Castle 2017 (September 22nd-24th) Event Pre-reg now Closed


Where does the time go? Our September 22nd-24th Event is fast approaching!

Site will open at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday, with Special warm up modules (well looted but designed not to burn a lot of abilities) at 9 PM with Game on starting at 10:00 PM and Game-Off at approximately noon on Sunday. We always would like to try to get the event started as fast as possible, so try to arrive punctually if you can!

This event will be head at our Castle site located at.
21930 Paradise Drive
Nisswa, MN 56468

Pre-registering is highly encouraged, for it lets the staff know you're attending and, as such, lets us prepare what we need to do ahead of time. Pre-registering makes everything run smoother, and lets us get our game started all the faster, which is always convenient. It also gets you a discounted fee for the event! The sooner you get your pre-reg in, the more pleased the Logistics folks will be, so get those pre-regs in! Even if you're NPCing, please don't forget to pre-reg. It's important for us to know how many NPCs are coming, etc.

The cost for this event is $85 for PCing and $35 for NPCing, with a $25 discount for pre-registering (making it $60 to PC or $10 to NPC with an on-time pre-reg). First and second time players get their game half-off (or free to NPC)! - Note this is higher than our usual charge for late pre-registration, please take the hint!

For a form for registration, check out and simply fill out the information.Otherwise, you can just email your pre-reg, but we would greatly prefer if you were to use the website form, considering it makes things a lot easier for the Logistics staff. Pre-regs should include: Build Expenditures, Goblin Stamp Expenditures, Magic Item info (item number, effects, expiration, etc.), any Production skill use, any Craftsman skills, and anything else you deem appropriate (categories are listed on the online form).

<PLEASE NOTE - Preregistrations must include ALL information, including crafting skill plans by the deadline, alterations will not be accepted past Monday, please plan accordingly>

Players with purple text by their name should send the requested information to logistics prior to the event if at all possible as soon as possible!

Pre-regs are due by Monday, September 18th at midnight local time! You do not get the discount for registering after this point, but it is still highly encouraged by the logistics staff for you to do so!

Pre-Registered PCs.

1.) Chris K. (Nikolai)
2.) William P. (Errick)
3.) Josh C. (Baeleon)
4.) David R. (Iganeous Ironforge)
5.) Bryce K.
6.) Matt V. (Roland)
7.) Christina S. (Socora)
8.) Jacob B. (New player!)
9.) Drew O'hair (New Player!)
10.) Kyle S. (Briar)
11.) Jon McN. (Roff)
12.) Zach S. (Elros)
13.) Kathryn L. (Auryn)
14.) Paul F. (Bonded Guardsman Fern Woods)
15.) Emma B (Ilana)
16.) Emma D (Edwina)
17.)Jordan V. F. (Valentino)
18.)Aaron B.(New Character)
19.) Ryan S. (Roderick)
20.) Wade H. (Oliver)
21.) Mariah S. (Talitha V.)
22.) Saemus C. (Benjamin)
23.) Rick B. (Oliver O.)
24.) Brad K. (Zihr)
25.) Brenda H. (Mint Cruller)
26.) Matt M. (Knight VvG)
27.) Megan P. (Gwenevere)
28.) Nancy H. (Aeerynwen)
29.) Luke N. (Migs)
30.) Brandon L.B (Duradbaemruin)
31.) Nate B. (Vaelin)
32.) Brittany M. (New Character!)
33.) James U. (Gerard)
34.) Payton A. (Arbeld)
35.) Adam P. (Asura)
36.) Nicholas S. (Zakar)
37.) Jenn S. (Jamina)
38.)Stephen S. (Thud)
39.) Wendall R. (Azeban)
40.) Carly B. (Squire Fiona)
41.) Layn H. (Lynwen)
42.) Sid P. (Ragnarok)
43.) Stephen R. (Urt)
44.) Josh S. (Roy)
45.) Elise D. (Keranna)
46.) Dylan A. (New Guy!)
47.) Ryan B. (Gul Grock)
48.) Alexander T. (Gandian)
49.) Alexander M. (J'rajj)
50.) Peter H. (Cho Ko Nu)
51.) Tom M. (Novi)
52.) Matthew M. (DeSylvia)
53.) Jared Hoyt. (Thorn)
54.) Kayla S. (Locke)
55.) Ryan B. (Lord Asher Last-minute-heart) - bet he was thinking of moving to Wayside
56.) Daphne P. (Eve)
57.) Dani C. (Isabo)
58.) Jack F. ( New Character)
59.) Brent W. (Hengin)
60.) Kristen W. (Bevin)

Pre-Registered NPCs.

1.) The Architect Herself!
2.) Andrea R.
3.) Greg L.
4.) Dan L.
5.) Jessica P.
6.) Amy M. (Wahoo food!)
7.) Chris H.
8.) Jacob G.
9.)Josh B.
10.) Brytton G.
11.) Dan S.
12.) Dave G.
13.) Anthony H.
14.) Roni L.
15.) Laura G.
16.) Chris A.
17.) Amy N.
18.) Josh M.
19.) Jenna C.
20.) Eric S.
21.) Karl S.
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Surely you jest, look at that nonexistant list of pre regged players and npcs in the OP.


I believe the corrupt are interfering with lines of communication to damage morale.


It'd be nice to have updated, but I'm sure that Dave's a wee bit busy right now with all the logistics backend and IBGAs for this event. Remember, running this thing isn't anyone's full time job. :)


Didn't you promise that wouldn't happen anymore a few months ago?
I only said they wouldn't read your dreams, totally different things.

Apologies for the slow updates, updating the Pre-reg list is usually done the at the end of logistics sessions and with the sheer amount of OOG work to get everything ready for the castle I really haven't managed to get to the 'end' of all requests yet despite taking a few days of PTO over the last 2 weeks to try to catch up with all the various projects ^.^ I've updated it now for the curious.
New player here. I can't find where to submit my character stuff, or to prepay? I just want to have everything in order before I go. It's my first LARP ever, and I want to make sure I do everything right


I should be able to make it, this time with a friend! Won't be coming until early Saturday morning, though.


New player here. I can't find where to submit my character stuff, or to prepay? I just want to have everything in order before I go. It's my first LARP ever, and I want to make sure I do everything right
If you're new, you're probably going to want to just pay in cash when you get there (the PayPal doesn't have a new player option, new players get their first two PC games half off!), but you can pre-register at !


I have preregistered to the best of my ability. Will I just do the character creation at logistics then?
More than likely. You don't really have to worry about Goblin Stamps, Magic Items, Build Points, Production, etc. in your pre-reg if it's your first time. Logistics will help you with character creation and everything when you get there!