Cabin Registration: Long Weekend 5/24

Ailisi Suli

Hey guys!

It's that time again. I've uploaded the map for site. See below for what I need from you to reserve your bunk, and how many can sleep in what buildings. alliance pokanoka.jpg


We have 5 cabins available in this camp. They sleep 8 people. I am reserving these for groups first. You may not get the same cabin every event, but I will try to keep your group in the same cabin where I can. With groups, it will be first come first serve.

After that, beds will be filled where needed. Please do NOT email me with "guest" to hold spaces. Just let us know at logistics if they miss the deadline that they'll be staying with you and we'll handle it from there.


We have 2 cabins available here, and each sleep 4 people. The third cabin(in blue) is reserved for new players.


This is the Tavern. It is not a sleeping area. (Kitchen Staff may still sleep in the kitchen as needed.)

To reserve a cabin, please email by Sunday, May 19th at midnight. Please include player names, and what cabin you’d like to reserve. I’ll email you that I received it. If you do NOT email this in, you will NOT have a cabin and will be assigned to a cabin on check-in.

When you get to the site, see Vicki, or myself, to find out what cabin you, and your group, are in. Do NOT unload your car until you see Vicki or me. You will be asked to relocate if you do not check in before unloading and you are in someone else’s building.

Please email me the following information:

1. Your REAL name.
2. What group you are with.
3. What cabin number you'd like to be placed in.

IF you are a new player, just email me and let me know you are a new player. If you are not a new player but do not have a group, just email me the above minus #2.

IF you are tenting, please tell me that information. You'll still need to see logistics on site, before you set up.

IF you are NPC-ing, don't worry about it. You are taken care of.

IF you have a medical need, please let me know. We have a space set up for you that is not the TAVERN. Kitchen folks, please just let me know you're planning to sleep in the back area, kitchen proper.

I'll update this as cabins get filled. Thanks!!

Ailisi Suli

Whipporwill cabins are mostly full. I have some space left, but not a lot! Please keep this in mind when you email in! This also includes if you are intending to tent camp!!!

Reminder, emails are due in by Sunday, May 19th! Midnight!

If you do not email in, you will not be allowed to unload until you see logistics! If you unload first, you will likely be asked to move to another space. Please, please, please..... email your requests in asap.

If you already have, or you are exempted per the above post, ignore this and go poke your friends that haven't done their emails.

Thanks, guys!


Chicago Staff
Keep in mind this is separate from prereg so please prereg as well!