Can I hold a non-contact 'prop' that isn't a boffer? (not a real weapon)


Hello! Thanks in advance for reading this and hopefully lending some advice.

I am planning my first PC, who I intend to be a scholar that specializes mainly in healing (spells + potion alchemy). I don't wish to partake in combat because I have disabling chronic health issues, which would make even mock combat difficult, so I do not intend for anything I wield to be making contact with an enemy hand to hand, at least when I am of able level.

That's where the prop in question comes in. I've found the most incredible staff prop that would add a great touch and really complete the 'elf scholar' experience for me-- as well as serving in part as walking mobility aid for my disabilties-- however, it's not a boffer. It's made of pvc on the handle, with a real semiprecious stone orb mounted atop which can glow to light up the night, and I am in love.

But does the lack of foam automatically disqualify the staff from being simply HELD in the field of play to enhance my immersion and look flashy-- even if I have 0 intention of ever even letting someone else touch it, let alone physically bludgeoning a person with such a beautiful prop?

I've scanned the rulebook thoroughly, and though I wasn't able to reach a sound conclusion on whether this would be allowed, I'm fearful that it errs toward being against the rules. Nonetheless, I thought it would be worth asking just in case.

Thanks again!!


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So, typically, that should be fine, but it would be something you would want to clear with the marshals/ownership at the chapter(s) you’d be playing at.

The only real caveat I would offer is that, unless you are playing as a page, you will almost certainly get involved in combat at some point.
Seconding what Tieran said, as someone that plays (almost) this exact character; clear it with the marshals in your chapter, and make sure you're Paging if you're carrying it around, because a lot of people instinctively retaliate with whatever is in their hands if they get hit, and you REALLY don't want to swat someone with that staff by accident.