(Aug 417) Announcement from the merchant's guild

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    "In spite of the evacuations to old districts of New Acarthia, I would like to invite all guild members and aspirants to come gather together at the regular meeting time!

    In addition, for those who have been able to prepare the items requested by our friendly Dwarven lamp friend, I suggest that we set out immediately after the meeting to see if the mine he/she/it/they resides in is accessible!

    No icky necromancy zone will prevent us from fulfilling the requests of the friendly lamp dwarf!

    Oh, also: we need more arrows!! Offering 1.5 production on any arrows brought in!"

    - Panax Thistleburr, miniature of natural resources to the court of Rivervale, senior guild person to the merchant's guild, apprentice guild person to the healers guild and nibbler of many cookies.

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