conversations with others like Flindo are intriguing and entertaining as well. Basically, this is a big "thanks everyone!" to all the folks who worked with Polare this event on Celestial matters; that's a part of the game that I really enjoy and it's good to get back into it!

    - While it may have cost me my voice to explain Wizard 3 times, it's good to get in a game with some characters I don't normally interact with! I look forward to earning more money from all of you in the future ;)

    - I appreciated Brayden approaching Polare with some questions on nobility. Those conversations will continue for a while, I suspect, and I hope I can give some useful information.

    Thanks for a fun game everyone!
    -Bryan (player of Polare)
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  4. Kevar

    Kevar Fighter

    This is a tough one for me because there were SO many. In no order

    • Tal Hargoth + huge puddle + 2 aspirants = BEST NAVAL BATTLE!
    • Getting everything to work out and finally becoming a Fighter. Thank you to everyone who made it possible! Eldor did a great casting. Taliya for selling me the scroll in time to get High Magic prepped for it. Bird People coming with me on an epic mod to get the scroll...which made paying Taliya back really easy. The awesome crew (I will forget most of you but: Alice, Tipper, Piers, Kez, + half a dozen other homies) that I bought the catalyst from. All in all it was a tough puzzle to make work but I am living an Alliance goal of BRENT'S finally - Staff Fighter. Huh!
    • Fermented Leaf Relaxation time - always delightful.
    • Clan of the Raven almost tracking something before I even knew it needed tracking!
    • The food was great! Thank you culinary wombo-combo!
    • Ashen Collective getting a new member and having some great RP through and through!
    • The really emotional and deep conversations and situations that happened throughout the event. It was all soo good.
    I had a LOT of great memories and interactions this event. So many more that I could list, but I will stop. I look forward to building more relationships and testing them as I pursue a path that will lead to harder and harder decisions.

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  5. Denise

    Denise Newbie Seattle Staff

    - Chaos cuddles
    - Stephen can’t possibly hit me while I’m huddled behind these two tall elves. *Thud* Dodge...
    - Screaming like a girl for help. All of my help is dead guys... No really!!!
    -VV for outing me and also enraging me. EVEN THESE NEW ADVENTURERS GET IT!!!! *Internal screaming*
    -Kel for... an interesting working relationship.
    - All of the new people I got to talk to.
    - I still dislike nobles. The End.
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  6. kmgates711

    kmgates711 Newbie

    What a fun time! Some favorites

    - Selda’s Shop of Spectacular Stuff! Tipper told the greatest story. My goodness that made me happy. Also, that tent is totally bigger on the inside.

    - Hanging out with all the NPCs! You guys were all so wonderful on such a wet and miserable weekend. Seeing everyone’s amazing makeup and costumes for the chaos elemental fight and all of our before fight shenanigans was ridiculously fun.

    - Chaos cuddles. “Are you the cold and hard one? Good. I like you. Come here.” Taliya, chaos embraces you, literally. Also, “Don’t tell Pan Da!”

    - Ok, one more chaos fight. I feel terrible I don’t even know who you were, but you scratched alllll those itches with your “Two Silvers!” Way to take on your first red card! Your focus on taking me down was amazing and I love you, Mr. PC. :)

    - Brent sending messengers to make sure I was taking care of myself. Adorbs. Thanks, honey.

    - Seeing Nana and crew again and eating tasty Scotcheroos. Thanks, Megan!

    - Bringing Naomi and Noah and watching them enjoy their first game! I hope you come back!

    - Sunday morning shenanigans. Oh. My. Goodness. Thank you for helping with my mushroom collecting and all of the antics of that Llama/Duck business. You all are crazy and I love it.

    This event was such a great reminder of how awesome our little community is. Thanks for all you do, everyone!
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  7. Stoke Wutroth

    Stoke Wutroth Newbie

    HAD AN AMAZING WEEKEND!! Baring the weather that is...

    ~ Absolutely loved the depth that came from the plot this weekend and how it effected us all.

    ~ Had tons of fun sunday doing a LOT of Mods, and i think for the first time ever i managed to go on every one of them that were out there.

    ~The fight with the knolls was pretty great, and being able to work both sides/ the inside of the cave was pretty amazing.

    ~Going to the Plane of Chaos was breathtaking and i never would have imagined what would happen while we were there or after we returned.

    ~Mourning the Paragon, allowed me to express Stoke in a way that has never been presented, which was... enlightening to say the least.

    ~Sunday morning was also pretty awesome, starting off with Sephyna and myself getting ambushed by Knolls while we were alone and barely making it out of that.

    ~Last but certainly not least "tracking the llamas/ducks" in place was by far the funniest thing from this whole weekend for myself. having an entire adventuring party of 9 or so walking in place then running in place was just far too funny!

    I would like to thank everyone for the amazing weekend.
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  8. Gorphy

    Gorphy Newbie

    Getting pumped to NPC the Labor Day season opener by remembering being a PC in the April event.

    -Reminiscing with Stoke about his encounters with a dense stone elemental, a curious skeleton, and a gnoll that nearly carried him off into the woods.

    -Llama llama duck: first use of a debilitating spell to turn necessary retreat into sweet victory, first cooperative defense burning party (pin-dodge, pin-dodge, bind-taken), and speed hunting giant ducks and all their little ducklings.

    -The reaction from Brent when I was first at Saturday Logistics, followed shortly by the other two dwarves. “Dwarves, So many dwarves!”

    -Gorphy of Gallinholm representing Strayden as we made a portal to the plane of chaos, and guarding that same portal as people came back through.

    -Keeping an eye on everyone while crossing the plane of chaos: providing a shield here, some first-aid there, and meeting a dashing staff fighter where he took a short nap off by himself.

    -Providing customer service to the nice chaos elementals in the form of singing, dancing, wanton slaughter, and one very long itch-scratching back-rub that was just intended to distract the colorful elemental from the slaughter but went so well that it eventually produced a pile of sawdust!
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