April Season Opener - Easter Conflict Poll

Discussion in 'Denver: Out of Game' started by IMoriarty, Mar 20, 2017.


Will you be missing or leaving site early due to Easter?

This poll will close on Apr 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM.
  1. Yes; Missing the whole event.

  2. Yes; Missing Sunday

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  3. Yes; Missing Saturday (after logistics), and Sunday

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  4. Yes; Missing Saturday and Sunday

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  5. No; Missing (part or all of) the event for another reason.

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  6. No; I'm at the event all weekend.

  1. IMoriarty

    IMoriarty Newbie Denver Staff

    Hey All,

    Due to the conflict with Easter, I've noted that several players either cannot come to the event, or will be leaving early. I'd like to get an idea of how this will affect our population, so please answer the poll below.

    (Select the closest poll choice, and expand on your answer in a comment.)
  2. Catie

    Catie Newbie

    I Really Really hope that there are no plans to alter the days of the event as I am coming all the way from Texas and am only able to do so BECAUSE of when it falls. (And would be totally sad). If there is, please let me know ASAP as I'll need to cancel my rental car, pet sitter, ect.
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  3. IMoriarty

    IMoriarty Newbie Denver Staff

    Hey Catie - no plans to alter the event - sorry for the trouble!
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  4. Catie

    Catie Newbie

    What a relief! I've been looking forward to this for months. :D
  5. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Newbie

    Easter plus tax day both got me missing this one, and Ember missing due to Easter.
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  6. Draken

    Draken Newbie

    Darn, forgot about easter. No one at work will switch me to get off easter and the drive is to far for just part of an event :( oh well there is may at least
  7. Kix

    Kix Newbie

    I'll be there, I look forward to seeing those who make it
  8. aegora

    aegora Newbie

    No intention to be absent here! Keep the snow away, and I'll even go outside!

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