August Favorites!

Lanna Rose

Hey guys! We want to know what you loved about the event!

Remember you get 30 gobbies just for filling out your favorites!


Guildmaster Snek no have packets or stick when exit ritual circle into nightmare party. Poor Snek.


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That was perfect timing...and not even planned


I had so much fun playing Brianya. All the feels on that mod! It is great to get away from desk every now and then.

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Lanna Rose

Thank you NPCs! You guys were great!

Getting to play the new race! I really love the small changes. Even if it's pretty much the same the little changes went a long way for me.

Deadwalk Friday night was interesting. I honestly don't remember much of it but it was fun.

Saturday was nice. Taking the walk to to the archery range and walking along the creek was a good time.

Three Dragon ante! I'm honestly still waiting for a Dragon to come in and want to play.

Kitchen! Thank you guys for dealing with my strange allergy and making me my own salad!

The mood I went on had all the feels. Brianya pulled on so many heart strings for Lanna.

The rituals. Even if it was a stressful task it was interesting.

Kaldar! Omg the way he copied the scrolls! It was so smooth the way it was done.

Clearing the air with spider guildmaster. Lanna still doesn't fully trust either of them.

Had a great weekend overall. Thanks to everyone who was there. You all make these weekends possible!


I always have a great time, especially as a NPC. I enjoy running around fighting you all. Be it as a crunchy baby howl bear or a nasty fey swinging 10 berserk only hurt by normal. I really do enjoy it, guys!
Scaring Celia twice as baby howl bears while she was in her cabin.
Then coming out as a pack of mama and daddy howl bears shorty after.
Interrupting Auric, Edaem, and Klarions basketball game to engulf their ball. Then promptly swatted.
Saturday night wave battle during the rituals. Running from Rich as he beat on me from behind while he yelled "don't run from me!"
Also, during same battle, walking up to Dom as he wielded nothing but a shield an aura. I stopped and waited for him to peg me with a spell. And kept waiting. I even poked at him a few time while anticipating him throwing said packet. This went on for minutes before Tyson and Brian arrived. I learned later he was out of spells and was in defensive mode.
Trying to get to DJ and getting dropped just a few paces from him. This was after I purposely dropped my stats just for him so he could feel like a rock star for killing a nightmare.
I eventually did get to him a few times!
As always, it a pleasure being killed by you guys. Over and over again.


Angry spider is angry, but I'll be having those scrolls k,thx,bai.

36 nightmares, 3 adventurers, this is my life now. Dead walk was just a 2 hour walk in woods.

Well, now I have the howlbear...but what do i do with it?

I'm not an elosdi, i'm a grumpkin. "The **** is a grumpkin?"

It was great fun being a snark (weird upgraded not-elosdi from the ritual) and going after...well everyone. But the look on the faces of Arc and Otaras when they realized just how big I was.

Also playing ring around the spider with Grub while the guild master was desecrated.


The rituals saturday night were awesome! Thank you Ry for hunting me down 1 on 1 with something a little more my size made it really fun

Arks amazing bodyguard skills

Nova and his lighting sword defibrillator..."oh hes still out let me try again"

Being accepted into my first guild as well as house tranquility in the same event

Npcs you guys were spectacular the fights and roleplaying really made the weekend a blast, Thank you!