Big West 2019 teaser


Seattle Staff
In the deepest reaches of the mists of Fortannis, the nature of oblivion is free to contemplate itself. The forgotten mingle with the destroyed, and an existence of a sort can be eked out by those that wish to elude their own extinction. Unremembered and devastated, the dregs of ruined places, left behind by time and regard, they continue to survive.

In these shrouded reaches, potent entities navigate their own society. Picking at the bones of wasted populations, prolonging their own existences. However, as the tides of magic ebb and flow, appetites can grow stronger. Sometimes the bones are not enough. Sometimes a more hearty meal is required.

Ethereal hands grasp through the ether, seeking the power to sustain that which would be endless. A cadre of seemingly eternal entities chase their own rejuvenation at the cost of the lives of others. Even as discord is sown among these immortals, their quarry must use their own wit and acumen to defend against the rising tide of a force of nature.