Celebrating Harvest Season!


My friends, Mabon, the time marking the beginning of the harvest season, is upon us this market day. Which means festivities full of fresh breads, apple cider, mulled wine, baked apples, more wine, hard cider...Ahem. Much merry-making, hearty feasting and drinking to be had. I'll try to bring a bushel or so of apples to bake with cinnamon and dried fruits on a campfire, for interested parties. And don't worry, I'll ask before adding anything alchemical to them. ;)
Jokes aside, if anyone wants to get dru-- I mean...yeah, actually, get drunk with me and/or have general merriment, let me know, and bring extra intoxicate elixirs or other alchemically interesting concoctions if you can. My sisters won't be making it to this market, so I have to drin-- I mean celebrate enough for the three of us! The more the merrier in this time of plenty.

Hmm... I might be up for a bit of camaraderie of that nature.