Attack on the Shard of Ferility


We have discovered that there has been and continues to be a direct attack on the Shard of Fertility in the Teshvan Isles. Some of you may remember its Guardian; the daughter of a unicorn whose mother we failed so long ago. We will not allow this shard to be captured or corrupted.

In this coming gather be prepared to fight the forces of Void and the Withering. Ritualists, be on the look out and research anything related to protecting ones spirit in order to pass through dangerous areas. We will likely need to look beyond the obvious known rituals, such as storing spirits in golems or bottles. Warriors, hone your defenses toward negating necromantic corruption and attacks. Make sure battle mages are equipped with cloaks and banes against necromantic, chaotic, and elemental attacks. Don't forget the benefit of scrolls and spell stores.

We are going to battle. We cannot allow ourselves to fail.

Ria Sevaria of Goshawk


Public Relations Committee
Ria Sevaria,

I will be arriving tomorrow with Dr. Oscarot and several other members of the Phalanx. It would be our honor to stand beside you.

One Shield; Meaningless Without All Others,

Riddick Dale



I know I'm too far away to help in the fight, but look into rituals like Endure Elements and any sort of modified Planar Asylum to guard against negative environmental effects, March of the Untiring or Spirit Walk to get you in and out of the area faster or less noticed, or Rituals of Woe to guard against necromantic effects. Visions, Lores, and lesser known rituals like Seek the Whole and Resonance may give your ritualists insight into finding the shard more quickly, and discovering what's been done to taint or corrupt it, by who, or for how long.

If you need specifics on anything I've mentioned, send me a messenger. I regret that I have none of these scrolls at my disposal to send you, or they'd already be en route.


We have an arrangement to settle. Expect to see me this gather.
Please feel free to inform me if I can be of any assistance during my visit.

Toward the darkness,
As one,

Pure Lord Califus


The areas we will have to travel through seem as if they will destroy ones spirit if not protected -- it is that heavily tainted by Void and the Withering. Phedre, if you have any specific research about those rituals and if they will be applicable and how, I will gladly hear it. Send me a missive if you can't meet me on the Hollow Isle.

Additionally, I would like to speak with any well-versed ritualist who comes into town this gather, specifically those who have experience or research in large scale rituals.

I will hold a meeting tomorrow evening at the Vulgar Gargoyle to discuss what we know so far, and how we can develop a further plan of attack. Pure Lord Califus, I welcome your attendance if you feel you are able to assist us, physically or strategically.

- Ria Sevaria
In the name of Matron Naerdiel, Ruler of Lothantos and Monarch of Her People, in a show of good faith we the of the Lothanti will aid you in this endeavor. We request in return the opportunity to open trade negotiations with Eire and Sadeen Moore for weapons and armor vital to our war effort. Morai can speak with Her Voice in these matters.

By Her Grace May Our Words Be Heard,
General Baryd'all Volkari


I will be in the Hollow for the next few days and can be found at my ward or in the Vulgar Gargoyle.

May your days be filled with shadows,


New Hampshire Staff
Ria Sevaria,

I do not know if the boon the Earth Spirit gives me will grant protection for that manner of taint, as it does the elements, but in the event that it does my club, bow, and spells will be there to lend aid. In the event that this corruption is more than a Waste Walker can bear, I shall still be there to assist in any manner possible.

I will be there friday night. kainen should be along as well.
though i do not think untill the sun is well clear of the horizon.

I had something for this, but for the life of me I can not remember what it is. It was important though. I'll hopefully be arriving in town about 12 candle marks behind this letter. Maybe seeing things will help me remember.

I hope I can help.