ARC Clarification: Fixes to Ritual Scrolls

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Good morning Alliance players,

I am pleased to announce that the owners have approved the following corrections for distribution. In general, they are holdovers from prior editions where the scrolls were not properly updated to comply with other changes. These will take effect immediately. Should you have an affected item or scroll, please contact your chapter's Logistics team to have it updated.

Specific changes:

Arcane Armor: Replace the following line:

"Arcane Armor will breach to zero as regular armor, but will regain its maximum value when refit."


"Arcane Armor grants Armor Points as per normal suits of armor as defined in the Alliance Rulebook."

Controlled Spirit Store: Remove the following line (it is contradicted by another line in the same paragraph):

"This ritual will last 5 days only unless extended. "

Curse of Undeath: The Aspect of this ritual should be Necromantic, not Earth/Necromantic.

Destroy Magic: Remove the reference to "and Curse of Undeath/Gift of Life" as a reversible scroll.

Endure Elements: The duration should be 1 year base (not 5 days).

Monster Slayer: Foundation and Magistarium Elemental types are combined into a single Elemental type.

Extraplanar Creature should be added as an option. Please note that as with all other Monster Slayer types, only creatures which have this monster type will be affected (i.e. not Elementals, Fae, or other creatures which may not be from Fortannis but nonetheless do not have Extraplanar Creature as their creature type).

Giant should be removed as an option.

Spirit Store: Update "This is a General Aspect ritual" to "This is a Celestial Aspect ritual" to agree with the actual aspect of the ritual. This ritual should also be updated to last 1 year.

Spirit Recall: Update the duration to "Until Used" (Times Ever effects should have no duration)

Vengeance: Update the duration to "Until Used" (Times Ever effects should have no duration)

-Bryan Gregory
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