Channeling carriers through waylay?

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Hello all,
I have just recently returned to alliance after a long Hiatus and plan on PCing this month after NPCing a few events to get back "into the flow". My question is this, with carriers on my blade ( silver, earth, magic etc) would they also be dealt through waylay? Like "0 silver waylay, or "3 magic waylay" ?
Or does the carrier only deliver
trough the blade? I couldn't find this in the rule book, but it's possible I missed it.
Thank you in advance!


I believe this is the section from the ARB you are looking for:

"When delivering damage attacks, only one effect can be used at a time, and the choice as to which effect to use can be made at the time of the attack."

Basically, since you are calling the "Waylay" effect, you can't add a separate carrier to it.

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-Bryan Gregory
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