August Weekend Cabin Registration!

Ailisi Suli

Hey, everybody!

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, the CMA pre-reg for the August 30th weekend is open! I’m looking forward to the event and I hope you guys are too!

However, you still need to pre-reg for cabins via email! They are open as of today and will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday, August 25th. There is a map attached of the available cabins. Whipporwill cabins will sleep eight and will go to larger groups first. Hickory cabins sleep four. Unless you are kitchen staff, the TAVERN is off-limits.

Please have one person in your group email, and tell me the following:

  • How many beds you need,
  • What your real-world names are,
  • What cabin you’d like to occupy.

Cabins are first-come, first-serve on placement, and I will be reserving larger buildings for larger groups where I can. If you are by yourself, and not with a group, please email in with anyone you’d like to be placed with. Please DO NOT email with “Guest”; those spaces will not be held in advance and can be filled on site.

If you do not email by the due date, you will be placed on-site when you go through Logistics. If you need help finding the right building, please ask someone at the Logistics table to help you out! I will be on-site around 9-ish and can help anyone at that point.

If there is a problem with your cabin(ie flooding), please see Logistics--Vicky, myself, or Daphne. We have the cabin lists and can rearrange you accordingly. Please allow us to place you in a building.

For our new members about to embark on your first weekend event, once you have done your pre-reg on the CMA, and emailed for cabin space, please remember to see LOGISTICS first! Everyone should be seeing LOGISTICS to check-in and get their cabins BEFORE they unload vehicles, or get into costume.

If you are plot or NPC, you do NOT need to email. Go to Monster Camp.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at the above email, or comment below.

See you guys at the event!

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Ailisi Suli

Whipporwill cabins are filled(with the exception of one or two beds). Please bear this in mind when requesting cabins.

If you are tenting, please email and tell us that! Thanks!

Ailisi Suli

Cabin registration is CLOSED.

If you DID NOT email in, you WILL get a cabin on site. Please see Logistics before you unload.

See you guys on Friday!