Blindman's Parry

Discussion in 'New Player Rules Questions' started by DiscOH, Sep 11, 2017.

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    "You may only Parry a blow you could logically parry at the point where the strike is given. Your weapon must be able to reach the attacker’s weapon, otherwise the strike is too far away to parry"

    "Terminate can be blocked by a Parry, Dodge, or a Riposte."

    Can you just parry anything in a radius equal to your weapon length + arm's length regardless of what you're aware of?

    It seems weird for somebody to sneak up behind you undetected, and then kill themselves with a riposte.
  2. Sage of Legaia

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    Terminate doesn't require you to be undetected, only that you are behind whatever you hit, so there's no reason a very aware and agile person couldn't theoretically block one under certain circumstances using our combat rules.

    I feel the wording may be referring more to "if someone is Terminated in weapon's reach of you, you can Riposte the Terminate if the target cannot", but RAW there doesn't seem to be an in-game reason you can't Riposte a Terminate yourself if you were aware of the person using it and could put a weapon between their weapon and your body at the time it hits.

    I'll let more experienced players weigh in on this, though, since I don't use Terminate or Riposte on my PC.
  3. Draven

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    I stress a reminder that the Alliance combat system is meant to be representative of a simulation of fantasy combat.

    Sure, Darrin Maloney, CPA, successfully snuck up on his buddy Dave, the game store owner, but Sir Bentley, Knight of the Golden Dawn, has such honed reflexes and battle-ready instincts that his arm snaps out before he's even consciously aware of it. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of deadly wounds have taught him to be faster than even the mortal eye can perceive. Even when Shades Winter, Master Assassin and Denizen of the Shadowstreets catches him unaware, Sir Bentley's near-supernatural senses are fast enough to keep him alive.

    Note that if Sir Bentley's weapon was in his scabbard and not his hand, however, even those fast reflexes wouldn't have been enough to keep Shades' blade from plunging into his heart.
  4. MaxIrons

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    Evan, that was the best description of that I've seen on these boards in a long time. Many kudos to you.

    As a note, there is an attack under the current rules system that is not able to be parried or riposted, and it requires the target to be unaware. That is Waylay.
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  5. DiscOH

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    Yeah, that's more or less the reason I was asking the question. Is waylay unblockable because it's waylay, or is it unblockable because it's not detected.

    Sounds like it's the former.
  6. Ragnarok

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    I believe from a thematic stand point it is in parryable because it is undetectable but from a rules standpoint waylay simply cannot be parried.

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