August 2019 Menu


Welcome all to the end of summer Market at the Flaming Skull! Come enjoy Squire Ragnarok's favorite place to eat in all of Terna!

Mediterranean Scramble (Eggs with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese) served with a side of bacon.

Gluten Free Option: Already gluten-free
Vegetarian Option: No bacon.
Lactose Free Option: No feta cheese.

Chicken Shawarma Pita with orzo pasta salad.

Gluten Free Option: Served without pita, with rice.
Vegetarian Option: Chicken substituted with portobello mushrooms.
Lactose Free Option: Served without Cheese or Sour Cream.

Dinner: Family-Style Pizza (Cheese, Sausage, and Pepperoni)

Gluten Free Option: GF pizza crust available
Vegetarian Option: Cheese pizza available.
Lactose Free Option: Talk to staff for options.

Any questions, let us know!