Congrats on being a Breaker.

When me, Tenacity, Ashnar, and Vert come to Wayside in a few weeks, you are running around with us.



What is a Breaker?
Hunter Davion
A Breaker is someone who breaks things.

Kit broke things with us at Horn's End a few weeks ago and became an Honorary Breaker.

Now, I need him to continue breaking stuff with me and all the other Breakers. If you talk to him, let him know that he's breaking stuff with me.



I know what you're all thinking.


When I first met Kit and told him that he had no choice but to come with us and heal people. My first thought was, does this long lanky Gyspy really have what it takes to stand next to me and look good. I usually take that into account whenever I'm standing next to people. Look at Ashnar, he's got those beautiful glowing runes all over his face. I bet if I slept on his head, I would have the best dreams.

The answer is close enough.

Because Kit surprised me by not trying to fight with one weapon almost the whole weekend, talking about why he doesn't use a staff anymore (although he should lose points for knowing how to use a staff in the first place). And finally because he was smart enough to know when to stay down when everyone was dead, and when to get up. And I find adventuring competence a very attractive thing in people. I mean, does he have beautiful brown strands of wolf fur like Durk? And allegedly Ashnar's beard is made of the same stuff. But, I haven't tested it's werewolf makeup yet. Does he have nice and shiny scales? No. So like I said. Close enough.



What is a Breaker, you ask? I will do my darndest to demystify your distress.

You see, the dance behind the door is dizzying, and the door to the dizzying dance is dead bolted from dawn to dark. Days upon days the dizzying dance drags on, deepening the denizens deplorable degradation, doomed to dance dizzily for decades. Droves of dapper disciples dutifully dwell on the dead bolted door of dancing dizziness, yet so few discern the deeds needed to destroy the deadbolt; few succeed in bringing death to the dam of their destiny; few can deduce the deals needed to decode the damned door to unlock their delight. They defy their better judgment and demand the door be dented by their deeds. The dizzying dance defies all determent, and it is a detriment to both dancer and diligent delver alike. Unbeknownst to them, both the dancing and the delving debilitate the dependent duo. The few dutiful deadbolt destroyers, who are not devastated by the deed, join the diabolically deranged dancers, for they have done the deciphering and now delight in the divulgence. To do so, one must dazzle the dragons, the dwarf, and their dog.

Kit dwelled, discerned, deduced, destroyed, dazzled, and now delights in the dance; he is a Breaker.

Does that disrate your dismay? I do hope it does.

Ashnar Runebeard
Ordo Tempestus


Wait. This Ashnar guy has RUNES ON HIS FACE!?
...Now that is some cool *** s**t.

Also, it will be good to see you again, Durk!


You got a lot of dancing to do. Vert might want to sleep on you tho.