Casting Workplace of Convenience


Alliance Logistics
How does one actually cast a Workplace of Convenience ritual? Given that workplaces typically aren't repped and are ambiguous large things that generally exist in a vague region of IG-space, it's not entirely clear how one puts a circle around such a thing.

My guess would be either the entire ritual takes place off-screen at the supposed location of the ritual, or plot designates a particular thing/place to be the workshop rep during the casting and it's played out IG.

If a specific rep is to be used for the workshop, should these be a standardized size, or just a vague "a circle of power will fit in/around it" guideline?


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
Individuals have a large variance on how they represent (or don't) Workshops. We've seen a lot of really cool creativity in this area from players who choose to rep Workshops, although it is certainly not required. Because of this, we leave it up to Marshals in a Chapter how to complete the ritual. Storylining the Ritual Casting at a Crafting Station is certainly an option; if a player chooses to rep their Workshop within an in-game area, they're welcome to cast the Ritual there.

-Bryan Gregory