Blacksmithing Services - August


Chicago Staff

I am taking orders for production this next gather. Currently I am wide open for any needs. I'm a Master Blacksmith with a few interesting wares you might not find elsewhere.

These are special order items, and we'll need to talk in detail.

Leaded Coif- Metallic Helm
Resist Command 1/e, but could be 2,3 or even more.

Living Armor- Armor laced with plant material
Creates a suit of armor for a year that will allow healing to heal your body or repair armor; any excess healing over your max will go to armor.

Titan's Bulwak - Large metallic Shield
Reduces damage taken by 1 dagger blow, but more if further refined.

Elros/Roff— If youd like the armor made let me know and I could make arrangements this market.