AST Masks: Custom Leather Masks

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Hey fellow Alliance players!

Got a golem you want to have a custom mask for? Got a wylderkin or sarr character that could use a mask? Got a dragon or other notable creature NPC that you want to have stand out? Got any other reason for a mask? My name is Alexander and, simply put, I make leather masks! I posted here a few years ago about my mask-making, though with my skill having increased significantly since that time and the recent creation of the AST Masks website, I felt it was time to bring it up and offer my services to the community once again.

Over the last few years, I have made masks for my local chapter ranging everywhere from constructs to dryads to elementals to insectoids to animals to undead to dragons and beyond, and if anyone is looking for a mask of any kind, I would be excited to make something for you as well.

For more information and examples of my work, be sure to check out my new website at and the AST Masks Facebook page!

~ Alexander