Cast & Crew This Saturday!!!


San Francisco Staff
Hey everyone, especially those who NPC for us. The Maelstrom plot staff is coming together this Saturday, tomorrow, I know short notice, around noon, at 960 Stietz CT San Jose. To go over event prep, there is treasure to pull, monster cards to make, inventory to go through, and plenty of stuff to do. Not only would we love some help, but more importantly we would love to take some time, even if you can only swing by for a burger... that's right we have BBQ, and talk about the event plan that we have, and get you dialed into the story.

We want to get you invested in the story, and time spent beforehand makes everyone's life that much more awesome come event time. If there is a villain you would like to play, or are interested in setting up lighting, sound, weapon making, etc, this would be a great time to do it. I don't have the budget to pay you what you are worth, but what we can do is make sure that you are having a blast too. If that is playing a big bad, or learning how to do theatrical lighting, smoke machines, sound tracks, traps, fighting better as a group, character acting... want to get you zombie shuffle down? We have plenty of experiences to share with you. And... BBQ.

We are going to start rolling in around noon tomorrow, and we will be working by 2pm, and by working that means likely we'll be grilling, and having a good time.