August 31 - Sept 2 Favorite Moments!


Hey guys! I noticed there wasn't a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd go ahead and throw one up so we could all gush about our favorite moments throughout the weekend and compliment people that we had astounding roleplay with!

I wish I had the time to type out thank you's and shout outs to literally everyone at y'alls chapter, I totally adore going out to your chapter and I definitely hope to keep coming out to all of y'alls events!

Some particular highlights for me:

Wandering through the ruins and the look on Buddy's face when I showed up to do room 9 for the second time... he definitely knows what I mean ♥

Getting a lot of roleplay with Val over the course of the weekend in regards to corruption.

Dry Rot, it's always such a pleasure seeing you, I wish that we'd had more time together to go out on adventures and whatnot.

Swimming up to the boat and trying to huck water balloons at the pirates was SO FUN, I ended up dumping some of the leftover ones onto myself to be sure I left properly soggy.


I did some pretty cool roleplay with Faux too, there's such a weird dynamic between those two, but it makes for some really interesting roleplay!

Fredrick, you were super awesome to get to wander around with for the short bits we got to!

I also really enjoyed getting somewhat mad as Puck this gathering and Puck struggling not to blow up the big bad when he offered to free all of the slaves. SUUUCH internal conflict.

Can't wait to see y'all in a few weeks!
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Ooooo Man. Here are some from my weekend

The Ashen Maiden plots and that awesome scene!!!

The opening mods, those were so much fun.

The ruins. Accidentally solving the riddle.

All the RP I got to have while I wasnt busy being warmom(tm).

Becoming a parent.

Fredrick, I dont know what I would do without you. <3

Getting captured by the Baron :)

Aden Corso

A lot this event.

  • Dealing with the burning town at the very beginning was a great way to set the mood for the rest of the event. It’s a dirty, nasty war, and things are gonna go wrong along the way.
  • Any interaction with Lord Brightstone. There are so many things happening behind the scenes, and any number of characters (both player and non-player) have any number of plots in motion at any given time. Darren does such an excellent job at breathing life and motivation into his characters, but especially Rurik. I’m glad Aden is taking such a direct interest in the moving wheels behind the curtain.
  • Meeting with the Rangers of Koval. Having that sign of the Baroness’s support for the Outpost was a huge vindication for the efforts Corso has made over the past several months.
  • Fighting dirty against Imperial scouts. The mad dash across the field to stop them from blowing the Dwarven Gate was thrilling.
  • Siegfried, my mercenary friend, I foresee a long and prosperous relationship.
  • Capturing a ship! Climbing out of the water up to the quarterdeck and killing the captain and taking his hat. I am the captain now. Captain Corso. AND NO, I AM STILL NOT A PIRATE. I'm a privateer. It’s different.
  • Spending a few harrowing hours advancing through the ruins. I have legitimately never been as terrified in-game as I was once we *** ***** **** ** *** *** **** *** ********** **** ***. I even contributed! Seeing the ritual done, and conversing with (and naming) Endless was a real treat. It will be somewhat scary to see them in action.
  • The naval battle! Nailing the Litimore vessel, like, 6 times in a row was very satisfying, as was landing the killing blow. We killed those sexy pirate b****es.
  • Coming back from the sea battle to see the two battle lines of the Outpost and the Empire facing each other while Emeric called out commands, then picking the left flank and casually walking through our soldiers. Poor Aikoll almost lost it telling me to get back behind the lines until I started throwing alchemical gasses at everybody. Hearing her say, ‘Oh,’ was a satisfying moment.
  • The look of dismay the Imperials would give me when I pulled out another Sleep or Nausea globe.
  • The Ashen Maidens arc. Seeing Glenne stand up for the honour of her battle-sisters was great. Feeling like I helped to convince them of their chance of redemption was very gratifying.
  • Duvak, Duvak, Duvak. Holy hell, Joshua. You just blow me away. Your reaction to the Selunari curse and our subsequent conversation outside the tavern was… I’ve never had an in-game experience like that. Corso had to go back inside and drank from Shroo’s cup. Yes, he was that shaken.
  • Intoxicated Corso. Thank you, Val, Var and Siv.
  • Continuing the things that shook Corso, the Tarot reading. HOLY HELL. Things had happened that night that already had me feeling more like Corso than I ever have before. I guess this is called bleed-through? At any rate, I was so immersed in his character that the reading was scarily appropriate for what had been going on with him, including the deep, secret stuff.
  • Consoling and being consoled by Jade. Kat, that was a beautiful piece of roleplay on your part. There were tears, though it was too dark to see and Aden would never admit to them. I hope their paths cross again in the future.
  • Cuddle pile!
  • The shock at hearing Baroness Thane yelling ‘Nightingale!’ and then jumping into my arms for a bearhug while I stand there confused. Feeling so conflicted in that moment… What are you doing here, no, no, no, don’t be here, I just spent the last month getting you AWAY from here… Bri, you do such an excellent job of breathing life into your characters. You put the perfect amount of sweetness and steel in Genevieve. Watching her grow as a character is a true delight.
  • Baroness von Heisel. Such a dangerous person. So much charm and cunning in such a small frame. Plots within plots within plots, and somehow Corso is tangled into so many of them. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Laura, you always twist my heart just so.
  • The betrayal. Can’t we have a single meeting where the laws of parlay or hospitality are not breached? No? Well, let’s just kill the bastard next time. I was so close to being inside that circle.
  • Also, Aden Corso was a leader, whaaaaat?


Alright, here we go

First off, Shroo, you were great. I love how we don’t get along and fully expect to have to watch my back next time I come out.

Hildr, you make me happy and fill my coin purse all at once. Although Hallened may not agree with Hildr’s decisions, as long as he keeps getting paid, he will keep following orders.

Rok’i, I really wanted a reading, but I also wanted to guilt you into coming back, even though it’ll be a while, haha

Electee, Friday night conversations were great. I hope to have more of them and slowly change your opinions on a few topics.

Yellow Mohawk dude with the green cloak (I’m sorry about the name, but I know your name in sign language haha), our talks on the morals of slavery and indentured servitude were delightful. Also, the bit you gave me Sunday morning, while it didn’t affect me much then, solidified you as a friend.

Jax, I’m still surprised how close I am with you. Hell, you were the only one who I actual showed my eye to. And I appreciate the help the well ;)

Civ, I’m glad you got your belt back and I’m glad we talked a bit, however brief.

Fredric, hopefully you don’t believe everything you hear and we can continue helping eachother. Also, I completely forgot to get the ruin notes from you. Yay.

Captain of the Executioner, Im sorry I pegged you in the head. But also not sorry.

Puck! Thanks for cooling me down after the ship battle. I definitely needed it.

Also, the bit where the villagers ran in with the permanently dead people... that hurt. A lot. (Which is good)

Faux, im glad we got to see eachother on Friday and I’m glad we worked so well together. I’m sorry I had to leave halfway through, but trust me, good information was received because I did.

Last, but not least, whoever started those bullcrap rumors about Hallend! Thank you. I play Hallend a certain way and rumors are bound to happen <3

Ace Brown

Las Vegas Staff
I had so much fun and I wish I could just gush about everyone and how cool they are but I'll try to keep it brief.
  • I'm always glad to have Shroo around as my Selunari brother and partner in cri- I mean best friend. This weekend was no exception.
  • New family members are always so much fun to have! I'm glad the family is growing and I can't wait to see what happens as time goes on. The party was also a lot of fun.
  • Warmom is best mom and I'm very grateful for getting to use Hildr's sword for pretty much the whole weekend, it helped a lot.
  • Fredrick! You're so much fun to be around and I love all the little rp moments with you.
  • It was lovely and fascinating and weird to see Shroo and Fredrick start to get along. The battle buddy trio during the Saturday night battle was great and it was fun to watch them initiate their contract for waylay tag.
  • The naval battle was so cool! The ships were also very cool! Ahhhh I love piratey stuff and this filled all my piratey dreams!
  • The mod where Shroo and I got sold into slavery was so nerve wracking. I went into a totally different headspace and it was wonderfully weird. Even though things didn't work out as planned I had a blast.
  • Watching Rot and Hildr hatch the lizard man was both hilarious and disgusting and I'm glad that it all started out with some dumb drunk Selunari wanting to kick some lizard butt.
  • Watching Duvak experience the Selunari curse given to him really got to me and made me really reconsider some things.
  • Talking to Heber's Selunari after Baron Ghetti basically kicked him out of the family was such a special moment. It was very personal but I'm glad I got to experience that.
  • Spontaneous alchemy roulette with Jax was honestly way more fun than I though it would be.
  • My heart literally sank when Graven told me Shroo had died. It definitely fueled some of my anger during the naval battle and against the litimore soldiers once I got back on land.
  • Oh! I also really loved the mods at the beginning of the game! The smokey houses and putting out the fires were actually a lot of fun! Also the trying to escort the important people while being fired at was a really clever idea and a lot of fun.
  • Watching Emaric teach people battle tactics was cool. Also the look on Fredrick's face when they caught on to why Emaric kept whistling was awesome.
  • Oh gosh all the NPCs are so cool! You guys put such hard work into every character, even ones that may be very small one off characters breathe so much life into the town and it warms my heart! Please keep up the good work <3
  • Also I love all our out of town friends! I hope you can come to more of our events because y'all are cool and its fun to have you around.
That's all I can really remember right now but I had so much fun. This event made me very excited to see what the future holds for our little outpost!


Whew! So much to go over. I guess I will start by saying...

My plot team and npcs are the best ever. Creating and evolving our baby, and watching it in action. It makes my owner/head'o'plot soul just smile. A lot of you dont get to see what we do behind the scenes, but man... it is glorious. And always hilarious as well.

So, lets start with my favorite moments:

-opening ceremonies. It was my first time hosting that, and it was so much fun! Answering questions, talking about our policies, setting the mood with the players, and getting them into game. It was just so awesome seeing everyone get into character and preparing for the game I created with the help of my staff and my plot team and npcs. So very rewarding.

-the "round Robin encounters". It was a new idea I had and I wanted to see it in action. Splitting the town into 6 groups was worrisome and then having them all do each of the same encounters made me wonder if i made a bad call. But... then i saw it in action... and it was awesome! I mean, it needs some tweaks of course. But i think it is something that could solve some town mod issues i have seen. Super excited to develop it more!

-watching the players deal with the "defend the townfolk" encounter. Watching them get in a line and NOT dodge packets in order to save peoples lives... so fun! Also... a lot harder in person than on paper! Having 3 of the 5 npcs die! Man! You guys are bad at defending lol!

-the first wave battle. Watching the chaos. Attacking everyone as a "red tabard" and seeing all the low level people freaking out and looking for the exalted. Also, seeing the leadership getting more in tune with their commanding. Whew. Awesome scene.

-playing the dwarven scout and setting up the map of the region. And then seeing all the players start the war council. Going after high profile targets, coming up with strategies, and then executing their plans. It was rewarding to see ALL the players get into the war planning.

-mid level and high level players coming back from a supply raid and being like "wow, this is going to be a rough weekend..."

-players returning from the dwarven dreadnought fight and getting excited to destroy ships! Oh man... the anticipation was so high all weekend for players to get on those boats!

-sleeping... but not wanting to.

-players going to the big boss fort and blowing a hole in the wall. Also, watching them crawl through the sapper tunnel to set up the traps. It got so quiet as they set up all the explosive traps... you could cut the silence with a knife!

-the players meeting the Ashen Maidens and taking them prisoner. Then facing Baron Herod and realizing they were outclassed and watching him RIFT out??? How the holy heck??? ;-)

-doing the political game. Guys, I love politics in games. I love the subtle clues I drop and watching what the players do with it. Sometimes we drop juicy details and like starving dogs you gobble it up up! And then the plot will drop these other clues and you dont even know the information you get! It is just so much fun!

-the seige engine destruction. Literally took 97 out of 100 water balloons to destroy the seige engines! So much fun and frustration was had! Lol

-the dryads. Oh my goodness. So many flower people! And so much amazing plots to be had in the near and distant future. Also, Bri and Josh playing Azura Rose and Grey Spore... especially when Grey Spore would sneeze and accidentally intoxicating people around him. Oh man... so much fun.

And the dryad corruption plot to come... whew...

-Selunari party with Papa Ghedi... aka Baron Ghedi! It was so amazing! Like, the singing and the dancing, and the music, and the boasting, and then story telling, and the... cursing. Getting that revenge on the Emerald Falcon by showing him the pain the Selunari people felt when his people killed 20 of the Selunari. Making him feel every death, all the sorrow, all the emotional pain! And then watching Josh act out that pain and crumble in front of the players like a whimpering child. Yeah... that was a powerful scene.

-the naval battle. Watching the 5 crews assault the Executioner, and seeing the land battle in the distance, and just hearing the wails of triumph when they finally brought the flag ship down, and hearing the roar of applause from the entire camp when they pushed the enemy back.

-the Sovereign Beetles assaulting the camp. Whew. What a fun fight.

-the parlay. Creating a villain that causes anger with a simple glance. And then watching the players see all their plans unravel when the Baron creates his circle of power with the chains of his slaves, dropping the emerald falcon and the "good baroness", and kidnapping his beloved wife. Whew... what a fun scene.

I loved this game! And I love what is happening to this chapter! The plot team was joking when they said "how the heck are we going to top this one?"

Well... we got some ideas...


I had so much fun role playing with NPCs and PC's alike. It was a blast for me. There is so much more than listed that made my weekend but these are the highlights.

  • Getting curropted, ig it may have been the worst but oog it has been so much fun role playing with everyone about it. I almost laughed at the look Faux gave me when I finally got my make up on.
  • The chaos of the large battles we had with the litimore soilders was so much fun.
  • Paying for a song with a drink, the song was making me tear up.
  • Getting told to not die so many times.
  • Role playing with Jack's and Puck as we were figuring out my curroption.
  • My Parry training was so much above and beyond. Helped me a lot with my shield fighting skills.
  • The looks on peoples faces as the Dryad crowd introduced ourselves.


- The introductory round robin mod was so cool. It really set the stage, and as an Acarthian with no knowledge of what was going on it was really cool to just be thrown into the deep end. Also, I got to save babies from a burning building, which is possibly the most chivalrous thing Demvarien has done to date.
- Props to Bri for her role as the milkmaid Darla, dealing with half the Acarthian contingent trying to shove her into Demvarien's arms while he stood there being awkward and not at all on board.
- More a general thing than a specific moment, but Dem getting to spread his leadership wings with Squire Aikoll was so cool. This was more than their baron and baroness respectively just putting them in charge of a specific thing, this was the two of them out in the world on their own and having to represent the Acarthian nobility. Plus, Dem is still a relatively green character by the standards of the Denver chapter, so going to a brand new chapter where a bunch of people thought he was super competent was an interesting change of pace.
- Reciting and explaining a bit of the Code of Chivalry to Lord Brightstone. I'm astonished he'd never had that conversation with Squire Hildr.
- Explaining to some more sheltered characters what a biata is.
- The first Destined mod Friday night was interesting, because Demvarien comes from a shard where our biggest problems are undead and other monsters. The good squire has never before had to deal with enemies who surrender, or enemies who can be expected to die permanently if he cuts them down. He had to grapple with some ethical questions that haven't come up yet in his time in New Acarthia.
- "If you really, sincerely want me to do that, Sandro, I will ask." Oh Dem, when will you learn not to mouth off?
- The Saturday afternoon mod to take down the siege engines -- a mod not intended to be a Destined-only mod -- with a bunch of extra-green Destined. Demvarien was not at all confident of their chances at success and deeply questioned whether he was doing the right thing before they left, as the Code calls upon him to respect the weak and constitute himself the defender of them. Then we kicked *** and got it done with no casualties and I was super proud of my team (even though I'm pretty confident that plot adjusted it so we wouldn't all die).
- Reciting the final tenet of the Code of Chivalry -- "Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the right and the good against injustice and evil" -- in perfect time with Aikoll, creeping out Shroo and Karenza, before dubbing us the Cult of Chivalry.
- Another Bri shoutout -- I was utterly flabbergasted when her assassin NPC bit out her own tongue. "What do I do? Can I interrupt this?"
- Getting silly with the other Acarthians on Saturday night as the tension wore out and it became clear that we weren't gonna fight another large scale battle after the beetles. GRYPHON JOUSTING!
- The tension leading up to the parlay. Meeting a foreign noble who knew Demvarien's baron was unexpected, and he was proud to serve as honor guard. That then turned into a crushing sense of failure when he didn't see the Circle of Power coming. Demvarien won't make that mistake again.
- Immediately following that, he had a really heartwarming interaction with Askeska. Demvarien has a tendency to fixate on his failures and to carry a lot of guilt. Ask reminded him that he had done his barony proud on the whole that weekend.
- Interactions with Karai all across the weekend. He's a bit eccentric but Dem likes him. A special nod to the conversation they had at the very end of the game, where Demvarien told him that the locals need leadership and he needs to step up.
- Interactions with Sandro all weekend. Demvarien gained a lot of respect for Sandro in Malidor's Outpost and has started to see some of the layers to his character. I'm excited to see where that relationship could go.


Wow, I missed out on lots of cool stuff.

My faves:
  • Becoming friends with Electi, Elothys, Calwin, Beakhur!
  • dancing outside the tavern with a light-footed, sweet-smilin' elf to some awesome bard music
  • singing in the cabin to of my two favorite elves
  • Electi teaching me how to use my sword and shield more effectively
  • Stopping the Dwarven gate from being blown up
  • Jordan as an NPC fleeing the fight with his tabbard trailing as he ran down the hill with both arms up and screaming
  • a hilarious moment as a woodelf turned NPC murdered his commanding officer so he could surrender and save his own life
  • playing the stick number game with my PC-turned-NPC gang while we waited to start a mod
  • Trying to persuade Lord Brightstone to accept the help that Lord Robert offered
  • The ruins even though ************
  • the incessant onslaught of soldiers attacking outside the town hall while the executioner was being taken
  • training with Emaric

Gray Wolf

A few moment I loved:

* Creative ideas to open the door to free the villagers trapped in the burning cellar. It was fun making obnoxious comments at the "endowed" men working on it.

* "Hi Important Person!" to Lord Brightstone when he wasn't feeling respected enough, but Bubbles hadn't caught who he was yet.

* Spectre "shedding his skin" to get his feet worked on.

* Finding out that Sigfried was going to pretend to be a slaver and teasing him by yelling "I'm sorry massah! Don't hit me!" at him.

* Discovering that Bubbles' money was missing. Frantically searching through the entire car and cabin for it before tearfully going to tell Sigfried about it in the tavern. He comes to the cabin and instantly finds that someone must have discovered it on the floor and put it in His pouch- the one place Bubbles didn't look...

* Discovering Sorocco drew a picture of Bubbles!
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