August Event Favorites!


First of all, THANK YOU NPCS!!! I know you were few, but you were mighty.

Thank you plot. You guys know why.

On to the favorites, in no particular order:
  • The war room was a really nice touch. Nice set up, and a ton of awesome roleplay within.
  • Bringing back Will M/LoJo. Hehehe - surprise!
  • Meeting with the Duke and Paladin Vacht. Aside from all the really great things that came out of it, I also just missed having all of the barons together at the same time. I can't remember the last time that happened...
  • "I need a Sacrifice ritual." Everyone assumed it was because Ulthoc is her husband... no, it was because if he permed with the information we needed in his head then we were screwed! lol
  • "Man, I wish I could find a sarr ritual caster." "Well, I can... I mean, I have High Magic, and I'm told that lets me do rituals... I don't know how to actually do one though." Oh man, thank you Lauren for all of that roleplay, and the hilarity that ensued.
  • Dryad Nathan! That offer to visit still stands, y'know...
  • Red getting knighted! Weeee Dame power!
  • Hal and Bolli's promotions. Well earned guys!
  • Meeting with Vacarra.
  • Sharing lembas with Khorwyn. Heck, just Khorwyn in general. You were missed, sir.
  • Reuniting the gryphon with his kids. Thank you for that, Dave. Man, talk about an emotionally intense encounter. Irina picks up on this, the way she always does and asks "Are YOU ok, mom?" Oh Samara, I love the little moments these characters have together.
  • Speaking of little moments... the dynamic between Ezri and Ulthoc has just become so ingrained I don't think either of us realizes we're doing it half the time. Yay.
  • Setting the entire town on fire. Oops. Dealing with the consequences of that was just a cascade of "S***, I forgot about that." It sounded like a good idea at the time!
  • **Edit: And how could I forget: "He LICKED it!"
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In no order: watching the PC'S stealth through the woods in all directions during the Goblin mod. Great practice Gals and guys!

Taking my boys on the first mod and watching them hold a line with me and Ulthoc like champs.

Cloak alteration.

Tag teams with Andros

Following Andros, and remembering my whistle. Thanks for understanding Colin! It is best when I know I do not have to ask.

Lord Johnathan...and knowing what that means.

Looking forward to the next one folks!

Joe S
I don't even know where to begin honestly, the event and all its people's were absolutely amazing.

NPCs you guys are, and always will be, total rock stars <3

Stealth mods

Vox Golem! Muahaha

Interactions with Sir Landcharmer

Kar diving in Vincent's head. Physical roleplay is amazing.

Hey Kris, I noticed your death stare when I was near you.

Everything Blythedale, the fact you boys trust Vincent is an honor.

Everything Andros!!! You do your job very well.

Burning sewers, good job guys! Lol

Vincent and Kailani RP is always a highlight. Two very different characters with complete understanding of eachother

Baroness Ezris face whenever vincent does anything

Reds promotion, she's done extremely well for herself.

Cid plot, Cid plot, and more Cid plot. Chris I'm loving your biata

Going medic mode on an NPC burn victim.

Hey Amy, "I know you're just going to do it anyways."

If I forgot anything im sorry. The weekend was a blast


Great job HQ! I tip my hat to the Ladies and Gentlemen on that side of the fence!

-Shout out to my team! We worked like a machine this weekend... and burned down a town! Go us! lol

- Red finally getting her white belt...thanks... no seriously thanks she parades around the house with it and makes me kneel all damn day... lol just kidding

-Grock and Cyd's lunch time! it was great cooking a small meal for everyone and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. Don't worry there will be more!

-Cyd's emotions finally breaking through during the griffon encounter, when Frisco and Suzie heard there mother wasn't coming back I lost it, cried my eyes out!

-Getting to role play going crazy as a PC is a totally different animal and I love it!

- Shout out to LoJo!!!! Welcome back man it was great to see you!

- The rp with Bill and the "paranoia" threats! glad I have the 1 parry

-During a hold on Sunday the random cheering for Donna.

-Dominic's whoops Saturday night and Cyd trying to help fix it... how do we put out a burning dryad? Don't dump the liquid from the port-a-john lol!

-Cyd and Garathon taking on Calabos! Collin that look was awesome!

-This is kinda of an out of game thing, but hanging out at stupid o'clock Friday night into Saturday and chatting with Frisco and John about our family. It was seriously a highlight of my weekend guys thanks!

-Finally getting to use my sword!! woot for racial reaver!

-So intense rp with Red after the last wave battle... good thing Sir Ameranthis was there to help lol!

-Teaming up with Hal and Bolli friday night, shield in front 2 hander up top!

-Had some great RP with Donna's paladin, I feel like they got to know each other a little more.

-Dominic trying to keep Cyd away from the skull that was talking to him, lol I almost asked you if you accept physical rp bro lol!

- Last and most certainly not least, and GIGANTIC shout out to Collin, dude thank you for giving me personal plot to be proud of! That was the true and best highlight of my weekend. Thank You!


Gettysburg Staff
- Samara was my favoritest favorite from this weekend. Abbath really adores Irina, and sees her as part friend, part mom-away-from-dragonmom. She's the only character who can consistently make Abbath laugh, and the only one Abbath is comfortable being even a little silly with. I love their dynamic, I love their mysterious brownness, and I love that Abbath knows there is one person she can always, always rely on. Thanks for bein' so good to my grumpy little barbar. <3

- Late night talks with Prolon and starting to articulate more of Abbath's raison d'etre. Lots of internal realizations on my PC's part - realizing that she's starting to chip away at the dam of personhood, but understanding that she also has to build whatever's on the other side.

- The consequences of accidentally lighting the town on fire. Feels, bro. Feels.

-Hey, Jeremy. Maybe I'll stop glaring when you stop thinking it's a good idea to test whether you can control undead on a whim.

- A small, one-sentence exchange with Ezri. It's nice to know that thing you're doing is getting some recognition, especially when your character isn't really talking about it.

- Being one sword guy for a mod and not doing too poorly!

Thanks for a great event, HQ! See you in the Ash Forest!

Lanna Rose

OMG! Such an amazing weekend!

Thank you NPCs! You were few in number but still managed to rock this weekend.

So yeah...I got Knighted! It was really cool to watch everything play out!

Everything Kai! From you backpacking me to our double Paranoia! It was so much fun! Erika you're awesome!

Also all thing Cyd! Chris watching you learn about him over and over was really awesome! I am happy you're happy with him.

So we set fire to the city.....yeah....not our brightest idea.

OMG! The head in a jar mod.... Me peeking in after Emily. "F'ing Sir Johnathan is in there!" what "F'ing Sir Johnathan is in there!"you sure? "F'ing Sir Johnathan is in there! Go get Amaranthas!" Only to find out we couldn't have any add ons....

Listening to one side of a conversation.....

Over all it was a rough and amazing weekend. I am still tired.....I know I'm forgetting things.

Khorwyn Brey

Holy crap, is it good to be back. This year I had a lot of professional and financial obstacles standing in the way of me being the regularly attending player I usually am, and I must admit to having had a little LARP burn out/block in my own brain parts that really made me question whether or not I would continue to keep coming up after this year.

Well that certainly changed last weekend. I had an amazing time, and am so glad to be back in "Ranger Mode." So without further ado, here are my favorites, in no particular order!

Dave's "Return of the Ranger Danger" Favorites
1. My Boys and Girl in Blue! Blythedale was in full force this weekend, with all but one of us in attendance. I couldn't ask for a better team of people!
2. Robb's map of Blythedale, and setting up the War Room with it as our awesome center piece. I'm glad that we got so much use out of our little staging down there.
3. Michelle and her sharing of Lembas bread with me! I had totally forgotten that I had asked her to make me some months ago, so it was quite the delicious surprise. I had two. ;)
4. Lord Jonathan's return! I hadn't really seen him since he bested me in my first Hero's Tournament in, like, 2006. Awesome role-playing with you, Sir.
5. Cyd's Flavor Emporium! Chris really wanted to cook lunch for the team, and boy did he do so! The meal was delicious, and killed what might have otherwise been a lull. The chicken seasoning was perfect, and I could probably have eaten an entire pan of those veggies by myself.
6. NPC's! All, like eight of you! You guys rocked so hard, time and time again. This was a pretty combat-heavy event, and you never seemed tired. Special props go to Patrick as Sam the Engineer. You are an incredible role-player, Sir!
7. Red's knighting ceremony. It's about time! Now I have another person to give me orders. :p
8. Collin's "Grind Mods," especially the one in which the Stitcher kept dodging us by ducking in and out of secret doors. It seriously felt like we had a chance to get you, right before we didn't.
9. Stealth mod with my boy Leaf! I love love love stealth mods, and I'm pretty sure with Eric at my side, we could steal/eavesdrop/kill anyone/anything, if we needed to.
10. Bill's delicious chicken dinner! Two in one day? Fantastic.
11. Having Andros join Blythedale! So. Much. Alchemical. Fury. Rich is one of my favorite people, and it's awesome that he has joined. Can't wait to see how his armor looks like blue. ;)
12. Joe's continued "Goblin Plot." Finally meeting Steel Eye and acknowledging that I will eventually have to fight him (and most likely die doing so). I love how Joe always uses the woods for his mods. It really makes the game that much more immersive for me.
13. ARCHERY! I think I drew my swords.....maybe three times during the event? My right shoulder was so sore from slinging all the arrows ever. Thanks for everyone who gave me spare quivers!
14. So much great role-play with everyone, including Ulthoc, Zatarina, Vacht, Vogul (sp?), etc.
15. Dryad Nathan. There's just....there's nothing more that needs to be said.
16. Having to put our heads together to figure out how to save our people from our own fiery screw-up, and the creativity that came together to make it possible.
17. The debut of Josh as Hawk, or as we titled him, "THE Hawk." Josh jumped right in and played his heart out. I hope he had a great time, and look forward to him returning and growing into a powerful adventurer!

Seriously, it's so good to be back. I missed you all, and I missed my ranger counterpart. I'll see you all in the Ash Forest next month!

- Dave


I had so much fun. I think the highlight of my weekend though was the evacuation mini-mods. Teams of two going to try and get people to leave. BK and Maluhia got the Blacksmith. Between the two of us we have enough to take down a simple Blacksmith but I dont know what prompted us to go with and stick with the diplomatic route. So we talk to the NPC. I pay him a gold for the 'helmet' he is working on..which is severed head..and before we leave he calls a hold so he can talk to the Marshall. Apparently we were supposed to just beat him down and bring him out...which would make sense given that the "helmet" he was working on. Right when we think we have him following us he goes back in and says he wants one of us to wear the helmet. I try my best to coax him into letting us do the helmet thing later before relenting and putting the severed head on BKs head and saying lets go...a second hold...this time though Loren loses it she is cackling hard at the fact that I would put the head on. She laughed all the way up until we went back in character.

Suffice to say we got the Blacksmith and ours was probably the easier of the evacuations made that evening. No one got lit on fire, no one ran, not a weapon was drawn and only a single spell was used in the end. I even went into the Blacksmiths pockets and got my gold back. Win win for all.

Cant wait for September.
Ok so this is gonna include some things from FB but here goes:

1) The chill I got when I got int he car with Michelle on the way to game.
2) Performing old get into game rituals on the trip up, aka listening to music I used to (I'm gonna have to create a new soundtrack).
3) setting up at monster camp, walking over to the balcony of the tavern and just remembering the view.
4) Alex's reaction to player #37 showing up at logistics.
5) ALL THE DAMN HUGS from all the old friends.
6) Collins reaction when he was wandering around monster camp and then looked up and saw my face. Priceless and holy **** it made me feel good for showing up.
7) first make up and first wave battle. the old adrenaline hitting the muscles
8) Going into game as Jonathan for the first time and feeling that I have truly made an original character that cannot be replaced and is genuinely missed when he is not part of the narative. Everyone kneeling inlcuding Barons was a bit surreal.
9) Being invited by the Duke to join a war council only to remind him that back int he day "Someone who returns from the dead, missing for years, would never be allowed in such a meeting unless thoroughly scruntunized first." The Duke responce "Perhaps it is wise to follow this one custom of Frosts today."
10) NOT 5 Minutes later, Amaranthus walks up "Jonathan you know this is procedure drink this!" Some people do remember the old ways!
11) the baron just burned down Ector.
12) Me: "Collin can I go out and scold the Baron of Blythedale?" Collin: "Yes Yes! You can most certainly do that!"
13) On the fly relaizing Jonathan wouldnt scold the Baron but would have story time with him. Realizing it was important to impart his story and actualy willing to step into a ward to do so.
14) A few moments ater during the Gryphon attack, click click, "I'm sorry Baron" 10normal10normal10nomal10normal10normal
15) Jonathan in a chair, Simon pushing the right buttons fro at least a few moments before stopped, Claud saying I can just put hm in the Baronial garrison, poor poor Claud.
16) F'ing Sir Jonathan is in there!
17) Jonathan in a chair part 2: three parts
A) Mhmmm Butterscotch fudge
B) Hey the view has improved (Jonathan is such a flirt when drunk)
C) The view has gotten worse!
18) Marshalling the last fight!

Worst part:
Closing ceremonies and looking for Alex to give him 25 more dollars for the ful year membership and realizing he had aleady left.


In no particular order...

  • Getting to spend time marshalling. I'm new at this so thanks folks for giving me the patience.
  • Knowing that of course, he'd lick it. Who can you trust to lick it? 2 people. Castlebur and Vincent.
  • Subsequent moment of Vox giggling like a child when he finally got Kailani to lose it and scream at someone. Don't worry... I'll change you. In your head or through your friends. (100% in game)
  • Falling practice.

Flyaway Bird

Thank you Plot, thank you NPCs! Bless you for rolling with all the crazy PC decisions this weekend!

~ LARIEN I LOVE YOOOUUU. My seester, who is so much better at unravelling dense plot than I am. It's getting to the point where, if she's not there, it feels like Irina only has half her brain!

~ Abbath, my weird adopted Vakkar baby. Being able to make Abbath laugh, and just be there for her, is one of the most wonderful parts of my game.

~ Offering to cast a ritual for Ezri, then discovering one of the backlashes was permanent colourblindness. NOPE NOPE NOOOOOOOPE. Convincing Maluhia to cast it instead and feeling like a Bad Influence.

~ Speaking of backlashes: Dryad-Nathan, and all the other Dryads gleefully "accepting" him into the fold! Alon's face as he realised he was "in on the joke" for once was priceless.

~ The Kids' Table.

~ Hearing that Vincent actually, LITERALLY licked something. Oy.

~ Discovering the Ashbury Times' claim that Irina may or may not be a dragon. I can neither confirm nor deny that fact.

~ Blythedale Kid!

~ Hanging out with Barony Frat Boy all weekend, and their adorable attempts to recruit both Irina and Larien.

~ Everyone roleplaying the Paranoia effects to the hilt.

~ Another exciting episode of "Sarr on Asitikir"! This time with Maluhia! Watching her discover colour was magnificent.

~ Little moments with Ezri.

~ Convincing Amaranthus that the giant chicken he was hallucinating would make the greatest chicken kiev the world has ever known.

~ *Paranoia effect* "Get away from me!" *Intoxicate effect* "I love you!!" I know technically the effects are supposed to stack, but for end-of-the-weekend roleplay purposes the drunken "I love you, man!" was way more fun!

See you next month!