August Mod DAYS 28-29 2021


HQ Staff
Hello friends.
On august 28-29 we will be conducting two mod days.

  1. These days will consist of two 8 hour days with 3-4 hours of content per group.
  2. 2 groups per day with each npcing for the other in turn
  3. Each day will have a max of twelve pcs.
  4. All pcs and npcs MUST be vaccinated
  5. You may only pc One day unless availability opens
  6. You must preregister and pay to reserve aspace.
  7. Covid cautious rules modifications will apply those will be posted below.
  8. You must register in CMA once your spot is confirmed
  9. Each mod day will be 25.00
  10. You must sign the new waiver
  11. Bear with us as we try and do the least wrong things in this new way of running a game
  12. Mod Day events will take place at 700 Hepburn St, Milton, PA 17847. More details to come.
  13. Pay for the event at under the donations tab and when paying make the comments on what you are paying for.
  14. If you want to NPC the events please email us at and sign up on the CMA
  15. You must pre register and pay by 1 week before the event.
please reach out with any questions.

An announcement will be made when available pc slots are full.

GAME PLAY: The event will use modified “touch” rules. These rules apply to any type of “touch” actions including, but not limited to, touch casting, first aid, searching a body, healing, moving of people, etc.
• The individual performing a “touch” action is not to physically touch the target of their action and are instead asked to pantomime the touch instead.
• The individual must still be within arm's reach of their target.
• The word "touch" will be added to the end of the action or incant, in order to more clearly convey the intent of the individual.
• If the target of a touch action does not acknowledge the individual with either an "accept" or "refuse" response, a quick out of game clarification should be given.
• Physical RP should be suspended and done via description. It is still required that IF you would normally be required to ask for the RP Consent you must still do so.
• Treasure shall be distributed at the end of mod or in a few major drops instead of distributed on individual monsters. This eliminates the need for searching and handling of treasure during the event.
• NPCs and PCs should each have their own set of sponges/brushes for makeup. Please do not share.
• NPCs should each pull a pool of costume for themselves at the start of the market to limit rummaging and wearing clothes from other NPCs.