August 31st Weekend Event Preregistration: Darkened Bubbles


Chicago Staff
Site will be Camp River Trails
We look forward to seeing you at the weekend!

The event for PCs will cost $70, however anyone who preregisters will only pay $60. NPCs event cost is $20 but only $10 for anyone who preregisters. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee.

The site opens 6PM on Friday August 31st, registration will begin at 8PM and game on should be at 10PM. Sunday will be plot loose ends and clean up. The sites address is : 2599 E Us Highway 52, Sheridan, IL 60551

Preregistrations should include needed tags, your production, magic items, and any food allergies. We no longer require spells in your prereg, but expect battleboards to be maintained at event. These must be sent to no later than Tuesday August 28th at 11:59Pm. Or you may use our brand new handy-dandy preregform found here.

Prepay via paypal to...

Please note if your a first time player you should still contact us so we can help you with character creation before the event.

1. Nate B (Shiny)
2. Carrie B (Pebbles)
3. Brian L (Corbell)
4. Ethan R (Iggy)
5. Drew O (Tom)
6. Kyle S (Gronk)
7. Carly B (Fiona)
8. Derek S (Sam)
9. Tina J (Chesthira)
10. Adam P (Asura)
11. Amanda F (Liddia- Sat Only)
12. Matt E (Garwon)
13. Alana E (Vanya)
14. Jacob B (Edwin Two)
15. William P (Errick)
16. Wade H (Oliver)
17. Matt M (VVG)
18. Ryan S (Roderick)
19. Jordan F (Valentino)
20. Sid P (Ragnarok)
21. Andrea R (Gertrude)
22. James F (Grimshaw)
23. Nick P (Foss)
24. Vicki H (Yasu)
25. Teague M (Harlequin)
26. Kyle H (Edwin)
27. Paul F (Jehan)
28. Thomas M (Ractor)
29. Sean V (Nahani)
30. Nadine V (Neolani)
31. Stephanie P (Mila)
32. Dwayne B (Shen)
33. Andrew N (Rusty)
34. Ryan B (Binks)
35. Matt M (Desylvia)
36. Ian S (Draco)
37. Sam S (Beryl)
38. Brianna D (Val- sat only)
39. Dwayne B (Shen)
40. Chris G (Phanuck)
41. Louis M (Finch)
42. Luke N (Migs)
43. Dani C (Isabo)

1. Tristin W
2. Melaina F
3. Amie W
4. David G
5. Emma A
6. Rob D
7. Jeremy J
8. Alexander T
9. Brad G
10. Jessica P
11. Alex M
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Chicago Staff
Only as a follow up to sweatmaggedon from the last event, there is air conditioning at this site! Also since someone already asked, tenting is always welcome!

Idle Wild Lodge is where all PCs should report for check in, NPCs may report directly to Bonnie Brae Lodge!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
14. Jacob B (Edwin Two)
26. Kyle H (Edwin)
You have no idea how much I want to see Kyle go full Highlander. "There can be only one!"