Carpooling Etiquette


Hey Folks!

So just that we can keep our Etiquette and protocols so everyone is on the same page:

When you post you need a ride or can offer a ride please post the following:
1. Your Name (although this should be in your signature line!)
2. What area in the city you are in (and which city if other than Calgary)
3. What time you can leave (earliest you can leave)
4. Approx how much "stuff" you have. (large bag with 40lbs of armour, small bag of clothes, 10 boffers etc)
5. If you are offering a ride, how many people can you take and how much gear can you haul.
6. If you are offering a ride, where you would like people to meet you (if you cannot pick them up directly).

When you do get a ride:
1. Common courtesy is to offer some gas money. (Remember, there is more wear and tear on a vehicle than just gas!)
2. Thank the person. (Maybe offer to stop at Timmies or 7-11 and get them a drink or snack for the road?)
3. Be a good passenger (remember the driver needs to pay attention to the road, so don't be a "pest" to them).
4. Make sure you confirm their time to leave on the weekend. Some people may have to leave early etc.
5. Work with the driver on pick up and drop off points. If the driver lives in the opposite area of the city try to get to them if you can.
Never thought you would need to post etiquette/common courtesy, wow.
Aye, tis a pity that common courtesy is somewhat uncommon at times, but it is better to be safe than sorry! If we post the courtesy, and someone doesn't behave nicely, at least this way that can't use the lame excuse of "well no one told me that!".

It does help when a person posts all the information the first time when looking/offering a ride. The 2 -3 days delay in communication between posts really does hamper things and sometimes folks are left wondering if they still have a ride. There's to much assumption now a days.