[CANCELLED] Maelstrom October Faire Day 10/13/13


Maelstrom is having a Faire Day on October 13th, 2013.

A Dish Served Cold

“Nothing burns like the cold.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Pre-registration is open!

The pre-registration deadline is Thursday, October 10th, at 11:59 PM. Pre-registration is mandatory if you wish to PC at a Faire Day; non-pre-registered players will be asked to NPC. Additionally, as with last event, we will need a certain number of PCs to be pre-registered by the deadline, otherwise we will be cancelling the event.

The deadline for downtimes for this event is Saturday, October 5th at noon. Any downtime submissions received after that time will not be responded to until after the event. (Follow-up queries about a downtime we have already responded to are fine.)

Location: Stulsaft Park in Redwood City (directions to come)

Price: $15. Non-members will be assessed an additional $10 fee.

Please use the pre-registration form located here to register for the event. If you wish to pre-pay for the event, you may do so here. Please remember that if you plan to pay on arrival you will need to bring cash, as we do not take checks or credit cards.

Registered Players:

Registered Cast/Crew:

Current Incomplete Pre-registrations:

Please see Logistics and You for more information on what is required to complete your pre-registration and remember that you will need to bring all related tags to logistics, or logistics will not be able to check you in. This includes magic item tags, spell and production books, and workshop tags. Any magic items being brought to game not pre-registered or checked in at logistics will not be able to be used.

There will be no opening ceremonies at this event. Any LCO calls or other OOG updates you may need will be provided on a printed sheet that will be available at check-in. We will make sure there are copies for everyone who pre-regged and a few more on top of that (if there is no sheet due to no updates, that will be made clear when you check in). Maelstrom staff will be running the event assuming everybody has read the listen-up sheet; questions about LCO calls will be addressed on the field by Maelstrom staff as needed.

Writers will be at the park and ready to run the game by 10AM. In-game events will begin occurring at that time. If you have any follow-ups to your downtime responses or other questions you wish to speak to a writer about in private, come between 10AM and 11AM and a writer will be available. After 11AM, writer availability for private discussions will be highly variable.

Hope to see you at the event!


Alright folks. Looks like October is generally just too busy of a month for a lot of you... (what, costume people doing crazy stuff for Halloween? no.......)

Sad to say we're going to have to go ahead and cancel the faire day at this point. There just isn't enough attendance registered that we can actually run it.

Pre-registration for the November 15-17 event can be submitted now. If you have something you want to accomplish before the event, you can submit either a downtime or request a mod day via maelstrom@alliancesf.net