August 2019 Opener FAVORITE MOMENTS

-Seshiok's Sword
-The last 4 Seshiok fights
-Archibald spending so much money to build 2 traps to make a dam to stop blight in the lake.
-Honestly, ressing again was great.
-Getting scared af by some Cicada hitting my face and veing like wtf
-The LCoP plan, definitely doing that again
-The anti-undead squad only mod


Oh boy where do I start. The whole weekend was a blast for me because i was a npc. Some favorite moments
- being fynn and partying
- breaking the pcs defence line during big town fights
- being a fire cultist and getting healed by gambit ♡
- trying to get new pcs out of the tavern and out of there comfort zones to go try something new


It was a pretty wild first game, where do I begin? haha

-The battle against Seshiok!
-oddly enough, the kobald fight, who knew getting kidnapped would be so fun? lol
-Being rifted into the Better Game Master's cursed Jenga game
Overall, how welcoming older players were and their willingness to involve new pcs like me, made for a great experience (^w^)


Dear new friends,

I've traveled to many chapters (I think this is my sixth) and this one was the friendliest and most welcoming (both IG and OOG). Thank you for making someone who's been away from Alliance for several years feel welcome!

A few more notable moments, in no particular order:
- starting with no spells and no staff (rebuilds don't get new stuff) and rolling with it
- learning about traps, and being barely out of the area effect of one.
- getting to be part of the creation of a limited circle of power
- working together with other newbys to learn the lay of the land
- great food! and somehow it was always available! (I'm used to "Food will be at X o'clock", it arriving at X+3 o'clock, it running out at X+3.5 o'clock, and it not having much in the way of vegetables -- so I know how much effort it took to get things running as smoothly as it did this weekend!)
- fae games :)
- exploring a never-ending game site (yes, really I loved the size of it, and all the little hidden nooks!). I've never experienced the plot cards before -- a very nice touch that ensures that you can actually find really cool stuff far away from where NPCs usually wonder.
- all the mods and the awesome NPCs in them, and the fact that we had more options than just "hack and slash"
- all the great role-laying role-models -- I love learning more ways to RP

Patrick / Swifteagle
I had a lot of fun! Here are my personal highlights as someone who isn't very combat-focused:

- Learning about the world! It was hard to find specific information online about the world at large that wasn't a wall of text, so having people be perfectly happy to info-dump to the newbies about history and how things work was super helpful for me to flesh out my character's backstory (WIP)
- People watching! It might not be the most interactive-seeming thing, but watching how other people's characters interact with each other, the world, and NPCs really helped to settle me into the flow of things
- "Oh no, is Skreek the new Gambit?" and later "Yeah, Gambit gets into trouble a lot" in the distance "Dammit Gambit!"
- Watching the Promoter trap Kai into a favor (or two?) when Kai and Gambit were sparring outside

Lia Lonalys

Oh man this was such a fun event!!
Thank you to the plot team for all your hard work and being flexible around everyone!!

Where to even start?!?
- I loved interacting with all the new people and visitors!! Learning about elements from Jaxx was super fun!! I must continue this in game!!

- wandering around with new groups and getting to learn more about how each of our player characters are growing in game was also fun!!
- the mods keep getting better guys!! There was a whole buttload of fun in my character trying to end each encounter without a fight.
Bribing goblins with food was amazing!
-random shirtless o'clock!! Lol
- meeting our phenomenal new players!! Y'all had such cool garb and amazing characters!!!!

-The giant midnight battle was gloriously difficult!! All the big battles leading up to it as well!
We never got to participate previously, and the plot team made sure me n Renynn actually got to this time!! Holy cow have I been missing out!

- getting to be part of tactics and battle groups with Madrigal and Arlen I think his name was? That was great!! I hope I can get better at combat and do more of this!!
- witnessing the lovely, if a bit rail-roaded, roleplay between Faedra (spelling?) And the players who had met her before.

-GAMBITT!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAHHHHH!!! That was glorious getting to watch a big Gambit moment!! And the giant group hug at the end to cinch the amazing roleplay!! This couldn't have been better if it was scripted!! Watching Gambit grow as a character has been wonderful to be a part of!! And it made the big battle that much more amazing! I think everyone who saw the front line got hit with some unforseen feels. Well to do!!

-tavern food as always was friggen amazing!!! Thank you my Dominus!!! You were so kind in trying to make additional bits that I could eat!!!! I am not worthy my Lady!!! ^;;U;;^<3

- playing the harp during downtime was way more fun than I thought it would be! I got to interact with people and NPC's in a really unique way! Thank you monster crew for your amazing adlib and roleplay !!

-meeting Giddeon! Wish I could've talked to him more!!
-monologue by Seshiok!! Wish I had interacted with you more!

-MA BOII!! T-Best-Game-Master! I always love the games, but this was challenging and made for interesting roleplay!! I cannot wait for the next game!

The big triple tier puzzle battles!! I almost wish there was a way to involve more people for the brain puzzle, but it was still fun.

Aannnd the super cool glowy cloud science thing!!! That was so amazing!! I got to see it glow!! Glowing!! And magic!!! It was such a cool effect!

This event I could really feel just how much hard work and time plot and the monster crew has spent preparing for the event. it really showed in the quality of mods and encounters, the gloriously in-depth roleplay, and as you should see here and above the overflowing wealth of positive reaction. this was such a great event thank you all so much for your hard work and I can't wait for the next one