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  1. Hi there! I used to play a character named Warpfang a while ago.

    Since then, I've used him as a stand in for a lot of strange art situations.


    Clearly not canonical to his old adventure. Honestly, I can't remember them clearly enough to put them to art. I remember there was the world in the hourglass... the invasion from the land of trolls... and a number of other interesting events, but none of them quite clear enough.

    Anyway, I thought I'd see if anyone here wants me to draw a little something of their character! Probably not to the same level of refinement, but you could put more of a fantasy spin on your favorite elf/dwarf/kin/boring human.
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    No ogres/orcs? Racist...
  3. It's not easy being green.
    Or uh... yellow.

    I did draw an orc last month... but I don't think she's wearing enough to post here.
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