ATTENTION: Medical Staff Members

Khorwyn Brey

Hello all! This message is a request for all players who have volunteered to be members of our medical staff to take a look at our HQ 2012 event calendar, and afterward contact me to let me know which events you will be attending. With Christine not being able to attend the majority (if not all) of our events this year, I've assumed the task of coordinating our medical staff for the events. Please look over the events calendar carefully, and let me know which ones you intend on attending, and if we can count on you to work a shift or be on call for those events. My hope is to have at least one, ideally two or more members at each event this season. I have been given the following list of people. Please, if you have medical training and wish to be added to this list, let me know so that Brian and I can add you to our list and properly compensate you.

Medical Staff
Cortney Walton EMT, CPR/AED, ITLS
Patrick Von Raven CPR/AED, First Aid, Fire Fighter
Onitt Hernandez CPR/AED, Advanced First Aid, First Responder
Drew Resele CPR/AED, First aid
Amy Resele CPR/AED, First aid
Mike Brenizer CPR/AED, First aid
William Duffy CPR/AED, First aid
Danny Perez CPR/AED, First aid
Scott Babcock CPR/AED, First aid
Angel Belford CLS
Joe Seigel CLS

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can provide! :thumbsup:


Bad me, I neglected to update the one certification status I should have. As of last November, Cortni is now a certified Paramedic (ALS provider) IVs for all!

So sad weekends I have to work lined up with pretty much every event :(