Building a weapon user

So, you want to beat bad guys down with weapons! This post will help give you some templates that you can use to build your very own martial character. Each of these templates will also have the suggested class listed.

Key: Base Skills - Recommended for 15 pt Builds (1st Level)
Advanced Skills - Recommended for 35 - 54 pt Builds (3rd - 4th level)
Elite Skills - Recommended for 55+ pt Builds (5th Level and Up)

* Critical Attack is purchased four times, and then when you purchase Weapon Proficiency, these are "traded in," though the cost isn't refunded. So a Weapon Proficiency is actually 15 Build (4 Critical Attacks + Weapon Proficiency), and you end up with zero Critical Attacks, and one Weapon Proficiency. This process is repeated for each Weapon Proficiency. The exact same formula is used for Back Attack and Backstab.
** Style Master replaces Shield/Florentine/Two Weapons, and any build spent on these skills is refunded. Example: Purchasing Shield, and later purchasing Style Master will only cost a difference of 4 Build Points.
*** This skill requires a certain amount of Weapon Proficiencies as a pre-requisite, per purchase. Example: Two Weapon Proficiencies per Parry.
**** This skill requires a certain amount of Backstabs as a pre-requisite. Example: Two Backstabs per Dodge.

The Sword-And-Board (Fighter)

Race: Any
Base Skills: One-Handed Edge (5), Shield (6), Blacksmithing (3)
Advanced: Critical Attack (3)*, Weapon Proficiency x 2 (30)*, Parry (4)***, Style Master (4)**
Elite: Racial Resists, Parry (4)***, Riposte (5)***, Slay (4)***, Eviscerate (5) ****, Weapon Proficiency*

Description: The Sword-And-Board fighter is the guy that'll establish the line that the bad guys can't cross. They focus on constant damage, and keeping themselves between danger and the more vulnerable allies behind them. Being Fighters, they have higher Body and Armor Maximums than other classes, allowing them to take more damage.

Starting Equipment: 12 Copper, Shield, a One-Handed Edged Weapon, Armor

The Destroyer (Fighter)

Race: (Must be capable of using Two-Handed Weapons)
Base Skills: Two Handed Sword or Polearm, Archery
Advanced: Blacksmithing (3), Critical Attack (3)*, Weapon Proficiency x 2 (30)*, Parry (4)***
Elite: Racial Resists, Parry (4)***, Slay (4)***, Eviscerate****, Weapon Proficiency*

Description: The Destroyer relies on Two-Handed Weapons, which get a damage bonus of 1.5 x Weapon Proficiencies, and superior reach/range to take down enemies with their greater offense, oftentimes pairing with a Sword-and-Board Fighter to keep enemies off of them while they deliver the pain. Being Fighters, they have higher Body and Armor Maximums than other classes, allowing them to take more damage.

Starting Equipment: 12 Copper, Two-Handed Weapon, Bow, Quiver of 20 Arrows/Bolts, Armor

The Assassin (Rogue)

Base Skills: One-Handed Edge (5), Florentine (6), Two Weapons (4)
Advanced: Back Attack (3)*, Backstab x 2 (30)*, Dodge (5)****, Assassinate (3)****,
Elite: Racial Resists, Dodge****, Riposte (5) ****, Waylay (6) , Terminate (4)****, Backstab*, Read/Write-Herbal Lore-Alchemy 3 Combination (18)

Description: The Assassin relies on mobile fighting, stealth, and surprise moreso than likely any martial character. Not equipped to handle a stand-up fight with difficult enemies, the Assassin's moments of glory come when they're able to get behind their target and land a combination of high-damage attacks, before breaking off to avoid damage. Sometimes, they serve as a great distraction as their target is forced to constantly change their focus to and from the Assassin, unable to commit to a dedicated defense. Eventually, the Assassin may invest in learning how to use Alchemical Gas Globes, for some ranged offense and crowd control, or methods of non-lethal target subduing.

Starting Equipment: 12 Copper, One Handed Edged Weapon (Long or Short), One Handed Edged Weapon (Short)