Casting Extras for Short Film


Hello All!

A local Seattle production company is seeking extras for an upcoming film shoot in mid May. This is an art- house film in association with The shoot will be one day, with a day rate of $100 per role. You will also receive footage from the day. If you are interested please e-mail me at Please include your contact information and a photo of you in your gear!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Casting for the following roles:

Male or Female Larpers -casting for 3 roles
* Ages 18 and up
* Must own your own outfit

Female Fairies - casting for 3 roles
* Ages 18 and up
* Long blonde, light brown or red hair
* Fairy wardrobe will be provided unless you have your own


Is there a leather couch involved?


This short film is a blending of two genres of film art-house with extreme sports documentation.The basic concept is weaving together the fantasies of flight through base jumping with more fantastical and magical characters that you might find in a fairytale. We are working in association with for the action sequences and the rolls we are casting for will be the character that the base jumpers come across in the woods. We are still scouting locations, but we will be shooting near Seattle in a wooded mossy location. The larping characters could have a variety of dress..medieval, viking, warrior, warlock...The character needs to come across as fantastical and not of this time period. There is a lot of variety and creativity in the Larping community, so that is one reason we were reaching out.

I hope this gives a better idea of the film and the concept.