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This is the first of the Baronies for the County of Ellowi- This is the in-game information for the new Alliance Denver Larp World for the upcoming campaign.

Here is the link for the Baronies in each County in the Duchy of Tieveth

County of Brigosa
Barony of Drewynn:
Barony of Blackmoor:
The District of Portunis:
Barony of Astelan:

County of Ellowi
Barony of Thialor:
Barony of Caloam: Coming in August 2021
Barony of Pendallen: Coming in September 2021
Barony of Falconhurst: Coming in February 2021

County of Galiseth
Barony of Westbeach: Coming in November 2021
Barony of Durrani: Coming in December 2021
Barony of Lothaudith: Coming in January 2021
Barony of Hoeveth: Coming in October 2021

A HUGE Thank you goes out to the World Building/Plot Team for all of their hard work and their brainpower to get this off the ground. Our volunteers, staff, and organizers have created some of the greatest stories I've had the pleasure of being part of.

We'd like to thank the whole of the player base that loves these monthly updates and new places to research!

Hope you all enjoy it!

The Barony of Thialor


Capital: Ambershire
Leadership: Garin Seamere.
Population: 5 city’s worth in total
Major Philosophy: Ancestry
Major Societies: Physicians Society/The Gruex - Veterans USO type group/Sacred Defenders of the Greenwood - Dryads/Road to Ragrum Team/Honey Crest BeeKeepers/Firestall Group

Major Commodities: Trees/Rosewood/Wine/Fudgewine/Chocolates/Honey/Thialor Tea/Amber/Mead

Heraldic Colors: Brown, Green, and White

Notable NPC:

Karitoth Willowbark
Karitoth is a name whispered with reverence within the borders of Thialor. He is rumored to be a great many things; Magi, Earth Elemental, Druid, Ritualist, Dragon Mage, Ent, and Healer. What is known about the great mage is that he appears to be a Dryad, he has been seen casting Earth Magic of extreme skill, he is capable of using the herbs and plants of the forest in combinations not known to normal alchemists to great effect, and has some powerful connection to the earth (specifically to nature).
Karitoth travels the width and breadth of Thialor each Spring, from March through May, and his arrival in town is cause for celebration because, in fact, that is what he brings with him, The Watering Festival. As host, Karitoth brings mirth and merriment to the various settlements of Thialor in the form of water-based competitions that honor the forests and foliage that provide so much to residents.


If you were to look down upon this Barony from the sky, you would notice something special about the topography. It is separated by the deep, thick cover of a variety of trees that make up the different areas of the territory. There are stories aplenty, however, no one knows the truth of how or why this was done. However, the beauty of the colors, the seasonal changes, and the hidden beauty that lies upon the forest floors bring Dendrologists from all over the realm to study the insects and foliage beneath the leaves. It has existed for so long that no one is quite sure if it was several unique forests that simply grew together to form a barony of trees, or rather was somehow manipulated to grow in the precise, orderly way that exists and that we enjoy today.

This barony is also known for producing the finest Epidemiologist, Medical Doctors, Biologists, etc in the whole realm. As well as wine that fills the glasses of the rich and powerful once a year during the Season festival. Decadent chocolates melt upon the tongue mixed with honey mead, the territory's appeal is of those seeking a vacation, it often feels like this quiet retreat is out of place, a hidden gem.

The Barony of Thialor feels like home to many who find their peace hiding amongst the canopy of leaves and feeling the moss beneath their feet. Small streams trickle through the groundcover and it is not rare to find travelers sleeping upon hammocks or in hanging tents, hiding from the world below.


Thailorians are known to wear a preponderance of white in their garb and are known to have white play the most important role in their heraldry also. This conflict originates from the barony fighting off a long-standing history of the disease. Though their attire and hair are decorated with wooden beads, carved sticks made from the broken limbs of the variety of trees in the area as well as belts and necklaces decorated with amber, wood, and leaves.


Name: Memorial of Trona
Location: Trona
Date: July
There is a memorial that is held each year on the anniversary of the battle that took place at Trona. The local population swells every year at that time. At other times during the course of the year, young military men are sent here to learn the various costs of war, and older war veterans come to honor and remember those they fought with and died before.

Name: Season of Ambershire
Location: Ambershire
Date: Spring (April/May/June)
The season coincides with the Social Season traditional annual period in the spring and summer when it is customary for members of the social elite of Nydabeth society to hold balls, dinner parties, and charity events, The Annual Ball, and concerts, and its environs are packed with Nydabeth’s brightest and wealthiest, eager to rub shoulders with those of supposed influence and change-makers. Dignitaries desiring entry into society and a bevy of merchants and crafters. Younger generations are “introduced” at these events into society. It is the Who’s Who event for Nydabeth.

Name: Watering Festival
The Watering Festival is an event to honor the trees and foliage that provide so much to the populace of Thialor. With Karitoth Willowbark as host, all manner of water-based and themed events are conducted. From water carrying races to water balloon fights, to water slides, and obstacle courses, the folk of Thialor fellowship and enjoy friendly competition. And then once a festival king and queen are crowned, Karitoth says goodbye until next year and moves onto the next settlement.

Name: Brightfire
In Thialor, they celebrate the onset of Summer with a huge festival known as Brightfire. This turning of the great wheel is marked in each settlement by extinguishing all cooking fires.
Folk then gather and create one giant bonfire, the lighting of which begins the Brightfire celebration. Each member of that community then uses the bonfire to re-light their individual hearths, symbolically connecting to the other members of the community. Over the course of the festival, each settlement enjoys all manner of food and drink provided to them by the lands around them.

Road to Ragrum - Tavern Run
The Road to Ragrum is a race that bisects both the Barony of Thialor and the Barony of Astelan. This festive event lasts for about two weeks long in the month of February and begins in the pubs and taverns of Littlewyck, then takes a quick trip north up through Rosehorn, travels north through the trees into Ambershire, then continues on through Trona, where each contestant is medically assessed and cleared by the Healer’s Guild there. Then, the race pushes north up along the longest leg of the trek into Se7ven and concludes in a grand ceremony in the coastal city of Ragrum!
However, this isn’t just any race, as all who enter simultaneously participate in the drinking contest that takes place at each location along the path. Five drinking contests, back to back, in between legs of a marathon! This spectacle concludes in a days-long celebratory party hosted by the festive folk of Ragrum. It is quite a sight to see and most will tell you that you haven’t truly lived until you’ve “survived” the Road to Ragrum!



Leadership: Anna Nothier
Notable Societies: Physicians Society / The Gruex - Veterans USO type group
Population: One city’s worth
Commodities: Alchemical needs / Physicians

Notable NPC’s: Danica Budimir- Lead of the hospital at TVH
Toni Rodin- Owner of Herbary Apothecary


Those traveling in and around Trona will enjoy one of the largest Aspen groves in the whole of Nydabeth. Stretching skyward anywhere from twenty to eighty feet tall and growing from saplings a few inches across to elders up to twenty-four inches thick, the Aspens of Trona are ritualistically harvested and used by the local populace in many unique ways.

Their white bark and cymbal-like leaves create the cacophony of sounds even in the gentlest of breezes. This small town has had its fair share of traumatic times in its history. From the Battle of Trona, which tore apart the ground and left behind years of illness and tears, came forth new, healthy respect for life.

The elders of the town created what is now known as the greatest teaching hospital in all of Nydabeth, for someone to know not just healing magics, but how to heal the body with herbs, and medicines created in this beautiful facility.

Trona POI:
Trona Valley Teaching Hospital
The Physicians of Trona are renowned throughout the Realm as leaders in their field of medicine. Producing preeminent healers and alchemists, the Trona Valley Teaching Hospital is one of the most sought-after appointments for any citizen looking to become a member of the medical elite within Nydabeth.

The Herbary Apothecary
This is the one-stop-shop for any and every need of the Alchemist. Alchemists from across the Realm visit the Apothecary, which is full of various cures, most of which are prepared in-house. The front of the Apothecary is covered with shelves full of medicines and herbs and in the back section, there are spaces for preparing medicines as and when they are needed.

The Battlefield at Trona
This battle was fought between two forces; the field is covered with the remains of a battle, though there are no bodies of their foe left. No skeletal remains, no remains of clothing, only flags of an unknown origin hang lifeless from their resting place.
Red, gray, orange sky are the new colors of what was once a peaceful field, which has now become the stage of an old battleground. The air which would normally be full of nature's sounds is now home to thick, black smoke during the day, in the evenings the fog/smoke seems to thin out and leave behind an eerie ethereal glow even on moonless nights.
The toll on both nature and humanity is disastrous. It'll likely take centuries before this field will recover.

The battlefield is still red with blood and a group of aspens to the edge of the field have been changed by the magic that harmed the area and tainted the land.

Commemorative Plaque at the Battlefield of Trona

That though the radiance which was once so bright be now forever taken from my sight. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower. We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.

On the edge of the Battlefield of Trona
Here there is a small group of trees whose leaves are bright red. They contrast starkly with the aspens around them. The trees otherwise appear normal, but the dried leaves can be brewed into a Thialor Tea that warms the bones even on the coldest nights.

Disease found in Trona - It is believed to be caused by the Battle of Trona

Name: Pestilent Syndrome
  • Jaw cramping
  • Sudden, involuntary muscle tightening (muscle spasms) — often in the stomach
  • Painful muscle stiffness all over the body
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Jerking or staring (seizures)
  • Headache
  • Fever and sweating
  • Changes in blood pressure and heart rate

What to expect:
Uncontrolled/involuntary tightening of the vocal cords (laryngospasm)
  • Broken bones
  • Blockage of the main artery of the lung or one of its branches by a blood clot that has traveled from elsewhere in the body through the bloodstream
  • Pneumonia, a lung infection
  • Breathing difficulty, possibly leading to death

Cause: Bacterial infection after an injury, usually in combination with bad hygiene.
Made worse by Caffeine. Doing nothing. Poor nutrition.
Treatment: Medication is given in some cases.
Rarity: 1 in 15 senior adults have Pestilent Syndrome.

Ambershire (Baronial Seat)

Leadership: Lord Mayor Reeve Watkin - Biata
Notable Societies: Sacred Defenders of the Greenwood - Dryads
Population: One city’s worth
Commodities: Amber - windows, jewelry, wine - Fudgewine, Griffin Gates Wine

Notable NPC’s:

Tobye Conbow
- Manager of Griffin Gates Vineyard. He also offers the greatest protection of the Ambershire tree homes as the vineyard lies within the fields that surround the town. The vineyard employs the highest number of occupants of any other business.

Dhiondi Urthoc - Opened The Forge of Amber after a lengthy stay in Ambershire, coined the ‘Hermit in the clouds’ as they never left their house for 30 years, They would hire local youths to bring them their daily needs of food and drink while they perfected their craft. Once they could, they requested permission to build and open the forge on the edge of Ambershire, it is a thriving business and one of the only ones that are allowed at the base of the trees. The land was not prime land for Griffin Gates, so it was sold easily to Dhiondi.

The booming economy, specializing in wine, fudgewine, and high-end chocolates imported from Rosehorn. Ambershire is built in the Sequoia Trees. The homes perched amongst the trees glint as a beacon to those who seek the finer things in life and a warning to those who wish to seek the town's harm. With its sloped roofs, amber windows, and decorated wood, the “Town in the Trees” sit like baubles amongst the old trees. The rope pathways are draped with a rainbow of different flowers and vines that crawl up the houses like sentient creatures searching for light. Ambershire has a pleasing atmosphere that many of the wealthy come to find respite.

Ambershire POI

Griffin Gates Vineyard
Located on the outskirts of Ambershire, it remains the largest producer of wine for the Realm of Nydabeth. The vineyard, managed by Tobye Conbow, who is very passionate about his beloved business. He often says of the vineyard, that there is no scent more intimate, or more complex, than Griffin Gates grapes. Located beneath the large sequoia’s, surrounding the town of Ambershire like a moat of protection. This Vineyard has been the first defense of protection against attacks on the citizens of Ambershire. There is a large gathering each year in September to attend and participate in the crushing and pressing of the grapes before the wine-making process continues through each stage of fermentation, clarification, aging, and finally bottling. Griffin Gates’s stock remains a staple of most successful taverns in Nydabeth for a reason.

Gardens of Ambershire
An ornate plot of grass is bordered by intertwining hedges and shrubs that grow up the side of one of the large trunks of a tree, the base of Ambershire’s tavern. A single, wide boulder sits in the front left, and next to it stands a delicate, ornamental piece. The smaller flower bushes are growing without boundaries, there's not even a single weed insight; they're forever trying to expand. The hedges and shrubs reach 1.5m/5ft high, but this is about as tall as they'll reach. Various stepping stones mark the best spots, guiding visitors around the garden, and showing them all it has to offer. Plants and vines are starting to reclaim even all pieces of land, eager to expand their own dominion.

The Forge of Amber
The heat from the forge permeates the area, creating heat within the canopy of trees on the Eastern side of Ambershire. It creates the feeling of a mini rainforest, that can be felt before even seeing the thatched roof of the forge. It is run by a tall slender dark elf who moves through the forge with fluidity, creating window panes filled with the opaque amber-colored mixture that is hardened after heating the sap or resin from a tree. The ashen-colored elf transitions quickly to creating delicate jewelry on the same day, painstakingly polishing the thin metal wire around the amber until it shined.

Trees are key to the survival of Ambershire - DO NOT cut down a tree without permission.


Leadership: Elia Pellac
Notable Societies: Sweet Society
Population: A town’s worth
Commodities: Rosewood products, Cocoa - Candies, drinks, etc
Notable NPC’s:

Theodoran Brennus

This male elder Biata is a retired virtuoso of great renown. Many bards currently travel the lands of Nydabeth with tales of his skill and songs that he has written. In his later years, Theodoran has shifted his focus from making and performing music to creating the instruments that allow other musicians to do so! His shop in Rosehorn is a pilgrimage for many talented up-and-coming musicians for one reason in particular; master-crafted instruments, made of rosewood, by this master craftsman.

Depp Wilder
This extremely talented Artisan has made a reputation for himself as a preeminent chocolatier. His creations are less savory-sweet delights and more works of art. This stout Hobling always has a warm smile and a kind word to share with those around him. He is a genuinely pleasant person to be around… unless he is in the kitchen, at which point he turns into a true monster! His process is equal parts wonder and a nightmare to behold as he is an absolute wizard with chocolate, but his language, his demeanor, his whole personality shift to that of an angry, bitter, resentful chef. Fun to watch from the outside looking in, but if you happen to be one of the students or sous chefs understudying this Hobling…. Then we feel sorry for you.

Walking south from Ambershire the trees shift from thick trunks to the slender, tall trunks of the Rosewood trees that encompass the area around Rosehorn. Music can be heard in the area as if it comes from the trees themselves. As people get closer, the scent of heated chocolates is what ultimately draws them in, this area is the hub for artisans in Thialor. They all come here to extend their artistry at wood and/or food crafting. Most wear white garments with splashes of color across them, either from their craft of choice or on purpose to allow their attire to stand out from the stark white canvas.

Rosehorn POI
Rosewood Makery
Drinking horns, instruments are made within these walls. Many of the woodworkers in Nydabeth come here to showcase their creations out of this strong sweet-smelling wood

D'Chocolatiere Academy
The D’Chocolatiere Academy allows for tours and sampling throughout the days, pulling in a crowd of travelers and locals alike. They are run by a quiet food artist who creates decadent and equally beautiful chocolates that are known far and wide. Depp Wilder has spent his life creating and training the younger generation on how to make something even more beautiful to look as good as it is to taste. Walking into the school, there is a carving on the wall, it is worn and almost illegible, every student that graduates from this school says the words out loud before exiting for the last time.
“Don't become stagnant in the flow of the river's currents, or you will find yourself back where you started.”

The Cocoa Fields of Rosehorn
The Cocoa Fields Span out to the south of Rosehorn, employing a large number of the town and being one of the best cultures to work within. The owners pay well, take care of the community and hold many events throughout the year for the town of Rosehorn to make sure the town flourishes and no one is left behind.

Littlewyck (Ducal Seat)

Leadership: Thim Warrock
Notable Societies: Road to Ragrum Team/Honey Crest BeeKeepers
Population: A towns worth
Commodities: Honey/Mead/Treats

The city of Littlewyck was built atop gentle hills. Its wonder is matched by the backdrop of the trees with bright red leaves that surround the town, spreading out like fingers from the center of the Littlewyck which have helped shape the city into what it is today.
The trade resources of Littlewycks location in the southernmost region of Tieveth were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings have been built to work within the red-tinted forest above them. Daily life isn't too stressful in Littlewyck and it has attracted a lot of attention.

Littlewyck POI

The Hillcrest
About a half-hour walk outside of the sleepy unassuming settlement of Littlewyck, there is a small, grass-covered rise that plateau’s out at about fifteen feet high. The hill is covered with a thick sheet of the greenest, softest grass. At the top, there sits a perfect circle of toadstools with white stalks, red caps, and sprinkled with white dots. There never seems to be any wind at the top of the hill, but short of that simple fact, the toadstools seem to grow to a uniform size of about six inches. They are uniformly spaced around the circle and the grass grows just as green and lush inside the ring as it does leading up the sides of the hill.

The Meadery
The delicious mead is made here by skilled crafters that dilute the honey with water in clay or wooden vessels. They then leave airborne yeasts and those found naturally in the honey to do the rest of the fermenting process. Much like beer, this traditional honey mead is sometimes flavored with fruits, spices, grains, or hops. The scents from the Meadery that waft across the countryside travels for miles and if you will forgive the pun, is intoxicating.

Beeswax Candle Making Shop
The beeswax is carefully harvested from the cultivated hives at farms in and around Littlewyck. This raw material is then double boiled down over an open fire and purified or strained through a cheesecloth to clean the wax. Oils, scented herbs, and fragrant flowers are then added to the liquid beeswax. And finally, the mixture is skillfully poured into clay pots and glass jars that have been fastened with a wick in the center and allowed to cool.


Leadership: Mylla Baralles.
Notable Societies: Firestall Group
Population: A Towns worth
Commodities: Ginseng, Mushrooms
Notable NPC’s: Tibby and Lina Volkmar


Engineered on the western side of Thialor, the township of Lorith rests between Hearthhallow and Elderlight though it is considered part of Thialor and not Drewynn, it hides within a forest of Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees. It is a quiet town, though the most hidden of those others within Thialor, using its natural resources to camouflage itself.
The township itself looks humble. The main attractions are the two farms, Volkmar Farms, which were built 69 years ago and designed by two farmers, Tibby and Lina Volkmar.

Lorith POI
Volkmar Farms - A set of two farms within the depth of the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees, they create the perfect shade and environment for their main production, ginger, and mushrooms. The buildings are exact duplicates of one another, residing across a well-kept road for easy access to their horse-drawn carriages. They are named after the two women who started the farms and seed, harvest and process the commodities in-house, employing most of the community with jobs and security.

Top pick Cafe- Mushroom restaurant started by Donovan Skylar, he started the restaurant to use up mushrooms that are quick to spoil, giving them new life daily in his restaurant with an ever-changing menu beside some key pieces he makes.
Key Dishes: Mushroom Risotto, chicken, and mushroom sausage.

Smiling Ginger - Ginger tea house started by Madaline Anty. She started the tea house to allow people access to unique and exciting teas that she infuses with the tea her best friend created a farm for.
Key Drinks: Apple Ginger Tea; Cinnamon and Ginger scones

Boxde Valley-Near Lorith is a very strange valley. Just to the southeast of the town is an entire valley of standing stones. The stones vary in size from a tall man high and wide to three men tall and several men wide. No stone is thicker than a man, some are as thin as a table plank. The stones do not break and cannot be chipped. Rumors were that early explorers tried to harvest some of these stones and those groups were never seen again. Close examinations of the stones reveal that there were once elaborate scenes etched onto their surfaces. Attempts have been made to map the layout of the stones but, oddly, the stones do not always remain in the same formation. No one has ever witnessed the stones moving.


There is a superstition about harvesting the trees, every four years they clear out dead or damaged trees before the drought season to keep the forest safe from fires. However, trees are not allowed to be harvested prior to these times due to the *bug name* that wreaked havoc on the community a century ago when improper tree clearing occurred. Since then, a society called the Firestall Group was started and they plan, execute and defend the territory from the *bug* and its attacks.

Bug Details
Minor Crawler
This unusual creature is a type of invertebrate. It's about the size of a bee, has eight tentacles and a long, strong, and agile tail. They have soft, delicate skin which is usually either light orange, red, dark silver, or dark purple, or a combination of these colors.

They live in wintry areas and are extremely common. They're herbivores and their small, thin mouths and rough tongue are ideal for eating fruits.

They're crepuscular and rely on their taste buds and sense of smell to get around. They do have large, slanted eyes, but their sight is lacking. They have a lack of a visible nose and short, pointy ears. Their heads are large and wide in comparison to their bodies.

They make sounds ranging from relatively high pitched to fairly high pitched and have a fairly wide range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.

These creatures are timid and they're not keen on defending their personal space. They mate twice to three times a year and they mate with just 1 partner for life. Which, with their very long lifespans, isn't too surprising.
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