Call to Arms: Assistance and Aid


Greetings my friends,
As most may know I have carved out a new homeland for Tusnian refugee's. A place beyond the pollution of undead. The position is fortified well and has become a great home and sanctuary to many but it is simply not big enough for my people, our people, any longer. Nor for the many people who are still suffering from the destruction of the withering.
The time has come to start reclaiming and reforging new Tusnia, not only for my people but for the many people of her Majesty that have been displaced as well. The first part of this plan takes place this winter, and frankly I need all the help i can get.
I can not say where or what we are striking at the moment, as i do not wish to alert the enemies that linger. But I can say that it will be a dangerous and perilous journey.
For the past 3 years I have heeded any and all calls for help, i have marched my army to reclaim islands for lost people, fought in great naval battles, help retake ancient libraries, and even stood at the doorway of death itself. This winter i now make the call for aid and assistance, who will join me? Who will answer my call and Come to Under-block Eminence to formulate a plan?

Commander Ithica of Under-block Eminence
Warlord of Tusnia and the Eastern plains.

(OOC: this is a group winter write up, please post here if you would like to attend!)


Asheville Staff
Friend Ithica,

You have always aided me when I have asked for help almost unconditionally and with faith in my purpose. I will lend you my blade and skill, and help find a better home for your people. Let me make some preparations and see what assistance I can gather. I will be in touch again soon.

~ Avian
Imperator Capitis ~ United Blades, Seekers of the Cleansing Light
Warden Captain of the Earth Circle, Centurion Legionnaire of the Vigil
Veteran Guildsman Healer to Finn Castle and Chiram's Hollow
Follower to the Order of Light



Count me in. I have a few things to settle before winter truly takes hold, and then I'd be honored to help someone who's helped so many, so selflessly.



Brother Ithica,
Look to the sky in the next few days. We will be arriving in Under-block shortly.

Pure lord Drenten

Ps I hope your ale stores are well stocked.


New Hampshire Staff
Diversity Committee
Avian passed your call along to the Legion of the Vigil. I will join you.
- Nerium


OOC/ Okay sent in the write up. All details of whats going will start once all have reached my home in the mountains. So the the response will be from the moment you reach Underblock.

Here is the list of who have going.
Ithica- Toddy,
Drenton- Mike,
Phedre- Lauren, no idea of email
Heresey- Gary M. ,
Nerium- no idea of name and/or email. Newer Girl awesome armor, plays a MWE
Ocean-Tim, no idea of email
Avian - Jeremy - - Templar Earth - Vigil member and member of the Seekers
Koi - Samantha Olson - - Scholar Celestial - Vigil member and member of the Seekers
Nerium - Ren Williams - - Rogue - Vigil member and walking with the Seekers
Azurieth - Nick Wollert - - Adept Earth - Vigil member and member of the Seekers
Thrak - Thomas Reeves - - Figther - Hierophan Wastewalker and member of the Seekers

Accompanied by Ithica's Immortals/Army
and some Lupines! Behave pups!