Best Cabin (June 8-10)

Discussion in 'South Michigan: Out of Game' started by Alliance SoMI, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Alliance SoMI

    Alliance SoMI Artisan Owner South Michigan Staff

    Who sleeps and hangs out in the coolest places? What did you see that really impressed you?
  2. Seabass

    Seabass Artisan South Michigan Staff

    I'm so torn on the Pride and HoG. The fully set up production workshops in pride are a master stroke. The fact that it is spread through the cabin is even better. I hope it only spreads and gets insane.

    The healers guild is something out of Disney.

    The only tie breaker involved for me was HoG mounting the skull of Bleak to the very rafters like it was overhanging some huge bonfire in the great hall.
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  3. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Fighter South Michigan Staff Marshal

    The House of Game's cabin was killer. I didn't get a chance to go into JT's cabin, or the Emerald Flame Cabin.
    The pride's cabin had the lights on when I was in there. That's pretty much instant disqualification from coolness for me.

    Special Shout Out to the folks in the Celestial guild. They were half tucked away and had nice walls put up, they had nice in period lighting. It might have been a secret second for niceness if you put it all together. Especially cool considering how little they play, and how much they larp other places (it must be exhausting to keep setting up cabins).
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  4. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Fighter South Michigan Staff Marshal

    I mean. The healer's guild is the best setup still. I should point that out. But, it can't win every event :p
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  5. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Artisan

    Eh, we used the lights, too, when moving around.
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  6. Banradi

    Banradi Adept South Michigan Staff

    I have yet to go and visit the Pride cabin, but seeing Bleak's head mounted in the HoG cabin was awesome. My vote goes to them.
  7. Naomi

    Naomi Artisan

    Well, Since I only saw the healers guild, I'm going with that, even if she cannot win.

    Also.. thanks!
  8. I need to get out more...
  9. Saro

    Saro Artisan

    Everyones cabin was so good. I am really inspired to make the "cool gang cabin" actually cool now. Even though Prides cabin had lights on when I went, all the little pieces really tied it together for me. I also really liked the rug. So my vote is for Pride. Not that HoG wasn't cool, because it was.

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  10. Ardos

    Ardos Artisan

    I am biased in that I love our cabin setup, but I have to admit that it was great having space for 7 simultaneous resurrections, the people resurrecting them, and places to sit in the healers guild while still looking great for pictures. Amazing work Annette!
  11. Alliance SoMI

    Alliance SoMI Artisan Owner South Michigan Staff

    Keep up the great work everyone, your efforts maintaining atmosphere at events are an important part of the roleplaying experience.
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