Back into the Sanctum

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She entered the small building that was being used for the branch of the sanctum and looked around. Smaller by far than the one in the capital, she too her time walking down the halls to what she knew was Magus Evo’s office. She knocked on the door and waited for a response.
Evo is somewhere deep in thought, a heavy frown idling on his face as his eyes focus well beyond the walls of his modest office. Rohnan's knock hangs heavy in the air for several seconds too long before he snaps back to the here and now. He rouses himself from his own ruminations and rasps, "Enter" with a voice dry and perhaps not recently used.
She cautiously opened the door and stuck her head into the room, “I’m sorry to disturb you, I can come back later if you prefer. I just had a few things that I needed to discuss with you. Nothing overly urgent, but well,” She looked at the large amount of paper work and the dark circles under his eyes, “unfortunately for you, you’re in charge.”
"No, this is good-- I need fresh air anyway. Walk with me?" Evo gestures toward the Sanctum entrance.
“Of course,” she said and held the door open until Evo was caught up with her. She then headed towards the entrance of the sanctum wanting to make sure that the path that they took though the Lux didn’t lead directly to her small house while Calan might still be outside and angry.

“I wanted to start by letting you know how my conjuring training has been going, as well as a possible specialization for me to advance further in the sanctum. I was also wondering if you, or anyone else in the sanctum had heard from Jinn at all? Calan says that he has but honestly....” she thought about how best to word this next part, “I’m worried about Calan seeing or hearing things that aren’t there. Maybe part of him is missing Jinn so much that he’s imagining having conversations with him to cope?” She shrugged “either way, it’s worth paying attention to.”
Evo raises an eyebrow. "I have not heard from Jinn at all. I was rather expecting a report from you about him, as no one has given me an update in some months." He glances in the direction of their clan house. "Perhaps you can fill me in before I chase after Calan for news."

His attention returns to Rohnan. "As far as your study and desire to advance, by all means let's discuss."
“I unfortunately know just as much about Jinn as you seem to. I would have asked Calan for more but, we had an argument and he clearly needs to cool off for a bit.” She looked sadly towards the house for a moment.

“But yes, Conjuring. I’ve learned as much as possible for right now. Unfortunately it isn’t going to be as useful as I first hoped it would be. It seems that it will take several years of intense practical work to earn enough experience to use it in any meaningful sense that truly is something of its own. I also feel guilty that after you helped me get premiseion to learn despite my current rank.” She seemed frustrated. “I was honestly hopping for something that this would help us more immediately instead.With so few earth weavers around going to the dark reaches is more hazardous than ever, I almost wish I invested my time that way...“ she seemed lost in thought for a moment.

“What I can currently work on is advancing in the Sanctum. I understand that for me to advance, besides the other requirements is a specialization, and well, I’m stuck there. I’ve asked Cato a bit about some ideas but he didn’t have any ideas for me so I thought that I should check with you. Is there any place where we need anyone currently?”


Kai is on her way to the Arcane Sanctum when she comes across Evo and Rohnan on the path. She is burdened with a rather full tray. "Oh hello. Didn't think anything could pry him away from that pile." She shifts a little with the weighty armful. "If it's a private conversation I can make myself scarce, but these won't eat themselves." It's obvious she's more worried about magus Evo remembering to eat than disposing of some food. The tray has sliced fruits, cheese, crackers, pickles, little cookies, and an assortment of cold cuts; there is easily enough food for four or five people to have a comfortable snack, or fewer to have a full meal. "Maybe that bench over there, under the trees?" She indicates the direction awkwardly with a twist of her neck and a head bob. "Off the path but not by too much?"
“Here,” she offered the fox kin help to lift the over full tray. “Where did you get all this?” She asked as they made their way to the bench that was pointed out. “The conversation is well, maybe a bit private but nothing that I wouldn’t feel that needs to be hidden. I’m really just getting a few updates and trying to get some advice. How has your winter been? What have you been up to?”


Kai shrugs, "since the great famine, I'm always stocked up with food." She shifts the tray with Rohnan, setting it on the middle of the snowless bench. "As for my winter, more of the usual. Minding the chickens, feeding people, being a shoulder. I find you sanctum folk are terrible at taking care of yourselves when you get into something..." she gives the other woman a warm smile, "...and you're always into something."
The wizard grumbles ineffectually in protest, but picks at the tray as the others talk.

"Rohnan, I need your wholehearted ambition and presence. You have a ferocity and intelligence that will be critical in the coming battles. Your eyes see where I am not present, and I have a feeling your judgement will be of great importance in the coming months. Your specialization does not need to be of an esoteric or theoretical nature: if you have a passion for diplomacy, or for logistics, or any other focus which will aid the Sanctum, then your passion is more important than any one need in our ranks." Evo pauses and eyes her critically.

"All other things being equal, I need mages in battle. I need those who rain the elements down on our enemies, and I need mages to arm and protect our ranks. If no other areas appeal to you, then choose a specialty among war magic, whether that is through channeling raw elements or more refined methods." He softens and continues, wryly, "Though I will never meet a scholar who has anywhere near enough High Magic to meet their needs. "

"Does any of this speak to you? I should also note that a specialization does not necessarily define you as a Wizard-- while I chose to specialize in ecthroxenology, the study of monsters' powers and defenses, I have found very little time to write a bestiary, and there are many others better suited to that task. It was simply a starting point for me."
“That’s true, but that is because there are so many interesting things to get into.” She said to the Kin with a grin.

She listened intently to what Evo had to say. The idea of raining down raw elemental energy on all those who’ve attempted to harm her was, well, something that greatly appealed to her. But then again so many other things did too. That was the problem too much ambition, not enough focus. She thought for a minute or so as she chewed on some meat before answering. “I’m definitely interested in battle magics. I have started to look into using a staff....” a dark grin came on her face as she imagined using that against the creature who killed her. “I think that is probably where I will look into going for now.” She said almost thinking out loud as she looked off into the distance for a moment.

Bringing her attention back to the other two she asked, “Is there anything that you need or would like help with? I have nothing really planned for the near future besides checking in on Cassiopeia and seeing how her studies are going. Oh, actually, I don’t know if you’ve been informed yet or not, but before I left the capital there were rumours that Cadnia has up and disappeared. No one is entirely sure how or where it could have gone off too. Honestly it’s concerning at the amount of magic that needs to be used to do something like that. I do have a few theories but they are all probably too out there right now and is really more speculation than anything else.”
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She stopped talking and tilted her head to listen “Do you hear that?” She asked them and walked over to where she could hear yelling.
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