Best NPC Interactions (Oct5-7)

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  1. Alliance SoMI

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    Tell us about your favorite NPC interaction from this past event. Who was the Player and what about the interaction made it stick in your mind?
  2. Banradi

    Banradi Adept South Michigan Staff

    This definitely has to go to Christopher and Chad for playing the representatives from The Guild of the Gifted and The Planar Knights. Interacting with both of them on a 1:1 level was great, but what really took it over the top for me was having them disagree/fight with each other. The fact that they each actually had sound arguments to refute one another (as opposed to trivial arguments like 'well you're stupid') was incredible!
  3. lukeskywkr

    lukeskywkr Newbie

    The serious negotiations with an illithid while a goat was bleating right behind him was perfect!

    Best moment by far
  4. *relaxing with folks on the porch, then hearing a group of something approach*
    Mutt: Shhh! Quiet!! What is it!? *immediately on guard*
    ~a moment, then from the darkness~
    Goat: Maa-aa-aaa!


    The medusa was amazing! From trying SO HARD not to look at her, while shuffling around and avoiding her, to her end I was on edge the entire time.


    Trying to get to Saro & Mathis to life them and the roleplay that occured with the Satyr King was definitely memorable.


    Adventurer Autograph collector! "Wait, is she making a contract? Are we gonna rift out? Who knows! Lemmie sign it!"
  5. Naomi

    Naomi Artisan

    I'm going with Mara. She puts character into every roll she plays! Her crunchies, undead, sleepy creature, every passive NPC.

    She's awesome.
  6. New to alliance, as a whole, but I enjoyed nearly all of the NPC interactions.

    From gnolls who could be bribed with jerky and convinced to leave a trail, so we could bring all our "gold" there.

    The goatcident was hilarious, as the npc's were clearly the straight man so to speak, with their serious portrayal for goats. And the chaos that ensued when the purchasing PC had no real way to wrangle them.

    The hours upon hours of defending the pillar and gems, and nearly weeping when one was (briefly) stolen.
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  7. Mahir

    Mahir Newbie

    I'm still traumatized.
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  8. Seabass

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    As one half of your local trauma specialists we want to thank you for flying with Sweatbox Sorta Panthergast air.

    (I had a great time on that mod with you guys)
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  9. Rebecca Sager

    Rebecca Sager Newbie

    1 gem stolen? Try about 5 times and my bunny butt freaked out each time.
  10. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Fighter South Michigan Staff Marshal

    Mara killed it as the Gorgon. I was just watching and that mod ruled.
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