Big West 2019 - Favorite Moments


Seattle Staff
Hey everyone! Over the course of a long event, many new friends and memories were made!

What were those moments you truly enjoyed? Share them here!

(I’ll also post mine down the line, once I have a bit more time to do so).


Oregon Staff
  • Freaking people out on Thursday night as a vanished.
  • Coming in as a lost one townie and giving Hengin a minor existential crisis.
  • PCs playing along with "FOR CIDRA" during the firewalk cultists mod. Especially the one elf who was a little extra enthusiastic. "Now go forth, and wear more red!"
  • The PCs who were so eager to get Cidra's favor that they started a bonfire (and tossed the cultists into it).
  • Thieving magpies :D


Hi all! I played Alavatar, the Red Wizard with the large white staff. It was great to see everyone!

My favorite moments in no particular order:
  • The Displacer Beast mod (despite rolling my ankle).
    • The cliff part was a lot of fun and made my armor very useful! The threat of folks falling off the cliff while still knowing they are recoverable made it a really fun non-combat challenge.
    • The climactic fight with the Alpha Displacer Beast was also great! I really enjoyed the mechanic with the experienced NPCs where the Discplacer Beast was quick rifting between points.
  • Casting the General Circle of Power
    • Plot allowing this circle to happen again is continuously appreciated! Elryion and I will likely continue to do research to try for a more sustainable General Aspect circle, or recreate in a non-National Chapter event.
      • I feel we need more theatrics!
    • It was heckin fun working with Lighthouse, Kyra, and Morrow to set up the circle, articulate the vine script, and stay up way too late on Friday night casting the circle. The RP surrounding the metaphysics was quite enjoyable.
  • Helping Daper (I cannot remember his name) ensure his sword gets some rituals. Poor guy had to run around all weekend trying to get the necessary ritual scrolls and reagents to follow through with casting his item, but we managed to cast it on Sunday morning in the last 15 minutes of game (special thanks to Jimmy for Marshaling the casting, and another lady whose name I cannot recall for getting Daper and the Ritual Marshal).
  • Meeting so many new people! I had a blast meeting some of the other scholarly PCs such as Askeksa, Morrow, Dexter, etc. I only wish I had more time (and mobility) to RP more with everyone I met!
  • Getting to hang out with my old buddies for the first time in almost 2 years: The Silver Wolves and the Fat Ponies! I miss you all and wish I could see you more often!
  • Speaking of old buddies, it felt almost like a High School Reunion seeing a bunch of old characters in one place again: Nearly all of Zodiac (Krieger, Slice, D, Vanyal, Tanis, etc.), almost all of the Silver Wolves (Polare, Avaran, Tantarus, Eldor, Kasuni, etc.), Fat Ponies (Ragganzi, Taliya, Pachow, Lighthouse, Thud, etc.), and all the others (Eli, Elryion, Lycose, Aziraphel, etc.). I was in shock by how many ~20 year old characters converged in one spot.
  • The way Ghost Crow was represented was very fun to interact with! I thoroughly enjoyed the interpreters and interacting with Ghost Crow. Very clever concept.
I will update more as I think of more.
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Hi I played Ky, the confused fighter elf in red.
First of all this was the most fun I've had at an event so far! I had so many great moments and meeting all of you and learning from you was really great. Here's my favorite moments:
1. Petra earning her braid and holding her off the ground as she cried happily.
2. Getting a mental block put in place by Askeska, excellent rp with Marley.
3. Shenanigans with some certain sketchy people, you know who you are.
4. Taking the intoxicates with Ricard and the dryad.
5. Ky watching and learning from Kilian how to be a leader.
6. Bring an aggressive murder hobo at the final battle.

Thanks again for such an amazing game!
-Ky (Katt Dustin)


Seattle Staff
Hi! I'm Rachel, and once again I am the only female stone elf on Fortannis. I really love these big events. It brings to life my favorite part of Alliance, the sheer breadth of experiences and stories you can find in one world.

  • Asking for advice, and getting it with a variety of degrees of accompanying worry, including commentary from a variety of Silver Wolves filtering into and out of the cabin.
    • Alavatar and Elryion's parallel but very different views on the syntax of a ritual that might break a whole shard (more than it is?)
    • Slice's generally vaguely menacing enthusiasm and extremely helpful bits and pieces of plot from a land that stopped existing(ish) years before I even started this game, as well as actual constructive advice for the next people to ask for help in not exactly breaking the world
    • The fact that at no point did anybody tell me flat-out not to do it. Asking for help from people who have been playing for at least a decade longer and getting cautious trust was surprising and great
  • Watching old friends meet again after years apart is almost as great as meeting them myself
  • Zodiac cabin party time is always stone elf painful, but also always both alarming and hilarious
  • Playing the bad cop counterpoint to Vossun's good cop (and Alistair got neutral cop I guess? Lucky :| ) while reconstructing Pluvianella's moral code was a whole lot of fun. Looking back at years of interaction to tease out bits of another's character and throw them in her face was a real good bad time
  • Tawiya's widdwe eaws
  • Watching the paperwork get drawn up for an inter-mist loan between Corso and Ragnarok (or possibly Gerty) was both bewildering (who cares that much about both procedure and the acquisition of resources beyond our known needs?) and informative (official documents 4 lyfe)
  • Finding the only six undead in the shard and Destroying three of them in one hit each was moderately satisfying after it was starting to shape up to be another tragically undead-free zone
  • That long-range (for my aim...) DOOM revenge after getting tapped in the back, as the cherry on top of the big Sat night fight
  • House Phoenix awkward tea party, honorable mention to Askeksa for launching into an in-depth discussion of tea when VV realized she didn't know what to talk about to get to know people in a way that didn't come off as interrogatory
  • All of the note-taking and also (much more rare) note-comparison and information-sharing, from the relevant (info-gathering mission assigned and completed in under ten minutes, bam) and less relevant (comparative magical theory chats with, primarily, Eldor and Dexter). I really want the International Nerds of Fortannis* to be a thing
  • Hraestyr's very opaque openness when it came to his unique state of being ("Healing Arts: how long until you dissipate?" "Fourteen years.**" "...huh. OK."), and relatable frustration at the difficulty of finding good minions with listening comprehension these days
  • Opelion's general weirdness and brittleness

*name TBD
**and change


Bitchy Plu! I was completely dumbfounded about how to react.
Awkward cute conversations, followed by "He said WHAT!? I'm going to murder him. Or I'll get someone to murder him. Either way, murder."
Aziraphel doing the killing blows on Council, and from the distance we hear "Stop, stop! I have the heart!" My only reaction at that point was a growling "Do it! DO IT! Finish it!!!"
Everyone sitting in the circle after helping Aziraphel, Panda next to me going (my eyes were still closed) "is he growling again? oh, no he's just dealing with stuff. Ok, i'm going to go"
Eviscerate storm with Paul :D <3
Aziraphel intoxicated. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. "I'm Tulbor! Guurrrr! <snooooooore>"
Telling Lady of Irons that if she needs me, I'm at her service. Then realizing that might have been a problem and telling the alchemists to make sure they have stuff ready to drop me if Lady turns on us. I'm so happy she didn't.


Hey okay so where we go. I'm Ellie. I was the blue haired NPC who wasn't Amber (thank you platinum haired pc who kept calling my npc charas pretty...even after they were killed haha. "Such a waste of a pretty, pretty shadow." Seriously made my day every time.)

~ Playing a vanished in the tavern. Someone hits me for 500 body and I yell "healed!" and the "oh ****" response was freaking awesome! haha
~ Playing the Flan and being a pest was really fun. I love how many people tried to save me and the sadness that came when I said "no effect" to healing and lifes. Sorry guys. The Flan had to die. (and sorry for anyone's ear drums I rattled)
~ Being the flirty Flame Touched and getting people's permission to cross battle-line flirt with them. Haha she was obnoxious
~ The entire Lizard Egg trilogy and NPCing for all 3 mods was really cool. Getting to see that whole thing from start to finish. Plue you are pretty impressive btw.
~ Playing Kira my Lost Merchant with the cockney/aussie accent who literally bet a gold piece on you guys not lasting a week.
~ ARTILLERY! Because...Sling shots.
~ Actually talking with the other NPC's before the big Gem Gollem mod about a Slasher-Based larp haha. We were really creative in our exhausted brains but it was fun oog convo.
~ Finding out what a flaming lesbian actually looks like haha!
~ Probably my favorite mod ever though was the Graveyard Mod with the buried cursed mod. Being a shadow constantly spawning out of that cursed one was so cool. You guys who got buried sprouted in the fracking creepiest way! Way to go.
~ Oh yeah and using my demon voice to scare the PC's in the Thursday night tavern fight. "YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!" Watching a bunch of PC's run literally into the tavern to get away was hilarious. I almost broke character to laugh. Sorry if I traumatized you!


I'm Andrea playing Gertude the only female dwarf from Minnesota.

- payment of a retainer to the foxkin trap maker so I wouldn't get shanked. And getting to help him out at other points. We all are only one false move from losing everything.

-Daper allowing me to give him a nickname of Daper. Also all your props ready to do paperwork for a lone. I'm glad the Adventure Capitalist could help and make profit.

-Sunshine and your crew were very friendly and happy to do some roleplaying with me, feel kind of bad having you transfer encampment onto my metal polearm and chain mesh shirt poor uncomfortable dryad.

-Heather for a wonderful ride down and back thanks for taking care of me.

- Garik for keeping your accent up the whole time and being impressed with my Blacksmithing work. Teaching wear extra armor and discussing that no one would date anyone who hasn't completed their apprenticeship because you would have nothing to talk about. You played it quite nicely. Also allowing me to refit your armor.

-Doing quick refitting of armor. Master Blacksmithing is fun for the battle tactics as well as crafting. Also all the armor, arrows, and weapons I have made being out in the wild.

- All the crafting. Also talking with Dexter about the best Scroll and Gas traps. So excited to make my alarm clock awaken scroll trap rep.

- Dexter's research paper on safe desposal of Necromancy potions. I felt cool being a resource.

- after game off someone told me that Gerty is adorable! (Adwarfable)

- getting to meet some of the people who helped rid Gaden of the corrupt, at our end of 10 year plot line.

- Cribbage grudge match with Ragnarok.

- all the complements I got on my beard and my Ukeing.

- breakfast discussions with some forgotten on Saturday morning about my belief in not exploding and helping one with remembering his own beliefs of staying away from trouble and not exploding by writing them on a receipt and putting it up his sleeve. I learned from Ragnarok on my way home that he searched a vanished and found that very same paper. I cried a little I thought I helped him to survive. Who ever did that you were amazing I'm so glad I heard about the resolution to it.

- Render service, receive coin, buy stuff. Teaching Adventure Capitalism.

Thanks to logistics for helping me out so much and for the great mid day crafting. Food was amazing. Mod cards were awesome. NPCs and plot rocked it so hard. Thank you also for the visitors support group. Thank you and always reach out if you need anything in Minnesota,


San Francisco Staff
Oh man, so many wonderful moments. I'm sure I'll forget some important ones, but here goes:
  • The Egg Saga, in its entirety. I have never found myself in the center of such a big plot involving so many people before, and it was a trip. I hope it was as fun for you all as it was for me (and if it wasn't, feedback would be most appreciated so I can do better next time)
    • The wide variety of interactions this opened up with PCs. From discussing morality and practical options with Jonathan beforehand (boy did Plue end up wishing that talk had been more comprehensive), to Flindo yelling at her for being incompetent (and then drunkenly apologizing, and falling asleep mid apology) to Dame Slice somehow managing to be both sweet and terrifying in offering to take the egg by force, to Ragnarok (who Plue had never so much as met) insisting that in his eyes, she had broken no oath, to Captain Killian pivoting from command advice to parenting advice, and so so many more.
    • The hatching scene was so touching, and then so very very not touching. Chucking every bit of bindomancy I had into the circle of devouring mothers...holy ****. And then seeing all the PC doctors and midwives just calmly go to work, cut out the eaten baby and life/restore/heal. Aisling definitely gets the "most badass midwife" award for feeding the hungry baby with HER OWN SEVERED FINGERS.
    • That freaking rep. Seeing the goo flop out when the egg broke during the ritual broke me. And then carrying around that goofy little stuffed dinosaur, covered in whatever the heck that was, and getting all maternal over it. So good.
  • Having my Moral Code destroyed. Bitch Plue was fun for a couple of hours, but I'm really glad she got fixed.
    • Pfeil and Zeth immediately realizing she was broken and rounding up people to help. (Pfeil: "I knew something was wrong as soon as you started being rude").
    • The angry duel with Sir Tanis after he knocked her out to get fixed. "The worst part is, I know you're just ******* with me. I've fought with you, I know you can take me."
    • Getting fixed by three stone elves. Vellis was a very bad cop indeed. Much respect to Alastair for jumping into a stranger's mind with two of her friends and holding his own. Very glad you did -- the mental RP that came after that was some of my favorite ever.
  • Speaking of, any and all mental RP is always a highlight for me. One of my other favorites was setting up blocks for Azalee and her grandmother. The simple joy of sharing the happy memories they wanted to protect. They cried, they made me cry, it was wonderful and I was honored to share that with them.
  • The Council of Opelion. 26 killing blows is a lot. I was sorry that Kyun wasn't there to get a piece of that. (We heard you weren't feeling well. Hope you're doing better, friend!)
    • Seeing Aziraphel get a much-needed moment of triumph. He's been through a lot lately and his gleeful "I didn't **** it up" coming out of the mental link was great to hear.
    • Everyone joining together to preserve the memories of this shard. A heartwarming ending to a very fraught weekend.
  • Staying up watching the sun rise with Askeksa, Alastair, Jonathan, and Mortakai. Fantastic conversation, totally worth the sleep deprivation.
So much more. I wish I could list them all here. I might give it another crack later on. Love you all, and I can't wait to play with you again soon.
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Seattle Staff
This was probably my single most exhausting LARP experience. I have never run an event this size as Head of Plot and it was really something. The players and NPCs were all delightful, but here were some of my favorites.
-Seeing our amazing NPCs really bring some of these roles to life. We wrote some of these characters to elicit particular reactions, and seeing them out in the wild was really great.
-Watching the Vanished do their thing. Those suits were all different kinds of spooky, and our NPCs played it amazingly.
-VOLLEY. Those launchers were awesome, and I loved seeing them on the field.
-The Gravestone mechanic. I had a specific vision for this and it played out really close to the original concept. This was really satisfying to see them in use.
-Ghost Crows rotating translator. The PC reactions to these different characters was really fun.
-Hræstyr shenanigans. Vellis' reaction to the healing arts questions was understatedly perfect.
-Sticking around as Hræstyr with my AEON group after the Cidra fight, knowing full well what was going to happen but having to stall for time before we started our mod.
-Escape Room. I loved this mod concept from the start and it was an absolute success. Amber really knocked it out of the park.
-Paul's orating skills were fantastic in each role he played and it was a joy to watch him work.
-All our NPCs again being so willing to help out with everything we did (Shoutout to Barb for lending us an extra printer for the weekend, that was a real life saver.)
-The moral dilemma with the egg was great, if unexpected in its impact. All the PC interaction spawned from that moment was amazing.

I'm sure there are more, but that's what I got right now. Everyone was great and I'm so glad everyone came out for game.


Seattle Staff
Here’s mine -

1. Becoming invested in Plue’s growth during a teaching session that I’ve been looking forward to since the last time we had her up here. Learning about who she is from that teaching, and some personal things she shared with me. Also, receiving a gift that’s now a permanent part of his costuming!

2. How the Egg Story and that investment ended up tying together. I remember Zeth encouraging Plue to continue going on the mission, if only to influence a better outcome (and ending up getting a significantly unexpected one!). As with all incredibly difficult moral dilemmas, this gave Zeth an opportunity to learn about the priorities and principles of many people...and he took notes. ;) There were a couple surprises!

3. Such a full house of Silver Wolves! It made me so, so happy.

4. Seeing Kasuni and Taliya again!! Gosh, how Zeth has missed them.

5. Wizardin’ School was super dope! Got Zeth a top-tier name! Remember to always talk about Wizardin’ School!

That was way more fun than I expected it to be.

6. Conversations about necromancy with the Calgary crew. It was a good conversation.

7. Aislyn’s character growth. Zeth...did not at all expect that. “Are emotions supposed to make you feel this dizzyyyyyy??!” #Egged

8. Getting to know the Adventure Crew. They’re a good lot.

There’s almost certainly more. I had an excellent time.


San Francisco Staff
I cannot believe I didn't mention the teaching. The teaching was excellent and I would love to have more. Especially since there wasn't exactly a lot of, like, practical instruction. If Plue hasn't blown herself up by next time we meet, I hope it can happen again!


Seattle Staff
I cannot believe I didn't mention the teaching. The teaching was excellent and I would love to have more. Especially since there wasn't exactly a lot of, like, practical instruction. If Plue hasn't blown herself up by next time we meet, I hope it can happen again!
I am totally down for that! :D


Utah Staff
This was the first time I aided in a giant regional/national plot team and it was a blast! I told the team afterwards that I am going to miss our 2-4 hour plot meetings through facebook video. Not to mention bugging them with crazy ideas for stories and random plots and modules. Whew... I will miss that.

Anyways, here are all my favorite moments. Enjoy!
1) Whoever is the older gentleman that sets up your monster camp? Give him a raise. Because that man is gold in every way. Thank you, nameless sir, for your kind words and your amazing attitude during the event. You are the true hero of this game.
2) All of the NPCs. Seriously... there was a handful of people who had never played before. And they roleplayed with the best of them. It was truly astonishing how awesome you all were and your eagerness to get out there in any role we were offering. Simply amazing.
3) The Veteran NPCs! Wow! You folks know how to make people feel welcomed! I have no doubt in my mind that 90% of your new NPCs will be coming back simply because you showed them the ropes and got them involved. That is amazing! Keep that stuff up!
4) The Plot Team. My work with you was amazing and I am grateful for the chance you gave me by trusting my growth over the years and allowing me to show you my new and improved mentality. All the hard work, the blood, the tears, the laughter... it was truly a most amazing experience. I am just so proud of the work we did. Thank you so much.

(now for the PC stuff)

5) The opening scene. Being able to orate the intro to an audience of 122 people? That was nerve wracking and amazingly enjoyable. I stumbled over the part a few times, but to be able to grasp everyone's attention all at once and show you all what you were about to walk into... and then taking you to all the realms, and watching as people rushed to my side for information! AND to have Ghost Crow there to play off of... body movements, cawing, angry jabs at my side. Whew. Crazy fun! I loved it so much!

6) Watching the first wave of Lost Ones and Vanished enter the town and starting to attack the players. A few dropped and the Vanished were on them like flies to sugar. I could hear the Vanished NPCs say "I enter your mind, do you except!?" and the players being afraid and answering "Um... uh... no?" and then the Vanished simply killing blowing the heck out of folks. Im telling you folks, the mind effects were a lot of fun. Ask all the Biata and Stone Elves! ;)

7) Being GRILLED for information when I came in as Opeliun the first time. Wow. And you folks had some good questions! Not only was it a blast to play that character for the weekend, but to see your reactions to the council's demands, were just priceless. And having 4 people give up portions of their spirits to aid Opeliun in their quest to die... that was amazing as well. More on that in a bit!

8) The Council looking for a Benevolent Healer, a Brave Warrior, a Masterful Celestialist and........ the Cunning Rogue. Ha! Poor Brother Kune. He got the shaft so much. All 26 members of the Council hated him. And it was very obvious. And I loved it.

9) Having the low level hunter mod on Thursday Night. And watching the players have issue with killing the Lost One who was simply trying to gather supplies to leave the realm, since Veska was dead. Only to have the players kill him in cold blood AFTER they got all the information from him. Whew... intense.

10) The FOOD! So good! All meals! Amazing!

11) The 36 Hunters coming to meet the High Shaman and the High Huntress. And then setting them up on 3 separate modules for the "Destined", "The Forged" and "The Exalted".... and then listening to the debate of not wanting to kill savage lizardfolk. Ugh... and so the story of protecting the egg came to be.

12) The Hunt for the White Stag. Setting up the clues across the campsite and having the players return 3 hours later! (And here I thought I put the clues in easy to find places!?) Only to find the white stag and have it run off. Whew. Poor PCs. I am so sorry.

13) The Displacer Beast Quest. So I had some trouble on how to entertain players of high level. After 2 weeks of thought, I came up with this module. A hyper intelligent creature that watched the PCs approach its lair. It set up small traps (sand pit and cliff face) and then fought the PCs with a unique ability to keep the players on their toes. It is a shame that I messed up my leg for this one. But on the plus side, the players gave me a 10 out of 10... which is awesome! I hope you enjoyed that unique module!

14) Thieving Magpies. Holy smokes. That was so entertaining to watch the players have to deal with creatures that stole... EVERYTHING! Paste of Stickiness would have saved the day on that one! Whew! But to watch the players lose all of their gear to these birds, and then try to trick them with coins and silvered weapons... and then stealing their gear back... AND THEN fighting them off and collecting loot? Whew. Fun stuff!

15) The Infamous Clicking and the Roleplay Description Holds. Yeah, in Utah we do description holds, where we describe an area effect. In this situation, the realm/shard itself was alive and trying to eat all of the memories and happy thoughts of the PCs. To watch the players roleplay all the messed up things that were taken from them... it was just good. And, it was one way for just ONE person to entertain the masses and give some fun things for the Biata/Stone Elves to do. Good times, folks. And wow... great roleplay!

16) The Egg Conundrum. Waiting 90 minutes to start our Veska fight was a bit annoying for the plot team (who had other things they wanted to do) but it was also a great chance to see roleplay at its finest. And to use my acting chops to show pure desperation on the Lost Ones of Veska... it was just nice. And when the time was up, and the High Shaman and the High Huntress left the area... to have the PCs rush to us and say "FINE! We will do it!" and then summoning the protector, and cracking open the egg, AND TO HAVE A PC USE A SACRIFICE ON THE BABY!? WHA? So much fun! Of course the Veska fight was great. But man... that roleplay though... Mmmmmm

17) More Vanished. Yum

18) And more Opeliun roleplay. Seriously, sitting down and exacting the price for the magical items that Opeliun was offering was fun. To have players be like "Yup! I will give you the memory of my parents! I hate them" and then to have Opeliun be like "So a defining characteristic of your personality is the relationship you have with your parents. If we remove that, then you will not be the same. You will in fact, be quite the different person. The Council is eager to take this memory to see what you will become!" and then the player is like "Huh, you are right. Nah, I am good!".... so much fun! And then people willing to give Opeliun their life essence just for information!? Wowza.

19) Volley Combat! Oh man... that was a fun fight. Forcing players to look up while the rest of the NPCs moved into you to fight? Siege Weapons are a blast folks! And then to have the PCs find said siege weapons and use them against the NPCs... and then use them against the inner wall of Cidra's fortress? Yaaaaassss!

20) Being the Waterboy and making sure people had sips of water while on hold. A nice touch to the rough combat.

21) Having Opeliun come in and by my voice heal, and by my voice protectives. He fulfilled his duty! He made a promise!

22) Opeliun going crazy since the council split their vote on supporting Cidra. Ugh. And then just dealing with the after effects.

23) 26 killing blows. 26 Vengeance.

24) Watching the Council be destroyed....... and the players making a new council of 26. Taking all the memories, lore, history, etc from inside Aziraphel (sp?) and spreading it throughout the new council... and then letting it go into the shard, thus giving back the memories of the Vanished!? What... the... hell... Players you be super intelligent. You win with that move right there!

25) And finally, watching Ben play Captain Marcus from the teaser, slowly regaining his memory of Onwen... and then the players putting him to rest.

26) OH! One more... going to the auction and watching Petra/Creepy run up to the table and be like "I want that. But I come from a poor shard. This is all I have. Can I please have that?" and the rest of the Auction being like "We will bid for you!" and pulling in like... 16 gold for the item she wanted? Whew... crazy.

I am sure there is more. But holy smokes. This was a great event! I can't wait for Nationals in 2020!


I made friends! I was the human ex-pirate, Zal, with the mask and the skull-shield. It was my first larp and i had a great time--mostly due to folks like Lockheart, Ky, Tipper, Rin, Duncan, and Bree. In no particular order. And whathisname? Firstforest? He was neat. And Tok (probably misspelling all of these names) And Azer, and MAN! everyone was rad.
i really liked the Ghost Crow thing on the first night, it was soooooo cool. And the fire elementals were fun, and the white stag hunt was EXHAUSTING but satisfying.
Oi, if anyone i mentioned is reading this, hit me up!


Diversity Committee
I was Aisling Amaranthine, the white-haired Sylvanborn with the biiig green horns! My favourite moments:

I can't even, there were so many. Forgive me if I miss anything.

I'll start by saying that this has been the most character growth Aisling has experienced, and she goes home a very changed character, which I LOVE. It was the perfect storm of memory loss allowing this chronic bottler to forget to keep things in the bottle and some very influential interactions.

1. Seeing everyone's reactions to Aisling's emotional defense mechanism (refuge in arrogance and sooo much racism)! That's the first time her defense mechanism has really gotten to come out!
2. The emotional conversation that resulted afterward with Zeth when Aisling had some realizations and came to apologize. She finally uncorked the bottle of grief she's been holding in from a friend's perm and had to deal with it, and it was just glorious. I cried myself into severe dehydration, but so worth! Aisling finally dealt with her gatdang emotions for the first time ever instead of bottling them, and learned some life lessons from Zeth in the process. A step toward a healthier Aisling! The first step of manyyyy.
3. Being a lizardfolk midwife! That mod was so great. Feeding the baby my fingers because it had nothing to eat and Aisling is nothing if not practical, watching in horror as the mothers consumed it after their memories were stripped, chucking all my sleeps and paralysis to try and stop them, having to blow all my Life spells to bring them (and baby!) back up again after we performed an impromptu surgical removal of the eaten baby from the mother's stomach. Oh, and giving Plue instructions on baby care after! Was an emotional rollercoaster of a mod. I'm really glad I invited myself onto it, lol.
4. Stepping up and taking a leadership role in both the big battles! Aisling was in charge of Triage both times, setting and manning the Limited Circle of Power and giving orders and such. Thank you so much to those of you who trusted me with the role and allowed me to lead! And none of the healers died on my watch, and everyone who came to us got healed, so, HUGE SUCCESS in my opinion! These moments have made me want to transition Aisling into more of a leadership role.
5. Becoming a member of the new Council and taking those thousands of years worth of memories along with the other 25 people who volunteered. It's such an amazing roleplay opportunity, especially going forth, with a thousand years worth of memories in her brain!
6. Helping heal while everyone swapped out killing blowing the Council (all 26 of them...) was fun.
7. Aisling fell in love for the first time, and with a mortal no less, and is absolutely KICKING herself over it and you bet that she's going to bottle that up asap, but that character growth experience was just so great, and thanks to the player for tolerating a teenage (relatively) Sylvanborn's tsundere puppy love.
8. The costumes were so siiiick! Like the NPC costumes, the helmet and armor and, gah! Everything looked so cool!
9. THE SLINGS! VOLLEY! DEATH FROM ABOVE! We 500% need to get some of those in our chapter because that was so much fun. I literally felt like I was actually in a grand battle, laying siege to a fortress. Combined that with the amazing gravestone mechanic and it was terror from all fronts! Just absolutely grim, trying to hold the line, hold the Circle of Power (RIP Cidra voice destroyed it), follow the army, keep everyone alive with packets raining from above and voice radius booming through the air.
10. Fashionspire Manicure Time. Man-icure for the Oathsworn. Loved teaching that sacred friendship ritual.
11. I actually got loot this time, woo! Last time I went down to Big West I literally didn't get anything, went home with a net loss of treasure. This time I actually got stuff, there were actual loot splits and stuff!
12. Applause to the kitchen staff, great food!
13. Alchemy Roulette was hilarious as always.

That's all I can think of for now but I am liable to add more as time goes on!
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let's see, anything in the barn at night... that place was a creepy death trap.

the first time Calan saw Ghost crow up close.

the stars, Calan is blind back home having the chance to see in general was fantastic but he had forgotten how much he missed looking at the stars.

pretty well every interaction with Maz (forgive the spelling) and crew. thanks to her however Calan now has a new re reoccurring nightmare. so yeah, thanks Maze for asking Calan if there was a battle he feared and putting that thought back in his head. calan wished he had gotten to know the lot of you better.

mall\maul you were amazing. I mean in game you caught calan at a weird time. but oog i loved you and you're in game brothers characters so much. I regret not mentioning that out of game at the time. I really hope Calans flippant disregard for your tombstone didn't cause you any anxiety out of game.

nonchalantly fighting alongside Jaxx with a popsicle in one hand and a sword in the other. there is nothing like taking a life and death situation and shrugging it off for a snack.

Calan could never tell if that clicking noise was controlling those beasts that lit up, or if it was a means of communication or echolocation but any time it was dark and he heard those clicking noises he felt dread and panic. (this was glorious)

um like every single large scale battle. the chaos and confusion and noise really felt well ... real.

there are other things but until we have had our event next weekend I will leave them off. I know some of that lot are reading this thread to figure things out.
Also this mark. :)

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That seems fine. I’m sure you’ll be fine...


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Is that one of the marks from the Lady of Iron? I only heard about them. The effect is really neat, actually looks like a brand.


Thanks, I used henna to stain my skin then liquid collodion over top of that to achieve that look.

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