Big West 2017 Event Menu


Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce the menu and meal times for Big West 2017!

We are to have food available at the following (approximate) times:

Breakfast: 9AM-11AM
Lunch: 2PM-4PM
Dinner: 7PM-9PM (10PM Thursday)

We will be serving 8 meals as follows:

Thursday Dinner
Sausage, garlic, and white bean minestrone
Fresh bread

Friday Breakfast
Fresh fruit
Scrambled Eggs

Friday Lunch
Biscuit-topped beef cottage pie

Friday Dinner
Lemon thyme roasted chicken
Rice pilaf

Saturday Breakfast
Biscuits and gravy
Scrambled Eggs
Fresh fruit

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Dinner
Roast Beef (V: Roasted portobello mushrooms)
Roasted potatoes
Roasted vegetables

Sunday Breakfast
Fresh fruit
Assorted Scones
Hard boiled eggs

We have taken care to accommodate the dietary restrictions that have been reported to us up to this point, and we have alternate menu items as well as both vegetarian and dairy free substitutions planned where necessary. If you have questions or concerns regarding the menu or ingredients therein, or if you want to discuss a particular need with us please feel free to contact me either on Facebook or the Alliance forums.

Also please note that access to the kitchen will be highly restricted during meal preparation and serving times. If you have requested or think you may need access during the weekend it is imperative that you contact me ahead of time, as availability for the walk-in, stove, ovens, and workspaces will be extremely limited.

Finally, we will be in need of help throughout the weekend with serving, dishwashing, and possibly some food preparation. I will work with the other event staff to make sure volunteers are well-compensated for their time and effort, and will try to have details prior to the start of the event.

Thanks everyone, and see you soon!


To add to the above, if you expressed a food allergy or dietary restriction in your pre-registration please make sure to stop by the kitchen on Thursday (or when you arrive on site if later). We believe we have accommodations in place for everyone who has requested them but we'd like to discuss it in person to be sure, and also put faces to names so that we can better serve you.


This is pretty duh question but since I don't see Curtis pre-reg, what's the bean juice situation for the weekend? :)


This is pretty duh question but since I don't see Curtis pre-reg, what's the bean juice situation for the weekend? :)
This little Panda will be bringing my French Press to make coffee for the Fat Ponies, I may be persuaded to do coffee service for others if Turtle is not there.
This menu is ******* amazing. I am so happy. HUGE kudos to the crew putting this together because damn. Lunch at LARP?! Now -that- is winning.


You... don't get lunch?

Next thing you're going to say there's no second breakfast either.

But, seriously, no lunch? o_O