changes going on in the Hollow


So you won't all be surprised there are some changes going on in the Hollow , out of game.
So that it won't be to much of a surprise when you come up for June's game the big gray building next to the Healers Guild is no more.
Due to a great amount of repairs we were going to have to do to the building it came down just before making said its place we will be putting a gazebo type building....This will not be ready by the June event but will be ready Hopefully by the July event time and weather permitting. There will be some more surprises in the making. So keep your eyes open. But they are surprises so I'm not telling.
Thanks to all who are lending helping hands to get this all done.


Crossroads Staff
Can't wait to see the changes. The gazebo sounds awesome.


They are changes that we have been wanting to make for awhile...not very big ones but ones that should make things more interesting...they all take time,money and the hands on deck to get done...little by little it seems to be all coming together....I just have to be patience (of which I am not good at lol)