August 9-11 "A Light in the Distance" Favorite Moments

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Wow, this is was quite a weekend. I don't know how we managed to fit all that into 3 days.

1. Honking Clams.
2. Sam-a-saurus Rex
3. Alex in the last wave battle with nothing but a silver cup to defend himself with.
4. Gigi & the Gigi's Animal Rescue.
5. Murder Elf.
6. Reading the oracle's chart and letting the pcs roll their guardian.
7. Duorn's statue
8. Rothsphere & Radae's impromptu Behir Brain Biology Class

I know I am missing a bunch more, but the old brain pan is barely coming back to center. :)
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Videa Logistics

New Hampshire Staff
1) all the love and support from everyone

2) the impromptu fae tea party with apl 25+. Telling the NPC don't worry you swing 2s with 20 body. You all got this.

3) Jim and his SQUEAK.

4) all the clam

5) Tobias the might trap disarmer.

6) NPC shifts.

7) Getting to know a great bunch of players.

8) playing a huge undead card that I was like, I don't know about this card.... Then seeing Dan, Albert, Stacey and Adam go A team on me.

Thank you all!
Wow !! Hard to put into words how much fun I had this weekend. NPC life in Cinderfel is the best !

1: My Big Happy Clamily
2: Playing Lilianna and whipping up the fae tea party mod with Seth
3; New Players! The life blood of this game. These kiddos rocked and gave me all the nostalgia.
4: Tiny Murder Elf
5: Represent! Rain-BOOM Gang! Npcing with Albert , Stacey and Dan was way too much fun.
6: All things Pirate Princess Olivia. Especially the RP with her and her Pappa Capt. Riggs.
7: Rolling into town as a strong Dark Elf mistress with her submissive companion. I may have enjoyed playing Natalia a little too much..... and Nick as #6 thank you for the intense RP.
8 : GutRot and Sons Lumber ;) and the fact that a illiterate Bugbear convinced the PCS to invest 12 gold into buying shares of her company.
9: Jericho vs Rockwell super manly time arm wrestling match. Watching as Olivia and being catty with Keely.
10: Keely prisoned in the tavern door trying to keep the elementals at bay. And diving between her legs to get a shot in on Vry. Lol

I'm sure I'm forgetting many more. Thank you to Staff and my fellow badass NPCs.
HUGE thank you to the PCS who hopped fence to take shifts. Also thank you for indulging this old lady larper in some great RP. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
I was so grateful for all the NPCs and the PCs who hopped the fence to make sure everyone got to have a great time. There are so many to list but here is what I can think of right off the top of my head:
1. HONKING CLAMS - I cannot tell you how much I loved this adventure getting elbow deep into a giant clam with Markus to find treasure. Nearly puked after smelling my arm.
2. Tempesta's Note!!! Following the Wisp into the woods. I was thinking it was going to lead me to some cool thing to look at and then it leads me to a Moon Wolf. Then realizing I just couldn't attack such a beautiful creature.
3. Fae Tea Party - Seeing the two fae walk into the tavern and jumping up to join the party. I didn't even really care what the adventure was going to be but I was going. Everyone saying "Tempesta you can't just go off with them!" But I was determined. Being offered fairy food and not even waiting to find out what it was about just shoving a cookie into my mouth. SO MUCH FUN!!
4. I think the Kikari are my favorite race I have ever seen. I was so happy when Rockwell was also trying to communicate with them. I cannot wait to find out what becomes of them and watching them evolve is so exciting.
5. Derrek and Rydell adventures - saving a Slugull egg. Watching Larm and Alloise sneaky sneak down the path to get to the egg without getting us all killed was awesome.
6. The Goblin Merchants!!! Trading toys and rocks and bugs to get a baby owlet!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I love my baby owl. And I'm sure that Athena and Oscar will be best friends with Larm's raccoon and Kay's foxes.
7. The Rainbow and RainBoom gang rivalries.
8. Finding out the mysterious dark elf was actually Tall Blond Elf.
9. Getting to see a handful of people I haven't seen PC in soo long.
10. Larm - seriously so much fun playing with the new elf!
11. The Elemental battle on Saturday night was insane! Lightning strikes, ice shards falling, stones rumbling and crashing, fire shooting all around. And me remembering that I asked Derrek for elemental shields for my battery earlier in the day!
12. The Sawmill Sisters. Getting a handful of gravel as treasure after killing a stone elemental. Then getting to trade that gravel for a handful of precious stones.
13. THE NEW COINS!!! I love our new coins with trees on them. Tempesta doesn't hate the coins so much.
14. The dark elf slaver. I love moments when I am so immersed in my character that I find myself getting emotionally invested. Tempesta was so angry she was ready to murder those people.
15. The pretty Pirate Princess. Seriously, such a cool character. Even if Tempesta has no idea how to handle a crew of monsters walking into the tavern.
So many other things were so much fun. I am just really enjoying all the personalized touches to stories that make me feel like I'm part of the story. Cannot wait until the next event.


I wasn't sure i'd ever play Keely again, but Albert convinced me to come out of retirement with that character because Cinderfel was so fun. He was right.

Also, apologies for butchering all your PC names spellings.

~PCing with my husband. It never happens. It's a testament to Cinderfel and how much fun we had that he has told me "You know, I really think i'd like to do that again." Thank you staff for a fun and exciting world. Thanks for letting us have Carnegie fun!

~NPC shift Saturday morning was a blast. From the Rainbow/Rainboom gang, to my beloved Clamily, and Peggy Sue and Barbara Ann Gutrot. Thanks for letting us run wild!

~New PCs/NPCs. Great Job Stella and Alejandro!

~Percy! I love that little (giant) Nautilus!

~Sam-a-saurous Rex and the joy that the town went after it with. Great job Will!

~Having fun talking with Duorn, trying to teach him some stuff. Grandfather plot!

~I just love when a town really works together. Everyone being so friendly and helpful with each other. All voting to give the Arcane Armor to our new murder elf.

~The Kikari Titan. Holy cow, that was a good intense fight! Seth man, it was awesome to fight you - felt the same intensity as the later Deadlands fight where we had to figure out a puzzle while being murdered. Alderreon (Maybe - Brian, help me out here) being clutch in identifying the thing mid-battle.

~Olivia. Being a nice person to her, and finding out some girl talk stuff because of it. Watching Arm wrestling Shenanigans, having arm wrestling shenanigans, and singing a bit of Daughter of the Sea to her.

~Pickle Riggs! He was the exact opposite of what I expected, and everyone was very intimidated because of it.

~"What were you expecting? You brought the Eire kids to an undead fight". YUP!

~I love Tempesta, and followed her to the Fae realm to keep her safe. Tobias becoming the King of the Mice. Seth joyfully skipping up to me and saying "I'm going to die twice" and finding out later it's because Rawcuil threatened him if anything happened to me.

~Tennarion's new look. Having to tell him about Santet.

~Spell swap! What a good good Ritual! Passing around the book as necessary mid-battle to get stuff done.

~On a roll from 1-100 I legit rolled a Silver Dragon.

~Fortune telling with Rothsphere.

~Theorizing Alouise is actually Fabulous Fillipe. If only he'd revealed it with amazing Tear-away pants!

There's more, but i'm still so tired. thanks for an amazing weekend!


A big thank you to the Cinderfell staff and NPCs. Again, you managed to keep an old broken adventurer entertained and reinvigorated for this game.

A mini Duorn. Tobias bringing out a statue of Duorn that was being used as a key to a trap door and in the dark I didn't recognize it as being me. Asking if he can go ahead and try opening the door. Looking at Keely..... if I suddenly fall over or something, please help? only later realizing that plot had literally made a mini Duorn, right down to the finest details. ( That is now home on my book shelf!)

All the Grandfather/old man plot and telling the town about the connections.
Coming up with the kernel of a plan for Grandfather amongst those connected to it.

Learning Draconic.. Maybe?

Saving Percy

Ivar's mine Keep out- Being told that the runes look exactly like our Ivar's writing and they steadily got more drunken and rambling the further in we went. Talking with Ivar.... Are you SURE you've never been here before!?

The Kikari and trying to constantly talk to them and keep them from attacking.

The Barrow mod. Feeling really effective and seeing a fight go so smoothly.
Keely having the young elf smacking the NPCs from down low as we were all engaging them. Great tutoring Keely.

Being invited to take a leadership/emissary role with the Kotar. Such a surprise! having to explain that I need my Liege's permission and being able to travel with the Carnegie and see an old friend in the process. The RP with folks around this whole thing. Albert, Dan, Stacy Thank you!

I am interested to see what my "training" by the Kotar is going to look like.
Can't wait to see the looks on their face when they realize that through Ivar there is a strong connection to the oathsworn.

Large scale talk with family and trying to pull together all of the crazy coincidences.
I could go on and on, but yeah. This was a much needed break from normality and a good chance to recharge some of the battery.
Thank you all


Separated by shifts for perspective and in no particular order:

Not dying in the T-Rex costume. Every time I did the roar I was just moving the damned head from my field of vision and every time the dinosaur was looking hurt was me catching my breath. I saw a video of it and damn did it look like a success though! I about emptied out NPC camp testing it out due to no one being able to keep a straight face.

Tiny murder elf. I was out as a white headband trying to size up what was in game and saw Albert run up to pick up copper, get wrecked by... Larm?..., and found myself having to sprint away from game as I was trying not to giggle at the hilarity that I had witnessed only to run up to the first person I saw oog only able to get out "tiny murder elf!" Before I erupted into laughter.

Playing three shield guy and having it make total sense in game and everyone ran with it. I figured a shell wouldn't have offensive abilities and it seemed like a great success.

The endless challenge of starting a game with 40ish levels between the highest and lowest players and the look of entertainment on everyone's faces.

Someone slapping a healing aura on me when chaos elementals showed up.

Telling stories about Santet completely unaware he had passed only to have Keely inform Tenerian and the RP that followed.

Acting like a wall to ensure everyone got in the tavern when the elemental storm happened.

The Kikari Titan fight and every time I jumped out of the way of a massive weapon swing.

Archery duel!

Learning more time had passed than Tenerian realized. He's apparently been gone a while.

Taking over Blackheart bay. He walked around the bay telling everyone he owned it and no one stopped him prior to finding the gathering so... That's how it works, right?

The confusion on folks faces when they realized I was playing Tenerian and the repeated comments about how angry I looked in game and how good the makeup looked out of game. I swear I'm not trying to look that angry but who am I to stop it if it works!

Fae tea party - that was some proper Alice in Wonderland stuff and I am so damned happy I went on that mod.

Thank you to the real staff for this event as always. I just stat things so you can tell your story without distraction and I'm happy to be able to help.

I totally forgot about having a book of languages, Rawcuil (sorry about the spelling earlier) saying "you have this language in here! where did you get this?"
I was so happy I had copied every book I have ever been around while PCing Tempesta.
The Kikari are (is?) a fascinating and challenging antagonist, both from a combat and RP perspective.

Tempesta is a total treasure, but the fact that she had a book of literally more than 20 alternate alphabets that included the one we found a dairy page in is absolutely peak her.

The Mistwalkers, basically as a united whole, adopting Larm with open arms. Community is wonderful.

Showing up in a place reportedly without undead, finding some undead, doing what we do to undead. After spending much of the weekend laying back in the cut, finding a reason to cut loose was a pleasure.

Playing with a plot team that consistently was willing and ready to roll with all the weird nonsense I tried. When I asked Seth if it was safe to fly over the forest and he took half a beat and played along, I felt super excited.

Aldion, and his ever-present landmines of isolation-induced ignorance.

The Oscar the Grouch/Occasio-Cortez/OshKosh'b'Gosh Forest.

Getting to play with the eighteen-year-old child of someone I played with eighteen years ago.


I really had a blast the entire weekend, great job by all the players and especially the staff!

1. The Honking Clams: I was almost shoulder deep and loved every minute of it.

2. Carrying the Amazingly Awesome, stinky bucket.

3. NPC shifts. Great idea whoever came up with this. Had a blast, and will most likely take a shift every event.

4. Cool "dungeon" exploration with Brandy.

5. Excited to see where the Aura/Guardians effects lead to.

6. The Samasaourus Rex fight.