Aug 31 - Sept 3, 2018 - Long Weekend Pre-Registration!


(Friday, August 31st - Monday, September 3rd, 2018)

PC Pre-Registered before Deadline - $105
PC Not Pre-Registered before Deadline - $135
NPCing is Free
Note: Players 8-13 years old will be charged $60. Players under 8 years of age not permitted.
Second PC - $30

Food Cost: add $30

*Verify if you qualify for a $10 discount off your event by visiting the page below:
Link Pending... (updating by next week)

Pre-register via our amazing form!

  • Meal Plan is only available to those who both pre-register and pre-pay. You must do *both* prior to the pre-registration deadline, or you will not be able to participate in meal plan. Both PCs and NPCs may participate in the meal plan.
  • You may send in your payment for the event fee early as well, as long as you send it in before the pre-registration deadline. Please do not send in payments after the pre-registration deadline. Payments can be sent to
  • Both PCs and NPCs may register for the meal plan. You may not participate in the meal plan unless you have pre-registered for it. We will not allow additions to the meal plan after the pre-registration deadline.
  • PCs who do not pre-register will be asked to wait until there is no more line at logistics before they are helped. Please pre-register to avoid being asked to wait until everyone else has gone through logistics. If your pre-registration is incomplete you will not count as being pre-registered.
  • Be fully prepared to check in when you arrive at logistics at the event. Be prepared with Spell & Recipe books, Magic Item reps & tags, armor, weapons, and any rituals scrolls being manipulated or spell-crafted. If you do not have these items available we will request to retrieve them and reenter the line. Additionally, if you are MERCHANTING please have all items prepared and sorted by production type and item in order to ensure a timely process.
Pre-registration closes Sunday 8/19/18. For out of chapter players I will need your transfers by this date to ensure your cards are up to date.


1) Brent Woodward
2) Lisa Osborne
3) Jesse Carlos
4) Luke Doyle
5) Harris DeBruhl
6) Tiffany Taul
7) Erin O'Donnell
8) Shane Renner
9) Kathryn Renner
10) Anna Strausbaugh
11) Seth Newcomb
12) Dallas Esplin
13) Amy Gregory
14) Paul Trujillo
15) Angie Pacleb
16) Bryan Gregory
17) Nicole Blount
18) Christopher Duble
19) Jason Syring
20) Alexander Webber
21) Andy Stowell
22) Jessica Gigante
23) Joel Rector
24) Heather Fultz
25) Eleni Papageorgacopoulos
26) Curtis Newbrough
27) Jason Thomas
28) Rachel Miller
29) Anthea Tuley
30) Alice Marion
31) Andrew Worley
32) Lauren Hagen
33) Kyle Johnson
34) Chantell Wagner
35) Matt Wagner
36) Tyler Wagner
37) Jamilyn Juetten
38) Travis Juetten
39) Brad Lewis
40) Bill Marion
41) Rolf Sturm
42) Ryan Wessner
43) Layn Holman
44) Anthony Gourdine
45) Emily Shettel
46) John Cooksey
47) Alain Leon
48) Tabitha Kenneally
49) Corey Farmer
50) Joseph Walterbach
51) Adam Fenerty
52) Evan Rawson
53) Brett Sweeney
54) Julissa Norton
55) Benjamin Thayer
56) Alex Shamis
57) Eric Lee
58) Miles Atherton
59) Michael Amaral
60) Megan Pankow
61) Brandon LeBlanc
62) Travis Sage
63) Jorbie Kelley
64) Josh Randall
65) Nathan Bainbridge
66) Alexander Brown

1) Kristin Woodward
2) Tony Mungo
3) John Potter
4) Stephen Stana
5) Michael Reed
6) Nathanael Sleight
7) Noah Smith
8) Samuel McMillin
9) Jared Hoyt
10) Etienne Gregory
11) Gabbie Gibson
12) Naomi Olson
13) Nick Bond
14) Amber Bond
15) Emma Steele-Stierk

Meal Plan (Requires Prepay - names in red still need to prepay the $30 for the meal plan. This will be updated separately during the Prepay updates.)

Brent Woodward
Kristin Woodward

Anthony Mungo
Lisa Osborne
Michael Reed
Jesse Carlos
Harris DeBruhl
Erin O'Donnell
Amy Gregory
Bryan Gregory
Etienne Gregory
Jared Hoyt
Nikki Blount
Jason Syring
Alexander Webber
Andy Stowell
Jessica Gigante
Gabbie Gibson
Heather Fultz
Eleni Papageorgacopoulos
Curtis Newbrough
Jason Thomas
Rachel Miller
Anthea Tuley
Alice Marion
Andrew Worley
Lauren Hagen
Kyle Johnson
Chantell Wagner
Matt Wagner
Tyler Wagner
Jamilyn Juetten
Travis Juetten
Emily Shettel
Ryan Wessner
Anthony Gourdine
John Cooksey
Alain Leon
Joseph Walterbach
Evan Rawson
Brett Sweeney
Benjamin Thayer
Alex Shamis
Miles Atherton
Megan Pankow
Brandon LeBlanc


Kyle Johnson
Lauren Hagen
Erin O'Donnell
Andrew Worley
Rachel Miller
Joshua Randall
Eleni Papageorgacopoulos
Heather Fultz
Gabbie Gibson (Refund)
Bryan Gregory
Amy Gregory
Evan Rawson
Jesse Carlos
Jessica Gigante
Emily Shettel
Alexander Webber
Harris DeBruhl
Matt Wagner
Tyler Wagner
Chantell Wagner
Anthony Gourdine
Brad Lewis
Brent Woodward
Jason Thomas
Ryan Wessner
Brett Sweeney
Alex Shamis
Brandon LeBlanc
Megan Pankow
Alexander Brown
Bill Marion
Alice Marion


Pre-registration updated 8/18/18
Prepay updated 8/18/18
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Friday PM:
  • Lemon Chicken & Rice

Saturday AM:

  • French Toast
  • Sausage
  • Eggs
  • Fruit
Saturday PM:
  • Shepherds Pie

Sunday AM:

  • Pancakes
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Fruit
Sunday PM:
  • Teriyaki Chicken & Rice with Stir Fry Vegetables

Monday AM:

  • Assorted Cold & Hot cereals
  • Left overs

Ice Water, Gatorade, Coffee,Tea, & Cocoa will be available throughout the weekend.


I think I may have selected no meal plan on the pre reg form. Can you add me to the meal pan list? I've already prepaid.