Calling all leather... smiths, workers, mancers? !

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  1. Axle

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    I posted a question about modifying leather armor on the main forum but Spencer/Terren informed me that we have some folks who are skilled with the leatherwork in our local community.

    I'm looking to modify my leather armor by about 4-5 inches in length as it restricts my movement at the moment when bending down to pick up packets and thrown weapons and the like.

    I wanted to put the opportunity out there for skilled folks that might be willing to take a commission for the modification. You'd probably do a much better job then me trying to figure it out myself! :D

    Please let me know if your interested or have suggestions for me on the best ways to "tailor" leather armor.


    **Edit** Added photo per request. Red line is where I would like to cut the leather on all sides.
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  2. markusdark

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    Although it would be best to have you wearing the armor and then showing the issues, is there a way for you to take a few photos of the armor, showing what the issues are and what you'd like done? I'm sure that many people here could come up with an answer to it but would need a little more information.
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  3. Axle

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    Good point! I'm at work right now but I'll try to get some photos afterwards.
  4. Axle

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    Whoops, i dunno how to make that photo smaller O_O
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    I would first suggest someone who knows about leather crafting take a look at you in the armor before trying to adjust it. From the photo, the piece isn't made for action but to be worn only with the torso in an upright position (sitting and standing). The leather smith could tell you what might be possible to correct or lessen the trouble. I can give you my two cents worth next time I see you in costume (have done a bit of leatherwork in the past) or can find someone else who knows more.
  6. Hey,

    I'm not claiming to be too crazy skilled with treated skin, but I'd reason that your request should be simple enough to work out.

    Hit me up on Facebook and I'd be happy to work out the deets.

    - Miles Atherton

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  7. Axle

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    I wasn't able to set things up logistically with the nice people here so I got some tools and went to work on it myself. Surprisingly not terrible! Check it out

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