Auros Mountain Forward Base Camp Situation Report


Oregon Staff
To those travelling to the Auros Mountains Forward Base Camp,

There are a number of key pieces of information that need to be delivered to those who intend to assist in the destruction of the ruinous powers of necromancy that reside in these mountains. The first is that camp building construction is complete. In total there are multiple log framed buildings with wooden bunk housing inside, surrounding a mess hall, small triage station, and camp administrative buildings. Night soil duties for the privy will be assigned to those who incur minor infractions, or on a rotating basis if the soldiery is in proper order.

Secondly, in order to keep good order and discipline outside of combat actions I have continued the appointment of Killian as reeve, and Hengin as magistrate. Battlefield justice will of course fall to the field commander. They will preside over all non-battlefield infractions. Once the Auros Mountains Forward Base Camp has become more secure we will hold elections for these civilian positions.

Additionally, It has come to my attention that the above name is less than desirable for our base of operations. Squire Travis has also informed me that AMFBC is also unacceptable. As such I will be taking suggestions from those who are residing in the camp for the unofficial name. Please prepare them and then bring them forward to myself or Travis no later that 03.NOV.618 so that an agreed upon “nickname” for the AMFBC can be officially put in place and documented.


Knight-Sergeant Baron Hivius Trei


Seattle Staff
Thank you for your time and wisdom Knight-Sergeant Baron Hivius Trei. Killian and I will continue to preserve order in the camp until a time comes that we are no longer needed. I look forward to presenting my ideas for a camp nickname to you, as well.

Magistrate Hengin