Cabin Requests - Dragonfall

Alliance SoMI

South Michigan Staff
If groups want to request particular cabins for the coming Event, send an email to

Let us know which cabin you'd like to use and who will be staying there.


"A" Group - NPC Camp/Mod Buildings

"B" Group

Tamarack (B-1) - Celestial Guild 3 - beds - (Brooks, Rob D. )
Cedar (B-2) - 15 beds (Becky, Mike S., John W., Jayden, Taed)
White Pine (B-3) - 8 Beds (Matt, Gabe, Kristen, TC, Ian, and Joe M.)

"C" Group
Pheasant - 17 Beds - (The Pride and some Feast Staff)
Grouse - 18 Beds

Other Cabins
Camp Store/Medical Building - Annette, Nate, Jenn P, +3
Craft Building - Healers' Guild
Director's Cabin - Sam, Thomas, Lifestorm, and Chi-Town Dark Elves​
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