Bidding now open for final page in Men's calendar for next year!


*Female voice rings out- its recognizably Vira...*

Thats right! I have one final page available, one opportunity for another individual to be the glory of Fortannis's finest guy offerings for an entire year! With notebook pages!...yanno... if you write... I needed filler ok?

This is an auction for the final available page in my next project- it is a Men's body calendar and YOU or a freind, or an enemy (they hate that... or love it to a degree where it becomes uncomfortable) , or that guy you met that one time can be part of it!

Bidding for this will begin at 1.5 Platinum.
Bidding is public in this line of dreaming and ends 1 week from today.

Calendar due for completion by the final month before the new year at the latest.

Men's Calendar for next year! be there.... or dont!

But Vira, why arent there any women in this calendar? thats sexist?- Thats a great observation, I dont care!
How do I get money to you?- We will discuss it privately!
What in the deadlands even is this?- Your wildest dream, babe.
How do I know this is legitimate?- I have refferences, I mean some of them are "She yelled at me" but they're there...

(ooc: Will be done by December, ready to go for next year, this is for actual B&W lineart of yours or a character of your character's chooseing- its a beefcake calendar, junk will be covered, nothing inappropriate)



Sure Aezir can be in for this 1.5!


3 platinum



I...I am clearly in the wrong line of work.



*same female voice*
And Auction closed!- as of a few days ago, been busy. We have our auction winner! please hit me up privately when you have a moment do discuss details.

Thankyou all!