August Maelstrom oog info


San Francisco Staff
Somewhat long, read it anyways.

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for your patience with us for setting arrangements. We are always kicking around ideas on how to use our locations, pushing your envelopes, and ours too. Maelstrom has always, since its inception, been a power to the players campaign. We've said multiple times that “We will move camera” aka if the players want to go somewhere, and they can figure out how to get there, then we'll go there. You've heard us say “We'll run that mod”. Etc. It may be painful, and difficult, but those adventurers are always the most rewarding, For us as well.... ..and that brings us to this chapter in the story of Maelstrom

So onto the matter at hand. We are always kicking around ideas on how to use our locations, pushing our envelopes, and yours too, on what we can build, phys-rep, and immerse you in within the story. This event we are at Cutter, and as we have always liked to shake things up, challenge tropes, etc, this event will be no different. To that end we are switching up where people are staying, this time, and why... well, why this time is actually courtesy of well... you.

(Yes a map(s) will be made available oog for people on site)

The players when last we left had relocated to a newer larger underground city, So we are reserving the Troop Service Building as the players section of that city. This area has been cleared, and settled by the players, and we the staff, with any volunteers who would like to help, will decorate, and set this area up. The indoors area will be open for cots, sleeping, hanging out, etc. The surrounding area around the building will likewise be decorated, etc, and is open for people to setup the camp.

Additionally the two cabin buildings, all four cabins 1,2,3,4 are available for the Players, they have power, and bunks. The perma tents across from the Lodge, called camp Minto are also for player habitation. The perma tents do not have power, but power can be run from the cabins to that location.

And here's where it gets cool. The camp, (Camp Kenny) which is the camp behind the Troop Service Building is another in-game location, that will be on the surface. The enemies have moved the player-characters around enough, this time its the player-characters moving the player-characters. (Relevant in-game information regarding this area will be passed out via downtime, and at listen up. And in a separate post to follow later.)

This area is also available for player habitation, and there will be an in-game mechanic for transportation between the two locations for player-characters to go from one location to the next. The time it takes you to get there, is the time it takes you to get there. That mechanic will be explained at listen up on Friday of the event.

This event we have not 1 “camera” but several. So this is going to be interesting.

Food, Showers, Sleeping, Etc.

The lodge is going to be heavily utilized as controlled mod space for content, with sleeping areas for staff, and additional mod areas. For those people with tiny humans, or other needs please contact myself, or Ron, and we'll get you sorted. We know some of you need power, and we will make sure that you have it.

The kitchen of the lodge will be available to store/prepare food it will be visually blocked off, you will need to enter from the rear of the building. Please coordinate with kitchen staff so there is minimal toe-stepping. Bathrooms, and showers will of course be available to the players we will rope off the areas for intuitive access to those locations.

Additional showers, and bathrooms are available at the pool house in the back entrance. The rest of the pool house will be utilized as mod space.

Cabins 1-4 Player sleeping areas they have power.

Troop Service Building, indoor areas for players, power, kitchenette, bathroom. The First aid area, and Medics area will be used by staff, and not available to players, unless you are being treated for real world injuries.

Area around Troop Service Building is also available for tents, cots, etc

Camp Kenny, and those perma-tents are a “surface” location and are also available for player habitation, decoration, etc. And power can be run from the Troop Service Building via extension cords. For fun, and excitement.

Thank you for your patience, an additional post will follow this one as we get closer to go time that will have some relevant ingame information for you with regards to the setting etc. For those of you who have submitted downtimes, additional information will be in your responses that will be forthcoming. Additional information will also be made at Listen Up.


Playtest Community Manager
If cabin requests for teams have already been submitted, will they still be honored? We sent in a cabin request awhile ago, but did not receive any confirmation.


San Francisco Staff
I don't see why not, There are 4 cabins w/8 bunks each, and only 2, (including yours) have been spoken for at this time.