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Auric said:
Battleboard System

As some of you may or may not be aware of the owners have passed a battleboard system for use in the Alliance, battleboards are a replacement for the current tag system. What this means is instead of receiving a tag for each skill or spell you have everything will be printed out on a single sheet of paper. This will reduce the amount of paper required by logistics, time required to cut the tags, the amount of tags you have to carry around, as well as hopefully speeding up the logistical process.

Like always you will pick the spells you want per logistical period, the logistics staff will input it into the database and print the card out for you. It will also contain Magic/Elemental Augmentation, and Earth's Bounty High Magic abilities that you decide to purchase. Effects which duplicate items (such as Cloak,Bane, Celestial Armor ) will be tagged normally. The sheet will automatically contain any times per day skills, wand charges, and racial abilities.

When you receive your battleboard sheet you will see your spells/skills listed and below them will be circles corresponding to the amount you are able to use. For example if you choose your level 1 spells as 4 cure light wounds you will have 4 circles. As you cast these spells in game you will be required to cross off the circles to show that they have been used.

Production and Magic Item tags will not be placed on your battleboard. These two items will still require tags, however magic item tags have been slightly modified. Magic item tags will be a blank tag with 8 circles, logistics staff will write in the effect and cross off all circles except the amount of charges that item contains.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation or use of the new battleboard system please direct them to the Rules forum. All other questions should be directed to your home chapters logistics team.

Matt Watkins
Alliance Logistics Committee
If you have any questions on the subject there is a discussion on those forums that I encourage you to look at!

Alliance LARP Seattle will be implementing Battleboards at our April event. So be sure to bring a writing instrument!