August IBGAs

For this event, the Kalinthas plot team will be attempting their first round of IBGAs. IBGAs must follow the typical format and only reflect on Kalinthas related plot.

Due to this being a new experience for the plot team, we ask that any IBGAs are submitted slightly earlier than the usual deadline, and are received no later than midnight on August 3rd, 2018.

You may submit after the deadline, but this may mean you do not get a response.

Please direct IBGA submissions to

Kalinthas Plot
Dave, Baylan, and Ian


Hey everyone, wanted to add some additional clarity here:

Since we were unsure of how people would react to our first event as plot back in August, and unaware that it would grow to become a full campaign, we took steps to separate these two distinct locations at the time.

As a result, your character unfortunately could not have stayed in Kalinthas since then (although that alone is high praise and means a great deal to us), and your actions are largely limited to the time between the July 1-day and the August weekend event.

Thank you for your understanding! Please let us know if you have any questions, either here on the forums or at
Hi! Simple question - do we know we are going on a trip in August ? Will we be invited or as a group we all just said we need a vacation - remember that island of killer plants ? :)

I want to do an ibga but right now have no idea visiting was an option :) (hey Almost Peg leg !!!!) :)

- Nette


Reminder that these IBGAs are due tomorrow at the latest