BroS Game 2 Favorite Moments

Jason Barbour

Oregon Staff
- Jessica's interpretive dance resurrection. Just, wow.

- Offering to bring a certain fey-dealing, blood-trading individual to justice if he fled from the legat's men.

- Getting Alistar drunk on fudge, then finding out that gold crest wanted to talk with him immediately. Oops...

- Being convinced to sit down and color with Tisa, Lilie, and Sable because it was a dexterity training exorcise for battle.

- Walking back from the bathroom toward the end of the bee fight, and charging into battle yelling "I have a poison shield!"

- Friggin Queen Bee Luke. I mean, come on.

- Tiro's pretty tiara of life. Effin hell yeah.

- Learning the difference between "raising the dead" and "bringing someone back from the dead", and how that distinction is VERY IMPORTANT.

- Double hooking as tentacle goblins, and ending up tentacle tangled with Canada as she discussed the scene with the players before battle.

- Luring two magic eaters into an ambush with the "magic" luck charm that Nyss sold me last game.

- Lastly, seeing how much energy people put into their gear, and how real everyone got once things started happening. I came to Bros to have fun, and I've really been able to enjoy being in character and acting a fool with you all, even if everything is terrible and the universe hates us.

Thanks to everyone, PC and NPC, I look forward to our next meetup in January.
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In no particular order:

- Being an ice crow and finding people alone to trade with by cawing and simple gestures. (then getting killed because my brethren were being obnoxious in the tavern lol)

- Playing my Chaos General which really stressed my knowledge and recall of ALL the effects in the game. My cards main ability was "Can elementally cast any Effect once per renew"

- A PC asking a fellow NPC their name and seeing them struggle to recall their name I chime in with "This is my teacher, Sippia Julia."

- Playing blackjack and on quite a losing streak; accusing the dealer of stacking the cards and then when called out he deals me an 11 and I call him out on giving me a 21 right before he does so that I would lay off on calling him a cheat.

- Playing a bee with a final sting attack. When I was just about to die I got to do a big flourish with no regaurd to my own safety. Some of them ended up in big ol' whiffs which was extra hilarious.

- NPC Camp! This group of npcs is such a treat to work with. Almost everything went smoothly on our side and it's all thanks to all the hard work and effort put into making a camp that works.

- Lastly, thanks to the PCs! Without you there is no one for me to go out and hit, kill, and give tough moral quandaries too!


Oregon Staff
This is my no means everything and I will likely add more as time goes on but:
  1. Everyone's amazing garb. Every time BroS just blows me away; you all look like the cast of a movie.
  2. Rolling with the punches. The amazing amount of punches. Punches that sent many of you to the Circle.
  3. Everything Goldcrest. I really enjoy my time in-game as him. People's questions, my answers, the cave mod, Silencing a drunk, two Meddlers attempting to ritually summon me with bacon and screaming, the list just goes on and on.
  4. Stepping onto site, seeing the beekin and losing my mind knowing we had a bee fight planned as a town mod for later.
  5. Playing a bee with a final strike was amazing. Seeing the looks on people's faces when I popped off my Poison Strike followed by "Arcane Doom. Accepted" was pretty priceless.
  6. Chastising Alistar as Goldcrest. "What gives you the right..."
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norman b

Death and Life elementals arguing over a body. The death elemental thinking it was going to be savvy and block the life elemental from spellstrike life'ing the body with it's claws, only to remember after the hit that life kills him. The new death elemental that mist-tears in, being annoyed by the situation even though he just got there.

Trying to unite the town. Y'all are as stubborn as I am.

Being a source of information for everyone. Whether it was about what was happening at the time or about the Imperium. I felt like the older character I was playing. Being a mentor.

The tin hats.

Zap. In character, I didn't trust him and found his pep annoying, OOG the amount of energy Brian put into that role was great and hilarious.

Dying to a tree for a third time (across different characters).

Everyone's back story that I spoke to. It shows all of effort everyone put into making their character believable.

Orcs, bless their hearts.

Tyro the hero. Or and Tisa says TYROOOOOOOO

Goldcrest talks. His views and Horatio's views are very similar. Way too similar.

"Wait! You're invested in the Earth Circle?!"


Oregon Staff
What what! First fav moments post as a PC! Here we go, in vaguely chronological order:

- Running into Canada OOG after promptly dying ten minutes into my first fight as Sable. She was part of the elemental swarm that took me out, because of course my monster camp friends were all gonna come punish me for abandoning them ;P Seriously though, as unexpected and sudden as that death was, it was really valuable to me IG and OOG, and set the tone for the weekend.

- Good morning, magic eaters! I got my first kill in Saturday morning, after some unexpected mid-breakfast panic in the tavern. Being terrified to fight in-character, but seeing Ben's magic eater chowing down on a very macguffin-y looking MI and realizing that I was the only one who could do something was a good character moment for Sable.

- Just everything about Humbala Bombini. An absolute darling. Kelsey put so much work into her character and it really shined through!

- "Turns out, throwing the wine bottles at the bad things really works!"

- Learning about Earth Magic from Alister!

- Noodle goblins vs. the Scorpion! Turns out, when used, battle strategies are effective, helpful, and even fun ;D

- Not knowing Sable had already been inducted into orc squad by sheer nature of being an orc. Probably one of her favorite moments.

- Fighting practice with Myko! I actually learned new fighting strategies OOG, and the IG bonding was absolutely lovely. Best mushroom!

- Though I didn't have much other interaction with them, I really appreciated the My'yeem for making the tavern more warm and welcoming, and Sable appreciated them for buying out most of her stock!!

- Being pulled back and forth across the tavern during the Saturday night fight, chasing them out, and thinking I had a moment to breathe, only for Beau to walk up to Sable all giggly and very un-Beau-like. Sable had no idea they were enfeebled AND euphoria'd, and immediately ran to find help, only to learn most of the Orc squad were dead, and Alister was having his own issues. In-character panic attacks! Woohoo!

- Coloring as battle strategy with Tisa, Lilie, and Bluug. Bluug's creative additions to his deer, which now lives on the wall of the Orc Squad cabin. Oh, and Tisa learning how to write her name so she could sign her coloring page! So cute.

- A rules mix-up that resulted in a very tense and dramatic moment in the middle of coloring time. Sable got enslaved by an elemental lieutenant and Atra tried to use break command on her, but Re and I didn't realize that enslavement was greater command. Luckily, Barb corrected me later, right before Foundation and Magisterium split again-- and one of the things Sable was told to do while enslaved was to attack Foundation. The drama and confusion that resulted from that was great, and I will never not be amused by hearing Tisa yell "BAD ORC!"

- Double-teaming the mist-crushed with Hador first thing on Sunday morning! Thrown weapons for the win!

- A very sweet conversation with Atra and Lilie over breakfast about Orc Squad, staffs, and friendship.

- That being said, all the RP I had this weekend was phenomenal. I'm getting a little teary-eyed thinking about how meaningful a lot of it was. This post is getting way too long now, but I just want to say I love the community that Alliance has and the friends I've made since I started doing this crazy thing. Okay, done being sappy! Kill y'all later! <3


Oregon Staff
So, I weirdly haven't been in as many "big name" characters or big bads in BroS. So most of my favorite moments come from either smaller things, or out of game amazing-ness. That doesn't make them any less favorite. So, in no particular order:

- Friday night, I'm worried because Monster Camp hasn't shown up and it's about 7:30 with a scheduled 9:00 opening. MC arrives at about 8, and the NPC crew are on it. Within 45 minutes MC is set up, we open on time, and everything runs on time. I cannot express how much pride in the team that instilled.

- Saturday night, after the big fight, the plot team is all looking at each other in horror when we realize we sent about 10 people to the circle. We're all looking at each other in horror, because we had over-scaled, being the combination of 2.0 and low level being so new to basically all of us. Then we find out that the players are congratulating themselves on a big win, hard fought, but a big win. I cannot express how much that means to us. It WAS a big win, and you saw that. You trust us to be firm, but fair, and I'm humbled by that trust. We'll continue to do our best to be worthy of it, and make Broken Shards a campaign you'll talk about decades later.

- Going from chummy politician Fri/Sat to hardcore militant Sunday with the information that there was a Fey about.

- Looking at the mod, throwing my hands up in the air and laughing. "Okay Brett, you... are going to play a shark." Kudos to how he handled that role.

- Saturday night after the battle, I'm having plot "clench" where I want to take a role personally to make sure it goes off the way it is in my head, but I also want to hold to my ideals of giving Guild big roles, training, and guiding them. From all accounts, Kevin did really well as the redcap. Kudos unto you as well.

- Realizing late Saturday / early Sunday that the balance of experience was heavily weighted towards Monster Camp. Usually, MC has a handful of experienced people and a majority of new folks while the PCs have all the experienced folks with a few new players. This time is was all turned around, with mostly new PCs and just a ton of experience in MC.

- Alan/Trade - it was a single mod, and not a huge number of people saw the end, but playing someone that is so incredibly traumatized is just loads of fun. Hard, sad, and physically exhausting fun.

- I really can't stress enough how thrilled I am to have players who are in the middle of a really incredibly hard situation, are going through the circle at a high rate, and agree that it's all appropriate. Even in cases where mod TPKs happened, players acknowledged what they did that got them there, and took it as a life learning lesson. On the NPC side, the recognition, and distinction, of tough but fair is rampant. No one is gunning for PCs to die, but we're not shirking away from it either. Maintaining that balance is tough, and the NPCs have been riding that line since game 1 in an excellent manner.

- NPCs stepping up. Watching players grow, taking on harder RP roles, bettering their combat skills, and helping to define the world just makes this cold hearted curmudgeon smile.


I'm pretty sure I could count every moment as a favorite, I had such a wonderfully busy time.

-Bast and Maren starting Friday night with "forget these idiots, we're gonna go with teacher".

-Zap coming in with all that super high energy. "You! You! You! Follow me! I take you to where the couldron is, bring someone that can keep you from blowing up!" And getting to go on a small trap mod with people I would not have spent so much time with over the weekend if this hadn't happened on friday.

-Every thing to do with Goldcrest. "Where is the other meddler? Go get her." Summoning him for the second time, this time with witnesses, "It worked!!" "It worked!?" That cave mod, and having to prove that Bast had people they trusted and that they could pull together a well rounded team on short notice.

-Learning Bast and Maren have multiple reputations.

-All of the resurrections I was even remotely involved in, but E'doc was definitely the best since I went to the circle specifically looking for him and there was the amazing interpretive dance in the background.

-"I guarantee when the time comes, the couldron will be here." And then being right.

-Dragging Nyss into things with people they hardly knew. "I put all of my shards in a safe place. They will be there when needed."

-So Star Wars....

Blue Moon

The whole event was just a blast and one of the best events i have ever been a part of

  1. Doing like 5 or 6 resurrections that weekend and doing my first ever resurrection on Friday night was awesome
  2. Having to speak in third person the whole event was cool
  3. Joining the Orc Squad as the second healer was so cool
  4. Sable, Lilie, and Tisa teaching Bluug how to draw and how it was good training for fight.
  5. Having Gorg teach Lilie how to fight with a dagger was fun
  6. Getting my first ever kill Sunday night with the magic eaters was awesome and with all of Orc Squad there celebrating Lilie's first kill
  7. Drinking the rest of the wine left over by the Bandit's right before summoning Foundation was funny
  8. Being the first person to walk up to the earth circle and being like "how many spirits does Lilie sense in the circle" and the response was "8" and just going like holly molly that many.
  9. Just advancing more on Lilie's back story and growing it has been a blast
  10. Getting a huge from Layn as he plays an ice crow was really funny for me


Pretty random order, but favorite moments:
-Legitimately forgetting Goldcrest's name most of the weekend and coining him Golden Snatch instead.
-The wolf kin getting down on all fours and chasing the birds out of the tavern while barking. I almost hurt myself laughing. "******* dogs."
-Sable and Atra teaching Tisa how to write her name, and then having to show it off to anyone that would look.
-Having no weapons or shield and just standing in front of foundation arms out, blocking blows with my HP for as long as I could.
-Grind and Zaps interactions were a ball to watch.
-"Tisa, want to tell a story?" "Tisa will never forgive Best for this" (I'm so sorry, Nate XD)
-"******* BEES"
-Seeing Humbella for the first time during a super intense rp moment, and being like "WTF!? Talk later" while glaring.
"I can't decide if I should kill you or not" "Oh, well that's rude". Fair.

There's more, but they seemed to have seeped out of my brain for now.

Paul N.

- all my talks with Goldcrest
- "Alister stop being in front" five seconds later " Alister, stop being in front" five seconds later "Damn it Alister, get behind us"
- All of Orc Squad
-Drunken night with friends and making a new one
-teaching Sable
-so, star wars


Oregon Staff
  • Talk with Horatio on the porch: "Is that a role you want? Because it is a choice."
  • Final talk with Goldcrest: "Aren't you Reeve or whatever?" Also, "We're just a trading town!" "Are you, though?"
  • Serving my queen with valor, then: "Does anyone know what happened to my shield?" Also, "Wait, so the elementals and the dark mists weren't real, but the giant bees were!?"
  • "What is the value of a life?" - both interpretations
  • Getting hallucinated and paranoia'd during the fight and just advancing on my knees until the lieutenant feels the need to pin me in order to feel safe.
Thanks to everyone who gave Tyro a chance!


Oregon Staff
"We're just a trading town!" "Are you, though?"
I liked this exchange so much when it happened, I am happy to see it did not go unnoticed.


Seattle Staff
The entire event was a favorite moment.

It started off great when I was telling people "Aw yea, no obligations!"

And @elliotbay called me out at Opening that I'm still a Marshal. THANKS, JIMMY. #vacationruined

I really enjoyed all the effort Plot/NPCs put into the story, and all the mods I went on (I never do that many mods in an event, it was so nice). I really enjoyed being part of the Stone Burners, and I really hope I can make the January game. Like, weather is the only thing that's gonna stop me.

I had a freaking blast.